Alamo Drafthouse’s American Genre Film Archive and Something Weird Announce Release Date and Pre-order For BAT PUSSY Blu-ray — Banned By Amazon!

Alamo Drafthouse’s American Genre Film Archive, the largest non-profit genre film archive in the world, and Something Weird are excited to announce an October 17, 2017 release date for the BAT PUSSY Blu-ray. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015, AGFA purchased a 4K film scanner to create new digital transfers of titles from the Something Weird library. BAT PUSSY is the second release of dozens in this partnership, following THE ZODIAC KILLER. Fans of trash cinema will be able to snatch up a copy of BAT PUSSY from a variety of retailers following its release, save for one: mega-retailer Amazon.

“We’re thrilled that our Blu-ray release of BAT PUSSY has been banned by Amazon,” said AGFA director Joe Ziemba. “It’s reassuring to know that truly outlaw exploitation filmmaking is still alive and kicking — even if it’s forty years old.”

Considered to be the first X-rated parody, BAT PUSSY is as lurid and tasteless as its title implies. Put another way: It’s mess-terpiece of your wildest dreams… And also your most horrifying nightmares. The citizens of Gothum City are under attack by smut filmmakers and only one hero can help! Bat Pussy (Dora Dildo) hangs out in her secret headquarters (aka an outhouse). When her “twat begins to twitch,” warning her of imminent crime, Bat Pussy hops on her Holy Hippity-Hop to foil the grotesque sex schemes of un-happily married couple Buddy and Sam! The unidentified lunatic filmmakers of BAT PUSSY have never been located, providing further proof that this movie was most likely made by extraterrestrials.


To celebrate the release, AGFA and Something Weird will present a world premiere screening of their new transfer of BAT PUSSY at Fantastic Fest in September, with Something Weird’s Lisa Petrucci in person.


“Having BAT PUSSY restored and released on Blu-ray is just gawd-damn crazy,” said Petrucci. “Out of all the films AGFA could have chosen for it’s second collaboration with Something Weird, this one is unexpected and will come as a shocker to most genre fans. Needless to say, this pleases me.”


– New 2K scan from the only surviving 16mm theatrical print
– Commentary track with Something Weird’s Lisa Petrucci and Tim Lewis, and the AGFA team
– Crime-smut trailers and shorts from the Something Weird vault
– Liner notes by Mike McCarthy, the savior of BAT PUSSY, and Something Weird’s Lisa Petrucci
– Bonus movie: ROBOT LOVE SLAVES (1971), a new 2K scan from an original theatrical print
– Reversible cover art with illustration by Johnny Ryan (PRISON PIT)



Pre Order Here:

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Listen To New MARILYN MANSON Song ‘Kill4me’



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SEX PISTOLS: ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ 40th-Anniversary Deluxe Edition Due In October


It is now almost forty years to the day since the SEX PISTOLS “Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols” was released and to mark this significant anniversary USM/UMC will revisit the out-of-print super deluxe edition of the album, which was originally issued in 2012.


Released in limited numbers at the time, this set is widely considered to be the definitive collection. This new, budget priced smaller-sized edition still boasts 3CDs which include the original studio album with 1977 B-sides, a disc of outtakes and one disc of 1977 live material. Additionally, there is a DVD featuring 1977 footage of the band playing live from the infamous boat party held on the River Thames, London, the Winter Gardens, Penzance in Cornwall and the Happy House, Stockholm, Sweden.


Bringing it all together is a forty-eight-page hardback book with narrative from music journalist Pat Gilbert plus rare photos from Bob Gruen, Barry Plummer, John Tiberi and Dave Wainwright.


Condensing the very essence of 1977, “Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols” is the only studio album by the group, released amidst a furore of controversy and outrage, following their being dropped by not one but two record labels, banned from gigging in most parts of the U.K. and swearing live on TV. From its iconic day-glo cover designed by Jamie Reid in collaboration with the SEX PISTOLS to its risqué title which led to an infamous court case which the band won, the album encapsulates a moment in time when the SEX PISTOLS set the world of music on fire.

Due on October 27, “Never Mind The Bollocks – 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition” will feature the following track listing:


Disc 1 – Never Mind The Bollocks


01. Holidays In The Sun
02. Bodies
03. No Feelings
04. Liar
05. God Save The Queen
06. Problems
07. Seventeen
08. Anarchy In The UK
09. Submission
10. Pretty Vacant
11. New York
12. EMI


Disc 2 – Studio Rarities / Dave Goodman Demos / Chris Thomas Demos & Outtakes


Studio Rarities & B Sides:


01. No Feeling (B side of withdrawn God Save The Queen On A&M Records)
02. Did You No Wrong (B side of God Save The Queen)
03. No Fun (B side of Pretty Vacant)
04. Satellite (B side of Holidays In The Sun)


Dave Goodman Demos:


05. New York (Demo Version)
06. Unlimited Edition (Demo Version of “EMI”)
07. Liar (Demo Version)
08. Pretty Vacant (Demo Version)
09. Problems (Demo Version)
10. No Future (Demo Version of “God Save The Queen”)


Chris Thomas Demos & Outtakes:


11. Did You No Wrong (Alternative Vocal)
12. Seventeen (Alternative Vocal)
13. Satellite (Rough Mix)
14. Submission (Rough Mix)
15. Holidays In The Sun (Rough Mix)
16. EMI (Rough Mix)
17. Seventeen (Rough Mix)
18. Holidays In The Sun (Alternative Mix)
19. Body (Demo Version Of “Bodies”)
20. Submission (Alternative Mix)
21. Belsen Was A Gas (Demo Version)


Disc 3 – 1977 Live


Trondheim – StudentersamfuNdet – Norway:


01. Anarchy In The UK
02. I Wanna Be Me
03. Seventeen
04. New York
05. EMI
06. No Fun
07. No Feelings
08. Problems
09. God Save The Queen


Happy House – Stockholm – Sweden:


10. Anarchy In The UK
11. I Wanna Be Me
12. Seventeen
13. New York
14. EMI
15. Submission
16. No Feelings
17. Problems
18. God Save The Queen
19. Pretty Vacant
20. No Fun


Disc 4 – DVD 1977 footage


Riverboat Party – River Thames London 1977:


01. Pretty Vacant
02. Anarchy In The UK
03. Problems


Happy House Stockholm – Sweden 1977:


04. Anarchy In The UK
05. I Wanna Be Me
06. Seventeen
07. New York
08. Problems
09. No Fun


Winter Gardens – Penzance – Cornwall – 1977:


10. Problems
11. No Fun
12. Anarchy In The UK


Promo Videos:


13. Good Save The Queen
14. Pretty Vacant
15. Holidays In The Sun


Radio 1 Rock On Interview:


16. John And Sid Interview

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Margot Robbie talks Joker and Harley Quinn film


A few weeks ago it was announced that writer/directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa were in talks to write, direct and produce an upcoming Joker and Harley Quinn film starring Jared Leto and Margot Robbie. They will be reprising their roles from 2016’s Suicide Squad. While in London for the Goodbye Christopher Robin junket, SuperHeroHype got to talk to Robbie about re-teaming with Ficarra and Requa, who she previously worked with on Focus and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!


“I heard that too,” Robbie said. “They’re great! It’s fun working with a directing duo, and I love them. I’ve obviously done two films with them so I think they’re just brilliant. I’m personally a sucker for a love story. In any iteration. I think people enjoy seeing two characters who, in Harley and Joker’s case, would die for one another. It’s kind of romantic in a messed up way.”


The Joker and Harley Quinn film is rumored to be tonally similar to the 1994 “psychos in love” classic Natural Born Killers. The film is reportedly to be made after the Suicide Squad sequel, with Robbie on board as an executive producer.


It was also announced recently that Warner Bros. Pictures and DC are in the early stages of developing at Joker origin movie, which would not star Leto. The Hangover‘s Todd Phillips will co-write the script with 8 Mile‘s Scott Silver. Phillips will direct the movie, to be produced by Martin Scorsese and Phillips.


The Joker has previously been played by Jack Nicholson in Batman, by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, and by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad. Leto will also reprise the character in the Suicide Squad sequel.


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RAMMSTEIN Guitarist On Upcoming Album: ‘I Feel Like It’s Gonna Be The Last Record We Do’

RAMMSTEIN guitarist Richard Kruspe says that the band’s upcoming album could be its last.


The German industrial metallers are working on what will be their seventh studio disc — and in an interview with Resurrection Fest in July, Kruspe spoke about how the follow-up to 2009’s “Liebe Ist Für Alle Da” was shaping up.


“I was very skeptical to go back with RAMMSTEIN into the studio, because last time we almost broke up because of making a record,” the guitarist admitted (see video below). “So it’s just always very, very stressful and painful. And I think going through that experience, I was a little nervous about that. And we came up with a deal, or an agreement. We said that we wanna go back and only record maybe five songs, to not put any pressure on us.


“We started, like, two years ago, and I can say just playing with the guys, for some reason, it was very natural and I had a lot of fun,” he continued. “And since then, we’ve just created around twenty-eight ideas — I wouldn’t say ‘songs,’ but ideas. And somehow we managed to move back to the beginning of the world of RAMMSTEIN where we, basically, are very emotional and very enthusiastic about writing again. It wasn’t like that before. We came back to a point that everyone is really respecting the other one, and it feels kind of like a circle almost, that we start from zero again, which feels nice. It’s kind of like you’ve been through all the problems, which you have when you play with the same lineup for twenty-two years, which is difficult. A lot of bands, they can’t really stay there, they’re changing people, and we don’t really believe in that. We’ve been through a lot of downs, and there were probably a lot of moments where I felt like, ‘I don’t wanna do it anymore, I don’t wann be in a band anymore,’ but somehow we’ve managed it, through talking and communication, to stay together. So here we are, writing and feeling very good about it, so I’m pleased.”

Regarding the overall direction of the new RAMMSTEIN material, Kruspe said: “Of course, a band wants to always do the best album [it can] do at the moment. This time, what we’re really gonna do is we’ll try changing the producer team. We’ve worked with our producer for the last six records, and this time we felt like we need a chance, so at the moment we’re meeting new producers and finding what is the best for the team at the moment.


“I just feel like, for some reason, that it’s gonna be the last record we do. That’s a feeling — I can be wrong, but just at the moment, I feel like this is maybe the last [shot at making an album] we have, and I wanna give two hundred percent in that and make it as good as it can be,” he added. “When I listen to the stuff, there’s so much potential, and I’m very pleased about what we do at the moment. So I’m looking really forward to start recording maybe next year.”


According to Kruspe, RAMMSTEIN didn’t play many shows so far in 2017 because the band “toured last year, all the festivals, and so there were three people in the band that didn’t wanna tour and there were three people in the band that wanna tour. So we made a compromise that… We said we don’t wanna do as much shows as last year. So that’s why we only played, I think, twenty, twenty-five shows this year.


“In RAMMSTEIN, it’s a democracy, so everyone has a vote,” he explained. “And if you have three saying ‘yes’ and three saying ‘no,’ you have to have a compromise, so that’s what we did.”


Kruspe also talked about why it takes RAMMSTEIN so long to release new music compared to some other bands.


“There’s a different reason for everything, obviously,” he said. “First of all, the music industry has changed a lot. It used to be that the main income for bands would be making records and selling records. That has changed. Secondly, we always believed, and we didn’t have any other chances to believe in our show. In the beginning of RAMMSTEIN, nobody would play any songs on the radio, nobody would take our videos and show ’em on TV — we had a lot of trouble with that — so the only chance we had was to really focus on our live show. And we didn’t know at this point that it would have changed after [so many] years. Our focus was always playing live in the beginning.


“As a European, or a German band especially, you have to tour much more than other, American bands,” he continued. “They play their market and then they come to Europe and play maybe two or whatever, five or ten, shows — that’s it. So we always had to play the European market and go back to America, so we played much more, I guess. So we always had a different rhythm. And also, the other reason is that when we do a record, it takes forever, because, again, we’re six members that have six different opinions about everything and everyone in the band thinks that he’s on the right path. So it’s a lot of discussion and compromising — it takes a lot of time until we finish a record. But at the moment, we’re really in a situation that we don’t have to do it. We’re really kind of privileged to not having any pressure — there’s no record companies or managements or something; it’s only us that put pressure on us. And we’re at that point in our lives that we kind of feel that we wanna be sure that what we do is worth putting out. And we also wanna have the freedom to say, ‘You know what? That’s not good enough. Let’s just don’t do it.’ It’s a real privilege to do so, and I’m happy that we’re in this situation.”


The guitarist revealed that making a new RAMMSTEIN album requires “a lot of communication, a lot of love and a lot of reflection about yourself. I mean, there were times I needed distance,” he said. “I moved to New York at one point of my life just to see the bigger picture. It’s very important that you realize and to overcome your ego, [to] see the bigger picture with the band and see what it needs. And sometimes you have to realize that doing more is not even the best formula for the band at the moment. Sometimes you have to step back. It’s just constantly like therapy with yourself, with the band. Fifty percent of our time, we’re pretty much talking about stuff.”


RAMMSTEIN last year played a number of concerts where the band opened each show with a brand new song, presently only known as “Ramm 4”. The track contains lyrics that seem to be a combination of various titles of previous RAMMSTEIN songs.


RAMMSTEIN released a new concert DVD and Blu-ray, “Paris”, on May 19. The set was recorded in March 2012 at the then-named Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy in Paris (now AccorHotels Arena) during RAMMSTEIN’s “Made In Germany” tour, and was helmed by the band’s longtime collaborator, Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund.

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