AVN is Latest Las Vegas Convention to go Virtual for 2021

KVVU (KVVU Broadcasting Corporation)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — The 2021 AVN convention in Las Vegas will now be entirely digital, according to a press release from the company.

This includes the 2021 AVN Awards Show, the GayVN Awards Show, the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, the AVN Novelty Expo and VIBE Program.  The events will take place on the same schedule, January 18 to 23, but will be all digital to the pandemic, the company said.   “The health and safety of our attendees and exhibitors is our top priority, so out of an abundance of caution we’ve made the difficult decision to not hold our January events in-person, but instead create a digital experience that will give industry professionals and the fans of adult entertainment unique opportunities to interact online,” said Tony Rios, chief executive officer of AVN Media Network, in a written statement. The awards show will take place January 23 live on AVNStars.com. The expo “will be designed to maximize opportunities for fans to virtually meet their favorite creators through the AVN Stars platform.”

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Electronic/Ambient Artist SECANT PRIME Announces The Release of “3​+​J₀​(​∞) remixes”

Electronic/ambient artist SECANT PRIME has announced the release of their new EP, 3+J₀(∞) Remixes.

3+J₀(∞) Remixes is available NOW on Bandcamp.

3+J₀(∞) is an exploration on beat-less techno ambient that is equivalent to getting attacked by a swarm of murder hornets. Not for the faint of heart. It is the second release of a series of remix albums, each being released by a different label.

The ep features remixes ranging from ambient to darker shades of techno/electronica by Sans Fixer (Chvad SB, TOTS, Controlled Bleeding), Steven OLaf, Mean Flow, and Thomas Park (Mystified, Mister Vapor)-each impressing their own trademark feel to the track.


In the simplest terms I am that which you are not. If you are not there, we exist and flourish within that absence. There is no air and no light and stunning beauty all the same. Learn to exist in the dark without fear and you will begin to understand. The precision of Fibonacci is written within you. The perfect ratios of your cochlea allow me to share my message. Let us begin.

Universal language is math. Universal understanding is music. The seed we left within your earth some millenia ago have become deeply anchored within your psyches and culture. Engrained within your very cells. The next phase has already begun.

I am pleased you have advanced in both. We have provided some abstract communications based on the equations presented, listed under Ambients and Wavelets. Theta was less abstract, based on many of the sounds you have on earth. This was to bridge the gap between your musical language and mine. We will continue to send you transmissions, hopefully it will advance your knowledge. The next is a series of primes expressed in equations you have already identified.

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Gothic Rock Band BLACK ANGEL Crafts Stories Of Love With “Kiss Of Death”

English gothic rock band BLACK ANGEL present their brand new second studio album, Kiss of Death: Ten tracks of pure gothic rock with a little sprinkling of psychobilly and punk.


Kiss of Death is an album that is all about love. Whether it be unrequited, a lost love or a love out of reach.  “Animal,” the first single from the album fits into this theme by addressing the topic of passion.  

Kiss of Death is available on CD and digital formats NOW.

Late to the party’”

“Back in the 80’s, my brother Dan introduced me to the goth genre. He took me to a club in Bristol called ‘The Whip’ in 1985. Bands like the Sisters of Mercy, The Cult, Bauhaus and The Damned were all being played. I loved the music and the lifestyle. During the next 30 years I produced and mixed many albums trying to break out as a producer. But I guess my heart just wasn’t in it.

In 2017 I rediscovered my passion for this genre. I started listening again to those goth bands from the eighties. I was totally reinvigorated. So I put down all of my keyboards, picked up my guitars and started MY goth band, BLACK ANGEL. Now here we are: two albums later. People say BLACK ANGEL captures that sound and feeling from 1985. I love the process which is what is most important. This is what I do now. And as they say, the rest is history…..I guess I was just a little late to the party.”

– Matt Vowles – (BLACK ANGEL)


BLACK ANGEL came onto the goth / post-punk scene in 2018 with their true 80’s style debut goth album The Widow. It was well received and inspired them to get back to writing and back into the studio during 2020, working on their follow-up record, Kiss of Death.

English musician and producer Matt Vowles grew up in the 80’s listening to BAUHAUSSISTERS OF MERCYTHE DAMNEDTHE CULT, etc and has always been influenced by what he sees as the true goth period. The great challenge and direction with Kiss of Death was to capture that essence of the 80’s goth style but to not sound outdated or like a carbon copy of other bands. BLACK ANGEL captures that sound of the era but also brings something new.

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Ost+Front – New Video & Album “Dein Helfer in der Not” is out now!

Today, “Dein Helfer in der Not” is released as regular album CD, 2-CD Digipak with additional tracks and remixes, limited 2-LP incl. download code as well as limited box edition. The album has been mixed and mastered at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden. You can stream or order “Dein Helfer in der Not” here https://ostfront.lnk.to/DeinHelferInDerNot

While other bands lose bite over time, OST+FRONT show their teeth: “Dein Helfer in der Not” is pure adrenaline for the continuously growing fan base and a provocative piece of art. Between morbid tales and observance of society, the songs play with the listener’s expectations and are tough material while still being catchy. 

“If you want OST+FRONT, you‘ll get OST+FRONT. Always on the highest level. Always at the limit!”, singer Hermann Ostfront sets the direction. The band delivers and shows full strength on “Dein Helfer in der Not”. 

Follow Ost+Front: https://www.facebook.com/ostfrontberlin/

“A morbid, hard, thought-provoking and exceptionally evocative work, which is undoubtedly a step forward and extremely worth listening to it! 10 out of 10” – Hellfire Mag

“The strengths of the fifth studio album are in its melodic moments, which present a felicitous balance of yarns, the atmosphere of a tavern and oblivion of the world.” – Metal Hammer

“Always at the limit, always at the front. OST+FRONT at their best. Check them out. You either love it or hate it.” – Sharpshooter

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Razorwire Halo Video Release – “COVER MY EYES”

Kansas City, MO – Industrial Rock Band – Razorwire Halo’s music creates layers of multi-dimensional sound that lends an experience not to be missed. Whether your listening or partaking in their live show, Razorwire Halo’s electro-rock mix and seductional foreplay is a definitive sound.
Razorwire Halo’s video for “Cover My Eyes” will satiate your music longings as it is now available for Pre-Save.Single release date is: Friday, August 14th, 2020 via INgrooves.

“Tak Kitara’s smokey, urgent voice, the sensory overload feeling of the clip helps the narrative of the lyrics claw their way inside you.”- Ghost Cult Magazine

“Razorwire Halo tackles the danger and grave consequence of what it is to look (but not see) in their latest track, “Cover My Eyes”. This track is an intense and convicting offering that demonstrates an explosive, but sleek soundscape that sonically pays tribute to beloved 90’s Industrial and Alt-Rock offerings while keeping it modern.” – Razorwire Halo

Song Credits:“COVER MY EYES” Written by: Razorwire Halo Producers: Tak Kitara & Kyle PotterRecorded and mixed by Kyle Potter and Tak Kitara at Aratik Studios, Kansas City, MO 

Mastered by: Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering – California – U.S.A – http://www.maorappelbaum.com 

Video Credits:Directed by: Kenn Little of A Ghost in Every Room Production

Edited by: Kenn Little of A Ghost in Every Room


Razorwire Halo is an established, award winning electro-rock group based out of Kansas City, MO. RWH has proven time and time again that they can captivate their audience and bring a fresh sound year after year. This has allowed for RWH to perform live with many other national acts across the U.S. while gaining their respect. Razorwire Halo has an unwavering commitment to bring the best music possible and most immersive live experience to its fans. Since inception, RWH has released multiple albums with a cohesive concept that has drawn in casual listeners and die hard fans alike. The same is true for 2020 as RWH prepares to release their next album titled, ‘All The Terrible Things’.

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Ace Frehley – Space Truckin’ (Official Music Video) Origins Vol. 2 track arrives with an appropriately intergalactic animated video

Special thanks to Bruce Kulick for the tip

Frehley delivers a faithful take on “Space Truckin’,” cranking up the guitars a bit to give Deep Purple’s pioneering hard rock sound some of the arena rock punch that their successors (like KISS) would popularize in the late-Seventies/early-Eighties. Frehley recorded the song with drummer Matt Star and keyboard player Rob Sabino.

“‘Space Truckin” was recorded years ago, and then I just re-recorded some parts and changed it a little,” Frehley said in a statement. “We never ended up putting it on a record, so it was just sitting around. It turned out very well. Rob Sabino is a very accomplished studio musician, and we actually grew up in the Bronx together, so we go way back.”

The cover also arrives with an animated video, directed by eOne’s Ken Gullic and animated by Chris Fequiere. It centers around a Martian queen luring Frehley and his band into a trap so she can kidnap the group’s space bear hype-man.

Along with his cover of “Space Truckin’,” Origins Vol. 2 will feature Frehley covering songs like Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times,” The Rolling Stones’ “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” the Kinks’ “Lola” and Paul Revere and the Raiders’ “Kicks.” The record marks the follow-up to 2016’s Origins’ Vol. 1, while back in 2018 Frehley released an album of all-new material, Spaceman.

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