TMZ Doesn’t Know ASS! (Jimmy Mofo Rolls In His Grave)

and MOFO isn’t even dead – az

Dale Jarrett — AssCar Champion

Originally posted May 22nd 2010 12:27 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

NASCAR legend Dale Jarrett took a pit stop in Vegas this week, where he proved one very important point — hot chicks dig speed.

Our friends at shot a pic of the racing legend posed up with a fan.

Eat your heart out, Ricky Bobby.


I hate TMZ that pathetic website and TV show that are hellbent on ruining celebs lives and thinks the whole world should be rail thin. Here is an example of what they consider a nice ass. Oops TMZ, but WHAT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has no ass of which to speak of whatsoever. So, please, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Lately they’ve been bashing Lindsay Lohan for partying even more than they did w/ Paris and Britney. I’m sorry but the show business I know, especially in the music world, partying is part of the job description. Though not everyone agrees with me, and I am well aware of that, I, myself admire a little decadence and debauchery in my rock n roll.

Lindsay is going to kick ass in “MACHETE”, and I believe she is perfect to portray Linda Lovelace in the upcoming bio pic “INFERNO”. I’m sure that TMZ thinks LL has a nice ass, and though she may have more than the flatass boy butt pictured above, Lindsay could use a little Kardashian in her jeans. Or a lot if it were up to me.

TMZ Doesn’t Know ASS ! And that’s my point (of view).

Here TMZ this is what a WOMANS butt looks like (smaller version of the variety). There I said it – az

photo by az

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