THE DAMNED: ‘Black Is The Night’ Greatest-Hits Collection To Include New Song


The greatest surviving British punk band THE DAMNED will release its most comprehensive collection of songs yet with a new greatest-hits LP, due on November 1 via BMG. The career-spanning best-of album includes an expansive 39-song tracklist curated by the bandmembers themselves, including the brand new single “Black Is The Night”.


They chose designer Phil Smee to create the gothic artwork. Smee has worked with the band numerous times throughout their long-lasting career as well created legendary designs for MOTÖRHEAD, Elton John and MADNESS, among plenty of others.


Smee commented: “I loved working with the band back in the ’80s and I like to think we came up with some iconic designs. Certainly, I see the many DAMNED logos I came up with still used on t-shirts to this day.


“I’ve not cut corners with this new album, even setting all the sleeve copy by hand, which took me back to ‘The Black Album’ which I hand-lettered with a shaky pen.


“THE DAMNED are a totally unique band, I’ve always loved everything they’ve done. I still get excited about every design project that comes along, but I was particularly pleased to be asked to work on THE DAMNED’s ‘Black Is The Night’ album.”


THE DAMNED will play a special immersive theatrical show on October 28 at The Palladium, partnered with Hammer House Of Horror, which has sold out. Titled “A Night Of A Thousand Vampires”, the evening will blend THE DAMNED’s love of horror with a punk rock show that also features cabaret and supporting cast from the Circus Of Horrors.


“Black Is The Night: The Definitive Anthology” track listing:


01. Love Song
02. Wait For The Black Out
03. Generals
04. I Just Can’t Be Happy Today

05. Bad Time For Bonzo
06. Democracy?
07. White Rabbit
08. Antipope
09. Ignite
10. Melody Lee
11. Smash It Up Pt 1 & 2
12. New Rose
13. Neat, Neat, Neat
14. Stretcher Case Baby
15. Sick Of Being Sick
16. Born To Kill
17. Rabid (Over You)
18. Problem Child
19. 1 Of The 2
20. So Messed Up
21. Machine Gun Etiquette
22. Disco Man
23. Fan Club
24. Suicide
25. Eloise
26. Plan 9 Channel 7
27. Grimly Fiendish
28. The Shadow of Love
29. Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
30. Street Of Dreams
31. The History Of The World (Part 1)
32. Curtain Call
33. Alone Again Or
34. Lively Arts
35. Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow
36. Stranger On The Town
37. Fun Factory
38. Under The Floor Again
39. Black Is The Night (brand new track)






David Vanian – Vocals
Captain Sensible – Guitar
Monty Oxy Moron – Keyboard
Pinch – Drums
Paul Gray – Bass

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