Tomorrow on an All New MKULTRASOUND PodCast: Greg Miner of Sunwheel Psychedelic

Since its inception, Sunwheel Psychedelic has presented an enigmatic face to the listening public.

Showcasing an impressive array of styles and arrangements, this body of music runs deeper than surface emotions and the narrow confines of contemporary culture.

Our mission is the creation, preservation and transmission of eclectic rock music. It is intended for those who prefer creativity to compromise.

We make no concessions to the conventions of popular music, and prefer the cool shade of obscurity to the stagnant pools of commercialism prevalent today.

Ever the iconoclast, Sunwheel Psychedelic sits like a landmine in the musical landscape: unknown, unsuspected—

Ready to explode

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Alex Zander resides in Chicago, IL and is the founder and publisher of MK ULTRA Magazine, established 1995. He can also be heard on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast

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