EXXXOTICA Chicago Event Schedule Announced



To see schedule clock the link below


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Rosetta Stone Reveals New Album Title, Tracklist and Artwork



The iconic UK gothic rock band Rosetta Stone will release a new album called “Seems Like Forever” on May 15, 2019. Founding member Porl King wrote and produced the entire album, with mixing duties by Jurgen Engler of Die Krupps. The new album will be released on both cd and vinyl via Cleopatra Records and contains 11 tracks. The video-premiere will be right here on Side-Line next month!


Track List:


Be There Tomorrow
Children Of The Poor
Dark Times
Making A Bomb
When You Turn Away
What Is The Point
Say What We Mean
Tomorrow For Us


Rosetta Stone was originally formed in the eighties by Porl King and Karl North, and was one of the biggest names of the gothic rock scene in the nineties. The band split up in 1998 after which Porl went on to be a remixer and producer. He also wrote music under the name Miserylab and In Death It Ends.

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GHOST Is Trying To Decide Where To Film New Concert DVD/Blu-Ray


Tobias Forge has confirmed that GHOST is planning to film a concert DVD and Blu-ray during the band’s still-ongoing world tour in support of last year’s “Prequelle” album. “That’s definitely in the pipeline,” he told Australia’s Wall Of Sound in a new interview. “We don’t know yet as to when and where we will shoot this. It really, really isn’t something that you do just anywhere. You wanna do it in a venue that might possess some sort of look, some sort of aura.”


The GHOST mastermind continued: “I think for what I wanna do and how I like things, and being a control freak and a very much habitual person, playing arenas is the best thing in the world, because nothing changes. The production is more or less the same every day. But as an individual who was kind of rebellious in the aesthetic, the downside — if there is one negative thing to say — is it’s very repetitive and very generic. So, most venues, even if it’s a very well-known historical arena or a newly built one, they basically look the same. So, from a cinematic point of view, there are slim pickings when it comes to a suitable venue. So we’re trying to look into that — if there’s anything historical, as in an older venue. Also where we can play. Where can we do the production? Maybe in Europe. Maybe an old Roman arena or something like that. That would be more of a physical look. And on the other hand, in order to do things like that, you might need access for more than one day. And it would be really good if the place was sold out. It would be really cool if that crowd was a very vivid, raging, Friday-night sort of crowd instead of a very subdued, Tuesday-night, wants to leave during the encore… even if it’s your crowd. There’s a very big difference between the two extremes. You can do fantastic shows in the middle of nowhere, or even in a big metropolitan city, on a Tuesday night, and the crowd equals dancing with someone that is about to fall asleep.”


Forge recently said in another interview that his current stage persona, Cardinal Copia, has a very good chance of sticking around for GHOST’s next studio album.


Forge performed as a “new” Papa Emeritus on each of the band’s first three LPs, with each version of Papa replacing the one that came before it. Papa Emeritus III was retired in favor of Cardinal Copia before the release of “Prequelle”.


Forge told Billboard that he is already focused on the band’s next recording project, with plans to be in the studio again by the beginning of 2020. But GHOST still has an extensive touring schedule to get through for the rest of 2019, including a opening stint for METALLICA this summer.

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Adria Arjona Says Morbius the Living Vampire Will Be “Edgy”


The first week of MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE‘s production is in the books. Jared Leto recently shared a peak behind-the-scenes, and Tyrese Gibson joined the cast earlier this week. More recently, actress Adria Arjona (PACIFIC RIM UPRISING) told Blackfilm.com that she is about to report to the set. She also shared her excitement about the film.


“I’m leaving for the set after the [TRIPLE FRONTIER] premiere,” said Arjona. “I’m getting on a plane and working all day Monday. I love comic books and I love my little brother. I’m trying to get sister points in every way that I can. I love the story of Dr. Morbius. I think it’s cool and edgy and interesting. That’s all I can really say.”
Arjona will be playing Martine Bancroft, the fiancée of Leto’s Dr. Michael Morbius. In the comics, Martine desperately tried to find a cure for Morbius’ condition, which transformed him into a vampire-like creature. Marie made her debut in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #102 , by the creative team of Roy Thomas and Gil Kane.


Daniel Espinosa is directing the upcoming movie from a script by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama. The cast also features former DOCTOR WHO star Matt Smith, as well as Jared Harris. Gibson is reportedly playing an FBI agent who is in charge of hunting down Morbius.

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