CD Review: I LOVE RICH “Season of the Rich”

Season of the Rich

The boys are back and the timing couldn’t be more perfect, or deliberate. Hmm, so let’s add it up shall we.
20 years since the last new Ace Frehley release, and his new platter arrived on earth last month.
11 years since the last new KISS release, and their most recent offering hit the streets 2 weeks before this writing.
5 years since I LOVE RICH unleashed “King of Rock n Roll upon it’s eager legion of fans the day of this writing, Oct. 16, 2009
Now here we are, in the final quarter of 2009 and KISS has done their best attempt to remain true to their roots, or should we say balls, which they left somewhere back in 1981.
Ace got sober and has delivered his trademark guitar and songs about outer space, a couple of instrumentals, and with a dandy cover of Fox on the Run.
And then their our beloved I LOVE RICH, and in the 11 years I’ve been familiar with them the only thing about their formula, which was perfect over a decade ago, that has changed has been a few guitar players. That aside, this band rocks harder than their forefathers and the sound has remained consistent.
Fear not, the line up is the same and as solid as it was in ’04. And though they’ve tested these songs in their shows over the last few years, they haven’t actually given us anything new to pump our fists or loved ones to at home or in the car. (note: doesn’t have to actually be a “loved” one) That is until now, “The Season of the Rich” is a 5 song CD of pure sonic Viagra. In fact, if the singer wasn’t so convinced he was so damned awesome, and he is, they may could have actually gotten away with naming this album exactly that.
The disc kicks off with “Lets Fuck All Night” which begins with the trademark twin guitar attack, and the song is well about, “fucking all night”. And unlike every other band out there that saves things such as the all important drum solo for the middle of the record, ILR land a hearty one-two punch with a drum solo in the middle of the first song. Giving you a clue what you’re in for over the 30 minute ride.
Next up is my favorite song “I’m Only Here Because Your Sister Said No”, which isn’t only a fun, tongue not in cheek, misogynistic confession, but also has the best line of any rock song I’ve heard in years. “I hate every bone in your body but mine.” OUCH! Seriously though, the song is seriously funny.
“Everybody’s Getting Laid Tonight” which is sure to be a crowd pleaser live and is the longest song on the disc, coming in at just over 6 minutes, gives everyone a chance to join in the chorus.
On the forth track I’m almost convinced the singer/songwriter has a heart. (His heart being a little bit lower in his mid region than the rest of us humans mind you) Please don’t get me wrong there are no sappy ballads here, these guys are too much about rock n roll for that, but on “I’ll Be Around” Rich is offering his booty call services when he declares, “Cause when you feel alone, and don’t wanna’ be let down, just call my name, yeah, and I’ll be around”. And it’s notable to point out that the music stylings of this number is a departure from the riffs that have made ILR the supreme rock gods that they have been. A refreshing departure at that. This is their “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, and it’s about time.
The fifth and final song is the new rock anthem and over the years I LOVE RICH have succeeded in recording many. “Rise Up For Rock n Roll” is their latest, boasting “Sometimes you lose control, when we play our rock n roll, yeah we’re you’re favorite band, now follow our command.” Rich does his best Paul Stanley since, well, the last album, and that’s fine w/ me and it’s obviously fine w/ the fans.
If I had to sum up “Season of the Rich” in one line it would be this. Five songs that are full of non-stop fun filled sing a long anthems, loaded with catchy guitar riffs, sizzling leads, a solid true rock back beat celebrating all things Sex, Rich, and Rock n’ Roll.
After 5 years, this release shouldn’t be considered a comeback, because these boys never went away, but it will keep the listeners coming back for more.
And in the opinion of this writer, after 11 years, ILR remain the most entertaining rock band in the Chicago region.
RICH: Vox/bass
Dreblood: Drums/b vox/ percussion
Chuck E. Sleeze: Guitars/b vox
Full Throttle: Guitars/b vox
“Season of the Rich”  was recorded and engineered by Andy Gerber and mastered by Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering; Chicago, IL

– Alex Zander MK MAGAZINE

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