Lords of Acid see ‘Voodoo-U’ reissued with lots of bonus tracks on CD and double vinyl


While we are not sure if this article will pass Facebook’s strict religious guidelines as far as the delicious artwork is concerned, it’s something that will interest many readers! “Voodoo-U“, the second album from Belgian electronic band Lords of Acid was released in 1994. Lyrically the band maintained its outrageous, sex-and-drugs theme but the band moved from the acid house/rave sounds of the predecessor “Lust” to a heavier, industrial music style.


Available now is a special remastered band edition which features lots of bonus tracks selected from B-sides from the album’s chart-breaking hit-singles.


The re-edition is available on CD format and also as a double vinyl edition; both formats can be ordered right here: www.stormingthebase.com/lords-of-acid-voodoo-u-remastered-band-edition-2lp-vinyl/#oid=1002_2

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