Next Week Sunday 8/21/2022 on The MKULTRASOUND PodCast: Pete Berwick

Ready for a real storyteller?

PETE BERWICK is a Renaissance man; a professional actor and consummate entertainer with over forty years experience in live performance, film, television, music production, comedy, character acting and improvisation. He has also written four novels, recorded and produced six albums of critically-acclaimed music, and is an amateur boxer. He resided and was a signed recording artist in Nashville, Tennessee in the early 90s and has been credited for being an early pioneer of the musical genre called “Cowpunk.” Over twenty of his songs have been featured in movies and television. Berwick travelled the nation for decades as a solo musical artist, and with his various bands, while in-between tours working in film and television.

Berwick’s very first work in a major television production was in 1993 in HBO’s “Against the Wall,” directed by the legendary John Frankenheimer, in an intense murder scene with Samuel L. Jackson. Since then, he has appeared in over a hundred television programs and films, in music videos and at thousands of venues and stages as an actor, stand-up comedian, a character impersonator, a musical artist, and even as a professional clown, entertaining tens of thousands of kids at festivals, schools, and private events. For two years he seamlessly performed the role of Johnny Cash in the tribute band Folsom, and also performed hundreds of times throughout the years at various functions and events as Elvis.

In 2017, Berwick appeared on the popular television program “America’s Got Talent” as a character he created, his alter-ego, cornball stand-up comic Toni Baloni.

Pete Berwick is currently in high demand as an actor in the Chicago area, balancing film, theater, and occasional television work, while also travelling coast to coast, and wherever else the acting work takes him. And with over 100 IMDb film and television credits, and decades of experience and work under his sixty-two-years-of-age grizzled belt, he claims to be only beginning. “An actor never stops learning and growing,” says Pete. “One must remain obsessed and passionate. There is always one more book to read, one more movie to study, one more film or play or TV show to prepare for, one more beer to drink…But seriously–no, seriously. I especially meant that. One more beer to drink.

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Reminiscent of the past with cold, dark guitars, deep bass lines, driving drum beats and haunting vocals- Violent Eden is composed of Michael X. Christian as main instrumentalist/lead guitarist and Maladie Catharsis as lyricist/vocalist.

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NEW label sampler: Projekt2022

Projekt is keeping busy in 2022! With more than 50 stellar releases this year, we understand if you’ve missed a few. PROJEKT2022 brings together 14 tracks, some excerpted for your playlisting needs. Primarily from the label’s ambient side with a touch of ethereal darkwave too, these sonic worlds tempt the listener towards dream and contemplation.

Discover the latest from veteran synthesist and ambient composer Steve Roach as well as the re-issue of a legendary 1981 cosmic classic from Michael Stearns. Beautifully introspective guitar-based electronic from Erik Wøllo soothes the soul. New to the label is Peter Phippen; his mystical flute music channels ancient voices. Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s string-laden emotive whirlwind complements Paulina Fae’s sensual dreampop; and there’s more including our two Australians theAdelaidean and Deepspace, Arizona’s Serena Gabriel working with Steve Roach! Italians jarguna and Lorenzo Montanà invite you to dreamlike realms, and Europe’s Alio Die & Dirk Serries create liquid soundscapes of sonic beauty. California’s Forrest Fang mixes western and eastern influences on a deep sonic dive.

Explore all this expressive music from Projekt’s artists and find something new. 

Track Listing 
1 Steve Roach • What remains (excerpt)
2 Michael Stearns • As the earth kissed the moon (excerpt)
3 Erik Wøllo • Inversion, part 5
4 Forrest Fang • In air, it seems
5 Lorenzo Montanà • Between worlds
6 Jarguna • Neogene
7 Alio Die / Dirk Serries • Without the light of the sky, time is lost (excerpt)
8 Peter Phippen / Rahbi Crawford / Ivar Lunde Jr. • Triangulum (radio edit)
9 Black Tape For A Blue Girl • To touch the milky way (2021 version – instrumental mix)
10 Paulina Fae • Glow
11 Serena Gabriel (featuring Steve Roach) • Song of sending (excerpt)
12 Deepspace • Leaving earth (excerpt)
13 theAdelaidean • Against all expectations / nothing but itself (excerpt)
14 Steve Roach / Michael Stearns • Impelled (excerpt)

Label Bio
39-year-old Portland-based Projekt Records is home to artists in the electronic, ambient, space music & ethereal genres. Classic artists Steve Roach, Erik Wøllo, Michael Stearns, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Thanatos, Peter Phippen & Forrest Fang are joined by new-comers Jarguna, Deepspace, theAdelaidean, Paulina Fae, Lorenzo Montaná and Eila Star. With over 89 million tracks streamed in 2021, the label flourishes with bi-weekly releases of new and classic titles. Surviving throughout the decades where so many others perished, Projekt continues to nurture the careers of its select roster of artists. 

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Message from Curse:

I am very happy to reveal to you the details of my new album IMMORAL EMPORIUMand my new video for the first single “LACERATIONS”.

 This ten-song album (available on vinyl, CD and digital) is coming out on Sept 9, 2022 on the Negative Gain Productions label.  A European edition will also be available through YoungAndCold Records in Germany. 

This album was created over the last two years during COVID under a lot of stress and personal duress. I am extremely proud of the work Chase Dobson and I created and that we never gave up despite some hard times. Truly the hardest record I have made. 

I really hope that you find some time to listen to it LOUD!  This album was made for all of us, we all experienced some tragedy, struggles and uncertainty in the last two and half years.   I miss you. Thank you for reading this. Exciting times to come! 




 I appreciate you reading this and REALLY look forward to seeing you at a show. I can’t wait to share all of the new album with you and the new live show.  Please keep in touch….i’d love to hear from you.  Thank you so much! 
Beast Witches,

Tarantula, Texas
August 09, 2022

PS: Please check out my Patreon page for more unseen and unreleased content. This is the best way to help, support and interact with me:

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Darkwave Duo, Male Tears Addresses Nightlife Hypocrisy & Abuse With New Single

California darkwave duo, Male Tears has just unveiled their latest single, “Deal3r”. The song plays into the themes of an upcoming record that speaks on the abuse and hypocrisy of city night life.

“Deal3r” tells the story of the ultimate example of “style over substance.” It’s the tale of an important person; a “legend” embraced by the “scene” But beneath the “image” and artistic craft, lies an individual empty and shallow; a hypocrite and drug dealer whose true identity was hidden under the skin of the community. 

The song is intended to be an aggressive dance-pop track pulling from darkwave and EBM influences. Filtered through the lens of 90’s pastiche and acid house, “Deal3r” is a departure from the band’s established 80’s new wave sound.

“Deal3r” is available NOW on all streaming platforms including Bandcamp.

Buy/Stream Male Tears Now Via Bandcamp

Male Tears was formed by American electro artist, James Edward in late 2019. Based in Los Angeles, Edward describes Male Tears as “the result of a goth’s love affair with 1980’s new wave” and a pop experiment flirting with themes of morbidity, sexuality and self-destruction. The project debuted with a self-titled album in February of 2021. Frank Shark joined the project in 2021 and the project released their second album, Trauma Club in December of the same year.

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Post-Punk Artist Daniel Ouellette Brings Life To A Haunted House With New Album

Post-Punk artist Daniel Ouellette has just unveiled his new full-length LP, El Salon (A Happy Home Is A Haunted Home).

El Salon is a post-punk, synth-pop, new wave concept album that sings of the pleasures and difficulties of life within the setting of a haunted house. The album is also multi-lingual. Daniel will sing to you in Spanish about a werewolf, in English about a Ouija board, in Portuguese about a haunted house and in French about bats at Christmas time.

The title of the album, El Salón has multiple meanings. In Spanish it can reference a classroom, an art studio, a living room and of course, a salon. Daniel Ouellette says, “The best place I have learned to speak is in living rooms with loved ones who speak Spanish and this the title is in honor of my mates, my loved ones to whom I speak Spanish.”

The album’s subtitle pulls the concept of the album together.  Should our protagonist buy a house that may be haunted? Each song tells a tale of joy or horror; what a home can be. Maybe some of us never want to leave our homes and others need to run. Or should we dance around our living room perhaps like a specter?

About the style and process of the album…
“The musical style that I wanted was a bit of a soft, warm synthpop approach. The first song comes in lyrically and musically right at you, but from there I was wanting to entice with softer tones and warmer singing than perhaps in some past recordings.

Almost of these songs were written by recording the percussion patterns and vocals and then adding the synth/keyboard parts after. This is a very back to haunted home for me because I had been working with musical instruments like strings, guitar, bass, accordion, etc. I wanted the beauty of simplicity.”
– Daniel Ouellette
Buy/Stream Daniel Ouellette NOW
Daniel Ouellette – originally from Massachusetts, now residing in Maryland) delivers an experiential tour de force that fuses the musical traditions that incorporate an eclectic mélange of music, projected visuals, and props. His high-energy shows blend playful performance art with true musical talent in an engaging “you had to be there” style.
Whether performing solo or with his musical acts the Shobijin and The Countess Zaleska (with Deirdre McClaren) across the U.S., Canada, and Spain, Daniel delights audiences as a chanteur in a multilingual enchantment of interactive energy that draws from such styles as new wave, techno-pop, world music, and art pop. He may sing to you in Spanish about a werewolf or in English about a Ouija board; perhaps in Portuguese about a haunted house or croon about bats at Christmastime in French!
He is an eleven-time winner of the Elephant Talk Indie Music magazine music awards, Atlantic City, NJ; named in top 10 best of the year several times from The Noise – Rock Around Boston, Boston, MA and honored with a halo for best in year from The Valley Advocate, Northampton, MA. He’s been featured in stories and on podcasts by Metronome magazine, Boston, MA, Voyage Baltimore magazine, Hello From Earth podcast, MA and Stagecraft ft. Don Zientara and Alex Vidales podcast, DC, to name a few places to have found him.
Daniel’s latest release El salón (A Happy Home is a Haunted Home) will be released on July 7, 2022 on Meanie Jeannie Records. It features a divine list of talented guests: Jenny Rae Mettee on synths and vocals from Baltimore’s Fun Never StartsJason Mendleson from Virginia on synths and Pam Ant from Burlington, VT with vocals.  Daniel again works with the multi-talented Elizabeth Lorrey and Peter Linnane (Patch Hill Audio) on engineering, mixing, and mastering. Grab a copy! Come to a show! Let’s dance and have a Halloween party anytime!”
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