GLENN DANZIG Says One Of His New Songs Will ‘Definitely’ Appear On Next ‘The Walking Dead’ Soundtrack

A new Glenn Danzig song will appear on the next volume of the soundtrack to AMC’s zombie apocalypse drama “The Walking Dead”.

During an October 27 appearance on Eddie Trunk’s “Trunk Nation” show on SiriusXM’s Hair Nation, Glenn said: “I don’t know if it’s gonna be in an upcoming episode — they wanna find a place for it there — but it’ll definitely be on the soundtrack.”

He added: “I actually wrote that song kind of just because I became a fan of the show. And I’m, like, ‘I should write a song for them and see if they wanna use it.’ And then my lawyer, Peter, was telling me about the soundtrack, and I submitted it, and they loved it.”

Glenn revealed that he was a latecomer to “The Walking Dead” show, but after watching it once, he was hooked. “I was surprised,” he said. “I watched one episode. ‘Cause someone had said, ‘You’ve gotta watch this.’ And I remember the indie comic. ‘Cause I still have my comic company. And I remember the indie comic. And I started watching it, and then I watched another episode, and I [was like], ‘Oh, I’ve gotta see all these back episodes.’ [Laughs] It’s a great show.”

“The Walking Dead: AMC Original Soundtrack, Vol. 1″ was released in March 2013 via Universal Republic Records and featured tracks from and inspired by “The Walking Dead”. The CD peaked at number 54 on The Billboard 200 chart.

As previously reported, ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian will make a cameo in the second half of the fifth season of “The Walking Dead”.

Another fan of the series, former GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Slash, recently appeared on “The Walking Dead” after-show “Talking Dead”.

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Billy Corgan has hit out at modern pop stars who “do porn” in their music videos

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman – who yesterday revealed the band’s touring lineup will include Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk and The Killers bassist Mark Stoermer – says he believes the public have “had it” with overtly sexual pop stars.

Corgan tells the London Evening Standard: “I have a strange sense that people have had it with pop. I can’t compete with somebody who’s doing porn. The person who does porn for their video is going to sell more records than me.

“So how did we compete back in the day and how do we compete now? It’s the same. You have to be truer than false, realer than fake, and you have to bring something that only you can bring.”

Corgan’s comments come after Pretenders’ frontwoman Chrissie Hynde called out “exhibitionist” pop stars who rely on sex to sell their music.

She said: “If they’re under pressure to get their kit off, maybe they should just be making porn films. Maybe they’re in the wrong game.”

The Pumpkins’ album Monuments To An Elegy is released on December 9.

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Ric Laciak, lost the battle with cancer, but won many people’s hearts


An immense shock is going through the worldwide EBM community as the news is spreading that Ric Laciak, founder of RAS DVA Records, has passed away. Ric had been fighting against cancer for the past 11 years. He had an inoperable brain cancer, and suffered of trigeminal pain due to the cancer, a pain which is often also called ‘suicide pain’. Rick became half blind, half deaf, he couldn’t smell, he couldn’t taste anymore. He was always in pain, 24/7. But like many can testify, and his posts in his Facebook profile say enough, he never lost his sense of humor or positive attitude.

Just a few days ago Ric had been talking to us about his condition and how much it was deteriorating. Rick wasn’t a believer, and like he pointed out in our last chat, his legacy will be his Facebook posts and the CDs he released over the years. CDs which have had a huge impact on the EBM world. His last Facebook post was on November 12th and read like this: “The reason we are all alive is very similar to putting a watchable completely in pieces… in a bag… Then Shaking it for a million years. The parts all come together and it starts ticking.”

Ric Laciak, a Radio DJ for WMSE 91.7 FM Milwaukee and a writer for Industrial Nation and Cue! magazine founded Ras Dva Records originally under the name GAWMUS (Getting Away With Murder in the US), a Leaether Strip fan club. Ric also worked for Music Research GmbH under the Zoth Ommog label and this in New York and Germany in 1993 where he completed work on the Alternative Press compilation CD “The Contest”. He also was project/album Manager for The Armageddon Dildos when they released “Lost” on Sire/Warner & Zoth Ommog.

The Ras Dva record label started operating as a label in early 1994 with the first release being Benestrophe (a Mentallo & The Fixer project). Next were Leaether Strip’s “Getting Away With Murder: Murders From 1982 To 1995″, Kevorkian Death Cycle’s “Collection For Injection”, Jihad’s “A Prayer In The Night” and so on. He also released the 4CD compilation “There Is No Time” including lesser known industrial acts. Although the label was short-lived, it became defunct after 1998, it managed to put a stamp on the industrial music scene in a very short time. In 2006, the label became active again but Ric’s illness prevented him from going full force ahead.

Over the years Ric also recorded some own material, for instance when he formed Parking Lot In Drug Form together with Gary Dassing from Mentallo and the Fixer. 2 tracks appeared on the compilations “There Is No Time” (1995 – Ras Dva) and “The Contest” (1995 – Zoth Ommog).


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Dave & Phil Alvin with the Guilty Ones FitzGerald’s, Berwyn, 2/27, 9 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, 11 AM.

Peter Asher, Chad & Jeremy, Billy J. Kramer City Winery, 3/7, 7 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 11/20, noon.

Bad Suns Lincoln Hall, 2/9, 7 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 11/21, noon.

Black Violin City Winery, 2/17, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 11/21, noon.

Marc Broussard City Winery, 2/12-13, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 11/20. noon.

Maurice “Mobetta” Brown The Promontory, 1/9, 8 PM.

Ethan Butler Metro, 12/26, 8:15 PM.

Cianide, Bones Empty Bottle, 3/28, 9 PM.

Clean Bandit Metro, 4/1, 8 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, noon.

Jonny Craig Bottom Lounge, 2/7, 7 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, noon.

Decemberists, Alvvays Chicago Theatre, 3/27, 7:30 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 11/21, 11 AM.

Districts Lincoln Hall, 2/20, 10 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, noon.

Dodos Lincoln Hall, 3/6, 10 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, noon.

Steve Earle City Winery, 2/1-4, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 11/20, noon.

JJ Grey & Mofro the Vic, 2/28, 8 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, 10 AM.

Hundred Waters Lincoln Hall, 2/25, 9 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, noon.

Iration House of Blues, 4/17, 6 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 11/21, 10 AM.

Gregory Alan Isakov Thalia Hall, 1/17, 8 PM, all-ages.

Ben Kweller, Jon Langford & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts Metro, 1/10, 7 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, noon.

Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears Thalia Hall, 12/14, 5 PM.

Lone Bellow Lincoln Hall, 3/4, 8 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, noon.

Lucero Concord Music Hall, 1/17, 8 PM.

Marilyn Manson Riviera Theatre, 2/5, 8 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, 10 AM.

Johnette Napolitano City Winery, 3/27, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 11/20, noon.

John Oates City Winery, 2/10, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 11/20, noon.

Public Service Broadcasting Schubas, 4/3, 10 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, noon.

Punch Brothers Riviera Theatre, 2/28, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 11/21, 10 AM.

Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble Constellation, 12/7, 8:30 PM.

Damien Rice Auditorium Theatre, 4/14, 8 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, 10 AM.

Dax Riggs Beat Kitchen, 12/11, 8 PM.

Chris Robinson Brotherhood Park West, 2/6, 8:30 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, 10 AM.

Saint Motel Schubas, 1/30, 10 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, noon.

Six Organs of Admittance Empty Bottle, 4/23, 9 PM.

Slaves Beat Kitchen, 12/20, 5:30 PM.

Stooges Brass Band City Winery, 1/14, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 11/20, noon.

String Cheese Incident Aragon Ballroom, 1/29, 8 PM, on sale Sat 11/22, 10 AM.

Sweet Honey in the Rock Symphony Center, 12/7, 3 PM.

10 String Symphony FitzGerald’s, Berwyn, 1/10, 8 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, 11 AM.

Twin Peaks Metro, 1/18, 7 PM, all-ages.

Tyvek Empty Bottle, 1/2, 9 PM.

Wale House of Blues, 1/16, 8 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, 10 AM.

Walk the Moon House of Blues, 4/4, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 11/21, 10 AM.

Wounds Cobra Lounge, 12/5, 9 PM.

Zimmerman FitzGerald’s, Berwyn, 1/23, 9 PM, on sale Fri 11/21, 11 AM.


Tuesday Dec. 9, 2014 at the Vic


Tab Benoit City Winery, 12/20, 7:30 and 10:30 PM, all-ages, late show added, on sale Thu 11/20, noon.

Taylor Swift Soldier Field, 7/18-19, 7 PM, second show added, on sale Fri 11/21, 10 AM.

Toh Kay City Winery, 12/10, 8 and 11 PM, all-ages, late show added, on sale Thu 11/20, noon.

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The Great Lost Doors Movie Feast of Friends Finally Released

SOURCE: Rolling Stone

In 1968, the Doors decided to chronicle their life on the road and commissioned a crew to document their in-progress tour. The band would produce the project itself; singer Jim Morrison and keyboardist Ray Manzarek had met at UCLA’s film school, so they reached out to some of their old campus cohorts. “We had some of our film-school buddies follow us around and shoot,” says Doors guitarist Robby Krieger. “The idea was to make a documentary, a cinema verite kind of thing. [Jim and Ray] were all hot on the new kinds of movies that were coming out in the Sixties.” According to Krieger, Morrison wanted the project to be a free-form, anything-goes look at the group, onstage and off. “He would say, ‘The film is making itself.’”

Unfortunately, the film didn’t actually make itself — titled Feast of Friends, the project was abandoned, overbudget and, in the wake of Morrison’s 1968 arrest for indecent exposure in Miami, left unfinished. After a few festival screenings, the movie was shelved. It’s been bootlegged among Doors fans for years, and the band has used its footage as raw material for music videos and other projects. But it’s never seen a wide release — until now. A new DVD edition features footage dramatically cleaned up from its 16-mm source, and its 39 minutes have been augmented with 34 minutes of outtakes (plus a British documentary on the band from 1968). “It’s a document of a time,” says Doors drummer John Densmore.

The disc features the Doors doing an epic version of “The End,” with Morrison improvising part of his monologue based on a grasshopper he spots on the ground; the singer trying to fight his way through a wall of white-shirted security onstage in Cleveland so he can interact with the audience; the group recording “Wild Child” in the studio with producer Paul Rothchild; Krieger and Morrison improvising songs while hanging around backstage; the whole band doing ordinary activities like riding the monorail to the Space Needle in Seattle. “I hope that people who have seen the Oliver Stone movie see this one,” Krieger says, “so they’ll see how Jim really was.”

In one memorable sequence, the Doors are captured in the middle of playing cards — Krieger says it was a game he taught the rest of the group called “Three-Thirty-Three.” According to Densmore, the card game they favored on airplanes was called “three-card monte” (not the street con). “A total bluffing game,” Densmore says. So who was the best bluffer in the band? “Oh, you know, Robby was full of shit.”

Many scenes show the Doors floating through mainstream society of the day, clearly not belonging. “We were definitely different from most people in those days,” Krieger says. “Now everybody looks the same. I guess we wanted to be different. Sometimes it got us in trouble: One time we went to a restaurant and there were some Army guys there, and we got into a big fight with them, just because of how we looked. That was actually here in Los Angeles — you’d think that wouldn’t happen in L.A. We were the only ones in town with long hair, pretty much.”

The main crew on Feast of Friends were cameraman Paul Ferrara, soundman Babe Hill, and editor Frank Lisciandro; one UCLA pal who helped out for a while was a carpenter named Harrison Ford. In one outtake, you can see the future Han Solo wandering into a shot. “I didn’t have much contact with him,” Densmore says. “He was just lurking around with the camera equipment. He’s a nice guy.”
Although neither Densmore nor Krieger attended film school, they both speak positively of how it influenced the band. “All of us loved the marriage of visual with sound,” Densmore says. Krieger, for his part, declares that “Ray and Jim both had cinematic minds. I know Jim got a lot of ideas from films. If you listen to some of the songs, a movie comes into your head — at least it does for me.” Asked to cite an example, he names “Soul Kitchen”: “Of course, it helps that I’ve been to the real Soul Kitchen — this cool restaurant where people sat around, got high and ate great soul food.”

For Densmore, seeing Feast of Friends now evokes “memories and a little bit of sadness for Ray and Jim.” (Manzarek died in 2013, Morrison in 1971.) He particularly cites a scene where the whole band is on a boat, looking innocent and sun-kissed. He reminisces about Manzarek’s musicianship, and how he managed to be the band’s keyboardist with his right hand and play basslines with his left hand. “Man, what a gift! Bass players and drummers are sort of pals, cooking the groove in the basement. What if Ray’s left hand and my feet didn’t sync up? There wouldn’t be any Doors!”

Discussing Morrison, Densmore says that he wishes he had known “that we were in a band with a crazy kamikaze. I had an inkling that he was charismatic and different, but I didn’t know that it was a death pact.”

Watching Feast of Friends footage today, Krieger wishes he had gotten a better haircut. “One writer said that I had the worst hair in rock & roll,” he recalls ruefully. (He still has most of it, although it’s white now.) He has conflicting feelings about the scarcity of Doors video, claiming that The Doors R-Evolution DVD from last year pretty much cleared out the band’s vaults; the guitarist wishes there was more, but knows that the rarity makes what exists more precious. Back when the movie was first cut together, he confesses, he found it “kind of boring.” With a laugh, Krieger says, “One good thing about living a long time — you can go back and stuff appears different than it was.”

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ACE FREHLEY Kicks Off ‘Space Invader’ Tour In New Brunswick

Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley kicked off his “Space Invader” tour on November 13 at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

His setlist was as follows:

01. Lost In Limbo (first time played live since 1992)
02. Gimme A Feelin’ (live debut)
03. Toys (live debut)
04. Parasite (KISS song)
05. Snowblind
06. Love Gun (KISS song) (Scot Coogan on vocals)
07. Breakout (Richie Scarlett on vocals)
08. Space Invader (live debut)
09. King Of The Night Time World (KISS song) (Scot Coogan on vocals)
10. Strutter (KISS song) (Scot Coogan on vocals)
11. Change (started song but aborted)
12. Bass Solo
13. Strange Ways (KISS song) (Chris Wyse on vocals)
14. Rock Soldiers
15. New York Groove
16. Shock Me (KISS song)
17. Ace Frehley Guitar Solo
18. Rocket Ride (KISS song)
19. 2 Young 2 Die (Richie Scarlett on vocals)
20. Shot Full Of Rock (first time played live since 2008)


21. Cold Gin (KISS song)

Frehley’s touring lineup includes none other than Richie Scarlet, who rode shotgun performing rhythm guitar and vocal duties on Ace’s “Trouble Walking” platter in 1989, and is doing so again on stage. Richie toured with Ace in 1984 and 1985 and periodically from 1989 through 1995 and was also known for touring with Sebastian Bach.

On bass and vocals is Chris Wyse from Queens, New York. Previously recording with Ozzy Osbourne and playing on Mick Jagger’s 2001 solo album, Chris is well known as the bass player from THE CULT since 2006. Chris can also be heard on Frehley’s new album, “Space Invader”, on select tracks. He also covers bass duties in his current band OWL.

Finally, Scot Coogan is behind the drum kit for Frehley’s tour. Coogan played with Frehley for five years until 2012 when he left Ace’s band to focus on other projects. He has since toured and recorded with LYNCH MOB and sat behind the kit for Lita Ford on the 2012 “Rock Of Ages” tour with DEF LEPPARD and POISON.

“I consider Ace a friend, and I will always be his drummer,” Scot said. “When he called me about doing shows, I was honored. We are both excited to have the chance to play together once again.”

Coogan recently completed work on the debut album from RED ZONE RIDER, a three-piece band also featuring world-class guitar hero Vinnie Moore (UFO) and vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kelly Keeling. RED ZONE RIDER’s self-titled CD was made available on September 16 via Magna Carta.

Says Frehley: “I can’t wait to hit the road again with this new lineup. I’ll be performing Ace classics as well as songs off my new CD, ‘Space Invader’, for the enjoyment of the fans. Let there be rock!”

Matt Starr, the featured drummer on “Space Invader”, will spend the next few months touring with MR. BIG as the replacement for Pat Torpey, who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

“Space Invader”, the first new solo album from Frehley in five years, sold around 19,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 9 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on August 19 via Entertainment One Music (eOne Music).

Ace’s previous CD, “Anomaly”, opened with around 17,000 units back in September 2009 to debut at No. 27.

“Space Invader”, which was made available in Europe on August 18 (three days earlier in Germany and Scandinavia) through SPV/Steamhammer, includes 11 brand new original songs as well as a cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker”.

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