This Sunday and Next Weekend on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast: ALEX ZANDER and TOO DARK MARK do Their Maiden Bluetooth PodCast AND Saturday 1/25/2020 MORTIIS


As our videographer Cassie Balazic is editing the latest show and a best of this week Too Dark Mark and Alex Zander will enable the Bluetooth feature of the RodeCaster Pro and do an hour of conversation from the north end of the Mississippi in Chicago to south end in Baton Rouge, thus enabling the future ability to take call ins.

az too dark

MORTIIS Saturday 1/25/2020


MK ULTRA Magazine and MORTIIS go back to 1995 when Alex Zander first interviewed the artist, Håvard Ellefsen, often referred to as Mortiis, is the only constant band member. He was born in Skien, Telemark. Mortiis began his musical career playing bass for the black metal act Emperor. He stayed with the band just over one year before going on to create his own solo project, though unlike his previous band the music would be dark ambient oriented. Ellefsen was experimenting greatly with music during his early solo career. He started four separate projects, though the focus was always on Mortiis.


MK ULTRA was there for his very first US performance at the Expo of the Extreme in 1997 a year before AZ relocated to Chicago. MORTIIS is performing in Chicago at Reggies on Saturday 1/25/2020


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About Alex Zander

Alex Zander resides in Chicago, IL and is the founder and publisher of MK ULTRA Magazine, established 1995. He can also be heard on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast

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