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Devo have premiered their brand new interactive video for the track, “What We Do” from their first studio album in nearly two decades, Something For Everybody.

This truly groundbreaking video was directed by DEVO’s own Gerald Casale along with Kii Arens and Jason Trucco and features the members of DEVO along with a cast of characters.

What makes the short film so unique is that the viewer has the option to scan the entire 360 degrees of the video viewing field to allow control of any focal point or character one chooses.

At various intervals during the action, various characters will come into play performing a task or wearing a piece of DEVO merchandise. By clicking on the article, the viewer can directly access the Official DEVO Store and immediately purchase merchandise featured in the film. This level of user-friendly video technology is a first and DEVO are the perfect creative entity to introduce this visually compelling fan-centric medium to an awaiting world.

Devo founding member and video co-creator Casale explains: “The user/viewer is the director in this video. They decide what to see and when to see it in real time. They will be able to navigate and save a version of what they think others should see. It’s like having a vote in Devo’s creative process. It’s truly interactive.”

“What We Do” made its world premier on for 24 hours starting yesterday.

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