NEW: “Machete” – Red Band Trailer / Lohan ‘Was Awesome’ On The Set Of ‘Machete,’ Robert Rodriguez Says

The latest red band trailer for “Machete” features gore, guns and naked babes.

There are a lot of things that can be said about the directing style of Robert Rodriguez since his start with El Mariachi back in 1992. His style may have changed drastically to accommodate to many films, but one thing is for sure, he has always stayed away from the cheap MTV-style fast cuts and hokey editing tricks. The newest red band trailer for Machete could mean that he’s thrown that rule out the window.

The trailer comes as a treat to those who made it out to Comic-Con this year, and now those who didn’t. It’s also a red band in every sense of the word. You get plenty of swearing, hyper violence, and nudity. Also? A few great lines from De Niro and Segal, which almost makes it all worth it.

The trailer is hyper-stylized, with plenty of stutter cuts and can make you a bit nauseous if you’re trying to follow what’s going on. We’ve said enough, though.
Check the trailer out for yourself, courtesy of the cats at IGN, after the jump, and catch Rodriguez’s Machete in theaters September 3rd.

See it here:!
Lindsay Lohan has certainly seen better days, currently making headlines for her legal woes that have led her to a three month prison sentence. But despite what you may be reading about her these days, Lohan’s reputation isn’t soured in everybody’s book — certainly not amongst the “Machete” cast and crew.

“She was awesome,” co-director Robert Rodriguez told MTV News of Lohan’s behavior on the “Machete” set. “She was really fun to work with, and we just recorded her dialogue a few days back.”

“I’ve known Lindsay since she was about fourteen or fifteen years old,” added Danny Trejo, the film’s iconic star. “She was great. She was glad to be there. She worked and was professional. She did really, really well.”

Lohan’s casting in “Machete” isn’t exactly the most obvious fit, given that her resume mostly consists of family fare and comedic material. But Rodriguez said that “Machete” moviegoers will understand why Lohan was selected for her role once they see the film.

“I showed a poster of her as a nun with a gun. Sold!” the filmmaker exclaimed. “Her character has a really good arc, so that surprises people. You’ll see it and you’ll go, ‘Oh, I see why they chose Lindsay to play this part.’ Then you’ll see by the end, ‘Wow, that turned into someone else completely.'”

Indeed, one of Rodriguez’s goals in filming “Machete” was to create various iconic characters that can stand on their own in spinoff films beyond Trejo’s titular character.

“Everyone sort of becomes this iconic character that could go off and be in their own movie. That’s what I wanted — for everyone to be as iconic as Machete,” he said. “It could spin off into six directions!”

Lindsay Lohan as a nun with a gun in her own action movie? That sounds like something to look forward to once the actress returns home from prison.

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