NADJIA RELEASES 7 ENDS 13 featuring a guest appearance from Martin Atkins

NADJIA  have released their sixth studio album, 7 Ends 13, a seven-track masterpiece of experimental noise, electronic beats, and sinister, bayou-tinged melodies. NADJIA founder and frontman M (vocals, percussion, synth, samples) is joined on this latest effort by Jeff Filmore (guitar, bass) and Paul Jansen (violin, synth, backing vocals) with a special appearance from Martin Atkins (PIGFACE, MINISTRY, PiL, KILLING JOKE) on select tracks.

7 Ends 13 represents a turning point in NADJIA’s evolution. M’s role as a sound sculptor is enriched by rock sensibility and crisp, expert production values. From the industrial flood and chanting interlude of “Victory or Death” to the New Wave pleasantry of “As It Is” and the gothic lull of “Cambian Todo,” 7 Ends 13 offers a stylistic array that is both eclectic and genuine. Additionally, the band has decided to offer the album free of charge.

“We came back into the studio after an extended hiatus and picked back up where we left off. We wanted to move away from the full-band approach that we had on Angels of Rust. Jeff and I are able to take songs from concept to completion in a more timely fashion. With 7 Ends 13, it marked a big change for us in that we embraced our surroundings in Louisiana more than we have on previous albums. Martin [Atkins] has joined us in the studio several times over the last 10 or so years. We were fortunate to be in the midst of recording when he came through on  a lecture tour. We were ecstatic to come full circle to the track ‘As It As’ from the first album which had used a drum sample of his from the Pigface album Gub,” M said about the album. “We’re also giving our music away from this point forward. In the past, we’ve sold it, then we moved to a cause donation. Now we’re giving it away.”

NADJIA was formed in Northeast Louisiana in 1997 and has recorded six albums to date. Their music is distributed through Bandcamp. You can also find them on YouTube.

The full album can be downloaded here.

For more information, contact Mark Williams at or 225-978-9889.

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