Combichrist Tour and shows with headliners Max and Iggor Cavalera


ATLANTA, Ga. – Norwegian-American electronic hard rock/heavy metal group, Combichrist, has announced a handful of headlining U.S. shows and several “Return to Roots” off-dates with All Hail The Yeti this September/October. 


The North American “Return to Roots” tour, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the legendary Sepultura album Roots to be played in its entirety each night, will kick off on September 12 in Las Vegas. The Black Dahlia Murder, Allegaeon, All Hail The Yeti and Oni join Combichrist and headliners Max and Iggor Cavalera to round out the line-up on select dates. Tickets are on sale now; head over to: for all the info.


“Being able to do this Roots tour is a huge deal for me,” said Combichrist founder and frontman Andy LaPlegua. “That album changed everything for me when it came to music, both in the freedom to mix genres and how I wrote metal riffs. I can’t express how stoked I am about this tour.”


Combichrist is touring in support of its eighth studio album This is Where Death Begins, which released in June on Out of Line Music. An apocalyptic behemoth of guitars, electronica, infernal drums and dark elemental force, This is Where Death Begins was produced by Oumi Kapila (Filter) plus Combichrist’s own Andy LaPlegua and mastered by the legendary Vlado Meller (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slipknot). The 15-track album also features guest vocals from Chris Motionless (Motionless in White) and Ariel Levitan (MXMS).


“I finally feel like we came full circle with this album, considering we’re all from the punk rock, hardcore and metal backgrounds,” commented LaPlegua. “Call it whatever you want, but, for me, it’s industrial metalcore. Every style of music that I have done through the last 25 years has some kind of presence on this album.”


This is Where Death Begins is available now via Out of Line Music on CD, deluxe double-CD, double-vinyl and as a strictly limited fan box containing the double-CD plus an exclusive DVD of the Combichrist performance at the Summer Breeze Festival 2015 in Germany. Purchase This is Where Death Begins in multiple formats on


Stream the (NSFW) “My Life My Rules” music video on YouTube at:

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Ghost are ‘too funny’ for metal puritans




A Nameless Ghoul says Ghost use blasphemy and humour to entertain fans – tools which he says were historically considered the “craft of the devil”


Metal purists think Ghost are “too funny” to take seriously, according to one of the band’s Nameless Ghouls.


But he explains that in medieval times, humour and laughter were believed by some to be the work of the devil – and hints they also use these tools to “screw” with people.


The Nameless Ghoul tells Live Nation: “A couple of record pressing plants didn’t want to print our previous record. it was not the upside-down cross or anything, it was a vagina. They just couldn’t stand to look at that – that was just too downright blasphemous.


“I do think to a certain degree that we are misunderstood. We started off doing this with the intention of becoming this small horror rock band. It was supposed to be entertaining.


“The more puritan sort of metal people think we’re too funny, or too this or that. We want people to be happy.”


He adds: “We represent humour and happiness. It’s quite commonly known that laughter, satire and humour – at least from a medieval point-of-view – was very much regarded as a craft of the devil.


“I’ve been listening to ‘devil music’ ever since I was a kid. For me it’s so natural, but its rock’n’roll. The tool of the devil is to trick with you to screw with each other.”


Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that Ghost’s upcoming covers EP will help them experiment with the new direction they’re taking for the full-length follow-up to last year’s Meliora. It’s due out later this year.


Ghost North American tour dates 2016
Sep 16: Rochester The Armory, NY
Sep 17: New London Revolution Rock Fest, CT
Sep 18: Chester Monster Energy Rock Allegiance Festival, PA
Sep 19: Pittsburgh Stage AE, PA
Sep 21: Cleveland Masonic Auditorium, OH
Sep 23: Memphis Minglewood Hall, TN
Sep 24: Fort Worth Texas Munity, TX
Sep 25: Houston Open Air, TX
Sep 27: Tulsa Brady Theater, OK
Sep 28: St Louis The Pageat, MO
Sep 30: Kansas City Midland Theatre, MO
Oct 01: Janesville Sonic Boom, WI
Oct 02: Louisville Louder Than Life Festival, KY
Oct 03: Detroit The Fillmore, MI
Oct 04: Kalamazoo State Theatre, MI
Oct 05: Cedar Rapids Paramount Theatre, IA
Oct 07: Denver Paramount Theatre, CO
Oct 08: Salt Lake City The Complex, UT
Oct 09: Missoula The Wilma Theater, MT
Oct 11: Calgary MacEwan Hall, AB
Oct 13: Vancouver The Vogue Theater, BC
Oct 14: Seattle The Moore Theater, WA
Oct 15: Eugene McDonald Theatre, OR
Oct 16: Portland The Roseland Theater, OR
Oct 18: Riverside Municipal Auditorium, CA
Oct 20: Los Angeles The Wiltern, CA
Oct 21: Los Angeles The Wiltern, CA
Oct 22: Las Vegas Brooklyn Bowl, NV
Oct 23: Sacramento Discovery Park, CA
Oct 25: Phoenix Comercia Theatre, AZ
Oct 27: Lubbock City Bank Auditorium, TX
Oct 28: San Antonio The Aztec Theater, TX
Oct 31: Little Rock Metroplex, AR
Nov 02: Orlando The Hard Rock, FL
Nov 03: Miami Beach Fillmore Miami Beach, FL
Nov 04: Jacksonville The Florida Theatre, FL
Nov 05: Charlotte The Fillmore, NC
Nov 07: Raleigh The Ritz, NC
Nov 09: Toronto Queen Elizabeth Theatre, ON
Nov 11: Montreal Metropolis, QC
Nov 12: Brooklyn Kings Theatre, NY

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Illinois man agrees to plead guilty in celebrity hacking case

An Illinois man accused of breaking into the Apple iCloud and Gmail accounts of celebrities to obtain their private photos and videos has agreed to plead guilty to a felony computer hacking charge, prosecutors said on Friday.


Edward Majerczyk, 28, facing up to five years in prison, is the second man charged in a federal investigation into the leaks of nude photos of several Hollywood actresses, including Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, in September 2014.


According to a plea agreement signed by Majerczyk, he illegally accessed Apple iCloud and Google Gmail accounts belonging to more than 300 people, using an email “phishing” ploy to obtain their user names and passwords.


Through this scheme, Majerczyk was able to access full iCloud backups belonging to numerous victims, including at least 30 celebrities, many of whom reside in the Los Angeles area, the plea agreement stated.


“Many of these backups contained sensitive and private photographs and videos,” it said.


Under his deal with federal prosecutors, Majerczyk, a Chicago resident, will formally plead guilty in U.S. District Court in Illinois to a felony violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles.


A 36-year-old Pennsylvania man, Ryan Collins, pleaded guilty in March to the same offense in a case stemming from the same investigation.


Like Collins, federal authorities said they had found no evidence linking Majerczyk to actual public circulation of any of the photos to which he gained access.


While no victims were named in court documents, the investigation began after Lawrence and other celebrities, including actresses Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union and model Kate Upton, complained in interviews about having their private photos end up publicly disseminated online.


A Florida man was sentenced in 2012 to 10 years in prison for hacking into email accounts of Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis and Christina Aguilera to leak private information and explicit photos. Pop star Taylor Swift said her Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked in January 2015.


More recently, a Bahamian man in New York pleaded guilty in May to charges of hacking into celebrities’ email accounts to steal unreleased movies and television scripts. And a Filipino man was charged last month in New Jersey with running a scheme to hack into the bank and credit card accounts of celebrities.

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Ace Frehley House of Blues, Chicago, IL 8/26/2016



Fractured Mirror
Rip It Out
Rocket Ride
Love Gun
Bring It On Home
Rock Soldiers
Chris Wyse Bass Solo
Strange Ways
New York Groove
2 Young 2 Die
Shock Me
Ace Frehley Guitar Solo
Cold Gin
Detroit Rock City






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MONTE PITTMAN to Release Inverted Grasp of Balance September 23rd via Metal Blade Records



There are great guitarists, great vocalists and great songwriters, but MONTE PITTMAN is one of the elite few who can truly lay claim to all three titles. With his fourth full-length, Inverted Grasp Of Balance, he has once again raised the stakes, delivering a riveting collection of full force metal that showcases his continuing evolution, undoubtedly expanding his devout – and ravenous – fan base. “I knew exactly the album I wanted to make,” he states. “I wanted to make the heaviest and craziest music I ever have. I really feel that it’s an album that will grab you and demand your attention.” The results speak for themselves, and from the explosive thrash of opener “Panic Attack” through to the epic strains of closing track “New Blood Keeps Us Alive”, the quality doesn’t dip once, making this one of the most essential metal releases of 2016.

Today the artwork, track listing and first single from Inverted Grasp of Balance have been unveiled. In addition, an art video for the song “Pride Comes Before the Fall” is available for streaming. Head to to pre-order the album and listen to “Pride Comes Before the Fall.

To assert that PITTMAN has had a storied career is something of an understatement. His resumé includes an ongoing and fruitful collaboration with multi-platinum selling artist Madonna, having recorded and toured with her extensively over a period of more than fifteen years. Then there’s his first band, Myra Mains, his stint in the metallic behemoth that is Prong, and collaborations with a broad spectrum of international artists. If his time with Prong did not fully communicate just how much metal flowed through his veins, with 2014’s Flemming Rasmussen-produced The Power Of Three – his first release with Metal Blade Records – he compellingly blended killer riffs, blistering leads and gigantic hooks to deliver an album that was equal parts anthemic grandeur and in-your-face attitude, making metalheads around the world sit up and take note.


Having never been inclined to allow his guitars to gather dust, PITTMAN wasted no time in commencing writing for its follow up. “I started pretty much immediately. When I finish an album, I have a window of opportunity where I see the big picture and where it should take me next. There are sections to the songs on ‘Inverted Grasp Of Balance’ that are identical to the way they were when I originally came up with them, all that time ago, and there are parts that I changed at the last minute while recording. It was a real ongoing process.”

Alongside wanting to make a heavier, faster record, PITTMAN also wanted to push the boundaries of his guitar playing, while experimenting more dramatically with song structures and tones. This is made clear by the diversity of the record, which while predominantly a blast of armor-plated adrenaline showcases an admirable range of sounds and styles, features some straight up rockers and truly beautiful moments amidst the metallic attack. “I planned on it all being heads down thrashing, but I’ve always liked a variety of music and sounds. The beautiful, plaintive parts snuck in and gave the album a nice dynamic. I wanted it to be a record that just pulverizes you for an hour, but having a lighter side in places gives it more balance.”

The album title itself comes from a line in album opener “Panic Attack”, and is centered around the idea of feeling in control when that is actually not the case at all – the ground falls out beneath you just when you think you’ve got things dialed. However, PITTMAN views such circumstances as a potential blessing in disguise. “It can mean starting again from scratch but knowing more than you did before. What is balance? It’s never 50/50. Nothing is ever completely perfect. From a music theory perspective, if you take a C Major 7 chord, you have ‘perfect harmony’. None of the notes are altered, and that’s the only time this happens with the numerical value of the tones. But if you take the notes that give you that sound or feeling – which is a C and a B – and you put them just with each other, they’re dissonant. I think the lesson in that is you have to have disharmony to have perfect harmony.”

Of course it would not be a MONTE PITTMAN album without a bevy of killer guitar solos. As such, anyone partial to fleet-fingered shredding will also find plenty to fall in love with on Inverted Grasp Of Balance, for PITTMAN has never sounded better when he lets loose on the fretboard. Again, he continued to push the envelope. “I incorporated some different, odd scales and chords into a lot of it. If I found myself repeating ideas, I knew to go somewhere else with it. As someone who teaches guitar, I also wanted to be able to use the leads as examples for teaching guitar lessons. In ‘Obliterated’, there are several little elements that could be guitar lessons on their own.”

Teamed up with powerhouse drummer Richard Christy of Charred Walls Of The Damned/Iced Earth/Death fame and virtuoso bassist Billy Sheehan, famous for his work with a plethora of extremely talented artists – including David Lee Roth, Mr. Big and, more recently, Winery Dogs – the skill of all concerned explodes from the speakers. With such passionate professionals and Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Steel Panther) handling production duties, the record came together quickly and smoothly, Pittman recording his guitar parts wherever he found himself while on the road. With unique artwork provided by Sean K Hughes – who PITTMAN met at a bar called The Black Rabbit in Melbourne, Australia – this really is the proverbial “whole package”: an album that has been lovingly crafted in all aspects, that he hopes reaches as many ears as possible. “Having Metal Blade on board for the entire process of creating this album has been incredible. Many people don’t know, but they came on board much later in the process on ‘The Power of Three’, and working alongside Brian Slagel, Mike Faley and their amazing team has been a real treat. I had a true vision for this record from the start, and I couldn’t imagine a better team to help me realize it. We’re going to make some real noise with ‘Inverted Grasp Of Balance’ – so get ready!”


Inverted Grasp Of Balance Track Listing
1. Panic Attack
2. Arisen in Broad Daylight
3. Guilty Pleasure
4. The Times Are Changing
5. Double Edged Sword
6. Cadabra
7. Pride Comes Before the Fall
8. California
9. Be Very Afraid
10. Obliterated
11. Skeleton Key
12. New Blood Keeps Us Alive


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The Time Tom Petersson Left Cheap Trick On this day in 1980




Things can get muddled at times when you’re in one of the world’s greatest rock and roll bands. Just ask Tom Petersson, who split from Cheap Trick on Aug. 25, 1980, just as the band were set to release their fifth studio album, All Shook Up.


Everything had been on an upward trajectory for the band since first crashing the music scene in 1977. Each album brought more success and bigger crowds, then, after the release of the now legendary live LP, At Budokan in early 1979, the band exploded. The follow-up, Dream Police, came out toward the end of that year and the band were still riding high. In the summer of 1980, Cheap Trick went in to record the next album with producer George Martin, which, on paper at least, seemed like a match made in heaven.


To this day, diehard fans are often divided by the results of that album. While it was a departure, of sorts, it merely expanded on the sound the band had perfected, adding various new ingredients to the stew. During the recording sessions, Petersson grew unhappy with the direction of the band, and became disillusioned with the music business in general.


“That was a tough time for us,” recalled guitarist/band leader Rick Nielsen in the Trick biography Reputation Is A Fragile Thing. “Tom was fighting internally with the band and wanted to pursue a solo career. When we came to England to mix (the album), he didn’t even show up. He went home and stayed in Los Angeles.”


As with many of these situations, there was more to the story. In this case, a woman named Dagmar, Petersson’s wife at the time. “His wife wanted him to sing half the songs, so that record was a real battle,” Nielsen continued. “He had a good rock image, but his problem was always women.” Add to that the stress Petersson felt from the non-stop touring the band had done since before their first album was even released. “With success, you still have as many heartaches and headaches as when you’re struggling,” concedes Nielsen, but not before adding, “But being in a band is what I always wanted to do.”


Petersson left the band before the album was even released, and was replaced by Pete Comita for the tour. Petersson started a new band with Dagmar called Another Language. They released one self-titled EP that owed more to the then current New Wave sounds of bands like Missing Persons than anything related to Cheap Trick. Tom didn’t even get the job of lead singer. That went to Dagmar.


The mini-LP, produced by Peterson (who had dropped one of the s’ from his last name at the time), was released in early 1984 to little, if any, fanfare. But within a few years, Tom and Dagmar split, and fences with the band were on the mend. In 1987, Petersson rejoined the fold. “It was at a birthday party for Julian Lennon in New York City here,” singer Robin Zander told Eddie Trunk earlier this year. “And we were invited, so Rick and I went. We were sitting at a table. Tom came in with a pitcher of beer and tripped and spilled the beer in Rick’s lap. And then, from that point on, we had Tom in the band again.”

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