MY RUIN — the Los Angeles based rock duo featuring lead screamer Tairrie B and husband/guitarist Mick Murphy have inked a new deal with Tiefdruck-Musik and is set to begin the recording of their sixth full-length studio album, ‘Ghosts and Good Stories’ this month with an expected release of early 2010.

Tiefdruck-Musik founder Daniel Heerdmann said: “Tairrie and Mick are two of the most talented and inspiring musicians I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Tairrie’s authentic lyrics and her unique singing style scream ‘integrity’ with every syllable she delivers, while Mick’s songwriting abilities, his production skills, resulting in albums like ‘The Brutal Language’  and  ‘Throat Full Of Heart’ deserves my deepest respect. Tiefdruck-Musik feels very blessed to have the chance to work with MY RUIN and we are sure the new recordings will result in a monster of a metal album we have not experienced before.”

According to vocalist Tairrie B “Mick and I have been together for almost a decade and we’ve basically put our band first the whole time. These last 3 years in particular were pretty crazy and personally hard on me. I got into a serious car accident in late 2006 on the eve of recording our last full length album ‘Throat full of Heart’ but found myself quickly back in the studio recording while I was still in the middle of my surgeries and recovering. Not long after we were on the road again and releasing our first live album/DVD ‘Alive On the Other Side’. It’s been non stop for us for so long that after we were married last Christmas Eve in Knoxville, Tennessee we decided to take some time off from our band to celebrate just being husband & wife but as usual soon we found ourselves writing again and all of a sudden we had a new album ready to be recorded and a new label wanting to work with us. Everything has come together naturally and we’re excited about this next chapter of MY RUIN. We’re a DIY band and always will be but were looking forward to working with our new label manager Daniel Heerdmann and Tiefdruck-Musik in 2010 as well as Sharon Richardson and Factory Music Management and Agency LTD in the UK who have also become a part of our new team and both have some great ideas for our next release. “I am extremely pleased to welcome MY RUIN onto the Factory Music roster and into our family we look forward to working together” said Sharon Richardson.

“MY RUIN has always had a revolving rhythm section and an interesting cast of characters both live and in the studio, including 4 bass players and 6 drummers. While some were with us longer than others becoming a real part of our lives, most did not play on our albums and were just hired to tour with us” said Tairrie. The idea of MY RUIN began as a project in which Tairrie planned to work with various musicians in the studio and on the stage, something that would always be changing. It has been like this on every recording with the exception of Mick who has been a constant as MY RUIN guitarist, co-writer, producer and Tairrie’s real life partner for the last 9 1/2 years. With their new album MY RUIN has come full circle deciding to keep it just the two for the new recordings which see Mick Murphy not only producing once again and playing guitar but also handling the bass & drum duties as he did on the bands 2005 release of ‘The Brutal Language’.

“Our new album will be a testament to our strength as a band and the devotion we share to the music we have continued to create together against all odds and outside forces. We all have regrets and mistakes we have made trusting and believing in something or someone and ghosts of our past that haunt us but we also have passion for what we love and love lasts. Ironically, at this same time last October I could never have imagined we would write this album which is by far, the most honest and heartfelt album of our career. I definitely have some good stories to tell and there will be some serious heavy metal rock & roll thunder underneath them as well” said Tairrie.
In addition to launching her first online blog @ where according to Tairrie you will find her random fashion, music, art & outspoken political related musings; the sharp tongue of MY RUIN  has also launched her first online store this past year @ for her trademark ‘BGD’ line of covet worthy sacred adornments and one of a kind custom made jewelry & deconstructed clothing designs in which she has recently debuted her third and final collection of 2009. “I’m amazed at how successful my store has become and what a loyal following I have in regards to my designs. I really had no idea it would take off like it did but it’s something I plan to keep putting myself into and developing. I’m a DIY girl from my music to my art and both my store & blog are extensions of my band. I have always been drawn to religious imagery, Catholic icons & reliquary and I enjoy working with found objects and unique vintage materials. I like to think of ‘BGD’ as wearable art for the individual at heart” said Tairrie. Friend and vocalist Rhiis Lopez of the Philosophy-Metal band ANA KEFR has created a third and new commercial for ‘BGD’ to celebrate the latest collection launch which can be seen here:
MY RUIN @ MySpace:

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