HOLD THE PHONE: Hell Freezes Over! The Electric Hellfire Club to Reunite!

Frozen North Records (via Arctic Music) are extremely honored to announce the signing of The Electric Hellfire Club for the iconic band’s first new album release in over a decade.

The EHC, who has an extensive catalog– including 10 releases on Cleopatra Records over the course of their twenty-plus year career–will release their new studio album, entitled “Tech Noir”, worldwide on FNR. The album will be a conceptual, double-album release, and is currently in pre-production. Further announcements in regards to the album to follow.

Says EHC frontman/vocalist/ringleader Reverend Thomas Thorn: “Tech Noir is the album every EHC fan has imagined might someday come to be: a dark journey heralding a return to the electro roots and musical diversity the band was originally known for. This is our Magnum Opus – a high voltage symphony that will leave no doubt the Black Flame still burns. While forces conspired to tear us apart and I once bitterly declared that Ravensbrück and I would re-unite to write new chapters in the EHC saga only “when Hell freezes over”, that denunciation has become prophecy. That time is now. The spiritual current of arcane energy we call Electric Hellfire is flowing again. Hell has frozen over.”

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