DSN… Media Empire Rises in the Desert!


MALIBU, CA — With the monopoly that multinational corporations have on
mainstream and digital media, we are also seeing a surge in new media
entities offering alternative content sources of entertainment. One outlet
in particular is DSN, an Arizona based multimedia firm, specializing in
traditional broadcasting, streaming, and digital music platforms. DSN is
an acronym for the Digital Syndicate Network, which was founded in 2001 by
Chicago bred Guy Giuliano, better known as “The G-Man” or “G-Ster” by his
old radio handle.



Starting in his late teens, Giuliano broke into the Chicago radio scene,
as a controversial figure spawned from the old Steve Dahl show, and later
hard rock radio showman. Joining forces with the late veteran radio
personality Wild Bill Scott, with in your face radio formats such as
Z-Rock and G-Force.



Later, Giuliano would move on with several successful radio endeavors out
west in markets such as Phoenix, and Las Vegas. In the mid 1990’s he
launched a internet radio service, just as online radio was in its
infancy. He created several popular formats such as BombRadio, and the
popular Alternative/Metal network LoudRadio, which featured former
Z-Rocker and longtime friend Madd Maxx Hammer.



His company was purchased by a dot com consortium who morphed into the
eMusic Corporation, one of the first digital download music services in
the world. Giuliano joined the management team for several years, until
the firm was gobbled up by the Universal Music Group, in which he cashed
out, and headed to the red rocks of Arizona to form DSN.



Witnessing first hand the digital music revolution, and the fall of years
of corporate record label supremacy, Giuliano was ready to launch his own
music service, specializing in emerging artists. DSN Music was launched as
one of the first ever digital music labels, opening the doors to a
multitude of starving artists looking for a new platform to promote their



Returning to his roots in radio broadcasting, Giuliano launched another
spinoff with DSN Radio, a hybrid of traditional AM/FM radio stations, and
digital online streaming formats.



After the economic collapse in 2008, which saw the death and mergers of
hundreds of music industry outlets, DSN survived and actually grew due to
established artists looking for new outlets.

Sitting on the patio of his beach house in Malibu California, Giuliano
still projects his down to earth Chicago side, while pointing out his take
on the label’s success, “DSN has become the Ellis Island of
disenfranchised musicians, and that is very flattering and humbling at the
same time.”



DSN Music overall looks mainstream with artists ranging from Heavy Metal
icons such as Omen, Urban acts such as Thomas Troutman (of Zapp), and even
comedy projects, however the digital label is purely a niche play



At press time, DSN just acquired independent label 13 Music, and yet
another radio station to it’s stable, as the empire continues to rise, and
Chicago gives props to it’s homegrown son.

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