Hanzel und Gretyl “HEXENNACHT” Interview by “Too Dark” Mark Williams

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Hanzel und Gretyl returns with Hexennacht, a bestial feast of mechanized blast beats, earsplitting guitars & shrieks from the very bowels of heLL! With Hexennacht, HuG continue their dark descent into the forest of an imagined Bavarian Halloween, blending black metal themes & aesthetics with industrial strength power.


Surrender to the dark side of the galactic forest & enjoy the evil madness of Hexennacht! calling you to join them in their glorious damnation from an otherworldly vortex.


Includes unlimited streaming of HEXENNACHT via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.


Our old friend Athan Maroulis set us up with this interview to talk about the new album. Before he left for NAMM MKULTRASOUND Exec Producer “Too Dark” Mark Williams took a little time for the following Q&A.


The production seems to evolve with each album. This album seems to be a continuation and evolution from the production style of Satanik Germanik. How has the recording process and production style changed for you through the years?


Vas: Yes, you are correct ! The recording process is always different. This time around I recorded all the vocals on my own at home, which made the process easier and faster. Also, Kaizer had most of the songs recorded before I added vocals. He also updated his studio and did mostly everything like a robot. I am sure he will explain!


Kaizer Von Loopy: The production these days is decidedly metal or black metal but infused with industrial elements! it still relies heavily on programming as opposed to conventional metal style recording. I program as much of the album as I can…drums, guitars, etc..and will have titles for songs ready that I think reflect the overall concept while Vas writes pages of dark lyrics. We will then get together and make the pieces fit…or not fit! whatever sounds kool to our ears!


Will there be a tour for this album? If so, what will the live band be comprised of?


Vas: Even though we are biting at the Chomp like Beasts to tour, we’re just unable to commit to it at this moment. We haven’t toured since a little over 2 years now. Our last tour was in Europe and Russia where we hit the stage hard as a 3 piece, bass, guitar and a drummer! This is how we will operate and tour going forward. It’s a bit strange not to tour, but we’re all gonna have to wait for it. There is no need to be alarmed though, we are all in good health and stamina and ready to rock like beasts when the time comes.


Kaizer Von Loopy: We are currently sidelined by a family care matter but the upside is that we have some time to prepare a live show that we believe will be a marked upgrade when we are ready to tour. I am looking to add a couple more people to the live show to handle technical aspects but to also enhance the visual! That will be determined when the time comes.


Your album art and merch is always top notch and very original. Who does the art and how it evolved?


Vas: Thank you! We’ve been working with our graphic artist and spiritual guru, William Boyd since we met him outside our tour bus in Seattle during the Ministry tour in 2004. He gave us some artwork he did which was killer!! and then disappeared into the night. We later found him and asked him to collaborate art with us and the rest is history! The art process usually starts with a lot of insane conference calls where we discuss what we want and then Will goes off to create the chaos through his vision. It’s a back and forth thing.


Kaizer Von Loopy: As a lifelong obsessed Kraftwerk fan, I’ve always taken note of how they integrated their artist Emil Schult in to the band in some manner and that they were adamant about expressing his importance to the overall product and Will is exactly that!! a remarkable talent and an integral part of the process!! We talk endlessly during the recording process and it can be a very rewarding and symbiotic experience!!


Have you had to change or adjust your artwork (printed: shirts, album art etc) with the change/shift in the overall “sensitivity” of the general public?


Vas: No, we do what we want to do. But, back in the early days we did raise a few eyebrows here and there, but they all eventually understood what HUG is all about! Good Art and Music tends to be provocative in order to be interesting. We haven’t toured in the US now for over 5 years or so. We have no idea what to expect, but I doubt anyone who comes to a HUG show is of a sensitive type. Our fans know better what we’re all about. We’re just out there to be loud and uber!


Kaizer Von Loopy: No, never, When I write songs, I’m almost always thinking of the t-shirt. I’ve said it many times, “I write t-shirts, not songs!” or “I write soundtrack for t-shirts!! ” I don’t think a simply offensive song or t-shirt will sell if it feels like garden variety shock value. I like to think our stuff requires at least some degree of worldly knowledge to consume and is arguably sophisticatedly offensive!! lol


What is the reaction to your overall image and sound in the US vs overseas (ex: Europe)? Do you see a difference in the reception?


VAS: Well, there’s a difference in culture between USA and Europe. In Europe, i believe we’re considered more as a heavy metal dark band and stateside I think we’re just considered industrial. I don’t know, I could be wrong, that’s just my opinion. Hard to tell, everyone has their own ideas. I always feel like i’m in a metal band, but Kaizer and i disagree on this all the time. Viva la difference!! ! Anyways, getting back to the question !! The reception is always different from city to city, but we never fail to attract that special core of insane uber fans! They don’t care if we’re considered metal or industrial, they just want to head bang and destroy ALLES!


Kaizer Von Loopy: There really isn’t a difference! when the place is packed and the crowd is ready for action, it gets insane wherever we are!!


What’s next for HUG?


Vas: We’re trying to get our older CD’s released along with the never heard Oz Factor. It’s been strangely difficult to find the people involved. We’ve been at it for a couple of years now, so not sure if it can legally happen. Besides that, we will celebrate the 25th year since Ausgeflippt was first released in May of 1995! CRAZY how that time flies.


Kaizer Von Loopy: simply preparing for our triumphant return to stage!! We would love to perform a comprehensive history of our entire catalog!! We have three distinct eras stylistically as a band, futuristic in the 90’s, war-faring and propaganda-based in the early 2000’s, and occultist over the last years! We are working on how to articulate all this into a live event for our next tour!!

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