This Sunday March 15th on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast: I Ya Toyah and NEW Co Host Yvette Lera

I Ya Toyah
Yvette Lera

I Ya Toyah is a self produced and self managed one woman army that landed here to spread the disease of music and infect the human race. She’s returning tothe podcast to talk about the PIGFACE Tour, her upcoming tour and recent work with the great TIM SKOLD. We also have the video.

I Ya Toyah landed here to spread the disease of music and infect the human race, announcing the release of Motion video presenting Tim Skold remix of her song.

Motion video presents the dark imagery of life lived by the person disturbed by modern social trends and demanding speed of life. Filmed by Joel Lopez of Lumbra Productions, it encourages a conversation about mental health and the human mind’s vulnerability. The remixer, Skold (Marilyn Manson, KMFDM) put his own twist on the song giving new life to an original version. “I Ya Toyah is one of the very few super exciting things I’ve heard in a long time. Ania is just crazy talented and I hope I get to work with her again at some point”- he stated.

Tim Sköld’s remix of “Motion” is featured on the upcoming Code Blue Reloaded due for release on March 20 in CD and digital formats.

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