ALL NEW MKULTRASOUND PodCast: Alex and Yvette thee Calm Before the Storm

Yvette Lera and Kim Fowley

Alex and co host Yvette now 3 weeks into the statewide “stay at home” quarantine order talk about the state of things with COVID-19 and stories of Kim Fowley, girl bands and a song from Chicagos own Mystery Actions.

Next week they return to YouTube and do an in studio show.

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‘Birds of Prey’ director says sequel could feature Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy romance

Yahoo Movies UK
April 7, 2020

A second Birds of Prey movie isn’t confirmed just yet, but director Cathy Yan is already dreaming up scenarios for a sequel.

Specifically, she reckons that a comic book plot-line from 2015 could come into play – with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy getting it together.

Margot Robbie first played the psychiatrist turned anti-hero Harley in 2016’s Suicide Squad, and then again in the Birds of Prey movie, released in February.

And while Poison Ivy is yet to appear in the DC Extended Universe, Gotham City’s ‘misanthropic botanist and biochemist’ has been played by Uma Thurman in Batman & Robin, and has also appeared in TV series Gotham in the past.

Speaking to The Wrap, Yan said: “I would love to see Poison Ivy and I would certainly love to see the relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

“I think people aren’t ready to let go of Harley Quinn quite yet and you know, Margot I don’t think is ready to let go of Harley Quinn yet either.”

Yan also recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the movie’s financial performance – a disappointing $202 million from a $100 million budget.

“I know that the studio had really high expectations for the movie — as we all did. There were also undue expectations on a female-led movie, and what I was most disappointed in was this idea that perhaps it proved that we weren’t ready for this yet,” she said.

“That was an extra burden that, as a woman-of-color director, I already had on me anyway. So, yes, I think there were certainly different ways you could interpret the success or lack of success of the movie, and everyone has a right to do that. But, I definitely do feel that everyone was pretty quick to jump on a certain angle.”

With a star as big as Robbie attached, a sequel is certainly not out of the question, with the Australian actress also set to reprise the role in James Gunn’s forthcoming The Suicide Squad, due in August, 2021.

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Adoration Destroyed exploded out of Austin, Texas with their critically acclaimed debut album “Ritual Damage” on Cleopatra Records in 2016. AD’s “Ritual Deconstruction” EP followed in in 2017 as did extensive touring with the likes of Kanga, Ego Likeness and FIRES. Now, Adoration Destroyed are releasing their long-awaited new single “You Should See Me in a Crown,” a surprising take on Billie Eilish’s smash hit that also features a pair of new dark delights with “Blackout Again” and “Tonight.” Cleopatra will release the single on April 23rd through all digital and streaming formats. Adoration Destroyed is led by singing guitarist Erik Gustafson, who also writes, programs and produces, while moonlighting as a touring member of Grendel. Adoration Destroyed performs live as a trio that features Ritchard F. Napierkowski on synths and percussionist Patrick Fears that has included a number of recent festival appearances including Mechanismus, Darkside of the Con and The Sanctuary Festival.

Available for pre-order here:

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GLENN DANZIG Says His ‘Sings Elvis’ Concerts Will Be Rescheduled For June/July

According to Glenn Danzig, his previously announced live shows in California “will be rescheduled for either late June or July.”

Glenn‘s concerts in San Francisco (April 17 at Bimbo’s 365 Club) and Los Angeles (April 22 at the historic Roosevelt Hotel Grand Ballroom) were intended to promote his long-awaited collection of Elvis Presley covers, appropriately titled “Danzig Sings Elvis”, which is due on April 17.

Earlier today, Danzig‘s social media was updated with the following message: “As per the Governor of California there can be no public gatherings until further notice. Both ‘Danzig Sings Elvis’ performances for L.A. & S.F. will be rescheduled for either late June or July. Please hang on to your tickets if you still wish to attend these 2 ‘Sold Out’ performances.”

There is little indication as to when we might get the coronavirus under control to the extent that public gatherings and normal business can resume. Even some of the more conservative estimates say certain areas may be locked down until the end of the summer and possibly into the fall.

“Danzig Sings Elvis” track listing:

01. Is It So Strange
02. One Night
03. Lonely Blue Boy
04. First In Line 05. Baby Let’s Play House
06. Love Me
07. Pocket Full Of Rainbows
08. Fever
09. When It Rains It Really Pours
10. Always On My Mind
11. Loving Arms
12. Like A Baby
13. Girl Of My Best Friend
14. Young And Beautiful

In 2018, Danzig spoke to Full Metal Jackie‘s nationally syndicated radio show about why it has taken him so long to complete “Danzig Sings Elvis”. “Every time I’d have downtime, or if I was working on soundtrack stuff, I would just record another Elvis track or two,” he said. “So what started out as an EP, I now have more than enough for a full album; I have extra songs that won’t even make it on the record. So I’m really gonna have to sit down and pick the songs that I really want on the record. But it came out really good; I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. A lot of people ask me about it all the time when I’m on the road. So it will be nice to get it out.”

Danzig previously covered Presley‘s “Trouble” on his eponymous band’s “Thrall-Demonsweatlive” EP in 1993. He also recorded a version of “Let Yourself Go” for 2015’s “Skeletons”.

Elvis is actually kind of how I got into music,” Glenn told Rolling Stone in 2015 interview. “When I was a kid, I was cutting school pretending I was sick and I would lie at home watching old movies, and ‘Jailhouse Rock’ came on with Elvis. I was, like, ‘I want to do this. This is great.’ And that’s how I veered to music.”

Regarding how he came to cover “Let Yourself Go”Danzig said: “It’s a song that a lot of people may or may not be familiar with, but he actually liked it so much he put it on the ”68 Comeback Special’. It’s just a cool song I’ve always liked. I knew I could do something really cool with it. I didn’t want to do the obvious Elvis song, you know? You don’t have to highlight an Elvis song, everyone’s heard them, this is just probably a lesser known song of his thousands of songs that everybody knows. I like his delivery, his voice. He’s not just standing there, he’s moving around. I like that. I don’t like singers who just stand there. It’s boring to me. I like singers who are really getting into it and showing you they’re getting into it. I think he has all of that.”

DANZIG was formed in 1987 after Glenn‘s involvement with horror-punks the MISFITS and gothic hard rockers SAMHAIN.

DANZIG‘s latest album, “Black Laden Crown”, came out in May 2017 via Evilive Records/Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

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(April 3‚ 2020 — Three Expo Events, the creators and producers of the EXXXOTICA Expos, are excited to announce the re-launch of is the online version of what the EXXXOTICA Expo, the largest adult consumer event in the country, strives to be – an open, honest forum of discussion and education of all things sexy. From cooking to yoga, webcams to acrobatics, relationship advice to balloon animals, brings all the wildest aspects of the show, and beyond, directly to fans free.

During this unprecedented time in our collective lives, it was important to give fans a much-needed distraction from the doom and gloom on the airwaves and social media, as well as to give the industry and performers a new way to promote their brands and have fun and connect with people at the same time.

All episode streams are broadcasted live on TwitterPeriscope,YouTube, and Facebook with the tag @EXXXOTICA, and episodes are archived and can be viewed at

With the recent completion of its second week of broadcasting, guests have included adult icons and performers such as Tera Patrick, Brandi Love, Sara Jay, Reya Sunshine, Evan Stone, RubberDoll, sexpert Tyomi Morgan, cannabis activist N.A. Poe, BJ McNaughty, and other great guests. Themed shows such as The Vault included a rarely-seen broadcast of the 2013 EXXXOTICA Fan Choice Awards, as well as shows such as “Spotlight,” “Fork You,” “Social Distancing,” “Hot Yoga,” “Wake & Bake,” “Kinky Confessions” and the “Happy Hour-ish.”

Performers, industry insiders and companies wishing to be considered for future broadcasts are urged to contact

Tune in over the upcoming days, weeks and months and check out –What could possibly go wrong?

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Apoptygma Berzerk releases ‘Faceless Fear’ B-sides and rarities collection

SOURCE: Side Line

Barely a week before April 1st Apoptygma Berzerk and Pitch Black Drive Productions  announced the digital release of ‘Faceless Fear – A collection of B-Sides & Rarities’, and today we can all get it on lots of platforms!

The name was indeed in touch with the current state of the world – coincidence or not?! I managed to get some background from the henchman of Stephan Groth, the x-member still pushing various buttons: Per Aksel Lundgreen.

Side-Line: This release, or rather the title, seems very current – something you decided recently due to the corona crisis, or had it been named earlier?

Per Aksel: It’s actually been planned for a long time. Before x-mas I put forward three suggestions for compilation albums to Stephan; the first called ‘Faceless Fear (B-Sides & Rarities)’. We also are more or less finished with the tracklisting for Vol 2: ‘Black Pawn (B-Sides & Rarities)’ and Vol 3: ‘Lidelsens Mening (B-Sides & Rarities)’

S-L: So the ‘Nein Danke EP’ has been postponed then?!

PA: Nope, we just squeezed ‘Faceless Fear’ in between other releases. We’re worked long and hard to FINALLY finish the ‘Nein Danke EP’, and also the remastering and cover for the ‘Rocket Science’ LP release. After that we considered the three compilations, and what better title to start off with than ‘Faceless Fear’ in these corona times when most of the world is in a quarantined standstill? At the same time it’s good to present something exciting for the Apop fans these days, trying to be a relief from news and social media packed with fear and sad stories about dead music colleagues.

Get the collection on BandcampiTunes or Amazon, and it’s a also available on Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Simfy, Slacker, 7-Digital and other platforms.

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