Erotic Novel for Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s Sam Rosenthal

Source: Side-Line Music Magazine
Brooklyn-based musician Sam Rosenthal (Black Tape For A Blue Girl) has relaunched his writer’s career, this time with an erotic novel. Out now is “Rye”, his second novel after debuting in 1996 with “The first pain to linger” (sold out and nowhere to be found ever since).

The plot goes something like this: “40-year-old video artist and father Matt is seeing Rye, a willful and free androgynous thirty-one-year-old school teacher. Attracted to Matt’s kinkiness and groundedness, Rye develops a fetish for his cock and her submission. At a weekend SexxCamp retreat, Matt meets Rain, a snarky twenty-three-year old GenderQueer woman with both an attraction and aversion to sex. The unconventional relationship develops as Matt expands his understanding of his own complexity and desire for connection.”

Note that Rosenthal also added a musical addendum to the book, a good old mixtape which many of us used to impress a girl/boyfriend. “Mix Tape 4 Matt” is a music download which was created by Rye for Matt. Get it for free after the jump. Order “Rye” for Kindle at Amazon or pre-order the signed 268-page paperback at

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