Darkwave Band STYKFAKTOR Reveals New Single, “Distance” – An Emotional Struggle With Social Distancing

St. Louis-based darkwave act STYKFAKTOR has announced the release of their new single & video, “Distance.”

“Distance” is a song written in the context of social distancing. It is about a broken relationship that has been difficult to repair and the desire to make amends.  It is the time and experience that makes the process of healing even more difficult when all you can do is make a phone call and hope they answer.

“Distance” is about seeing families and friends finding new ways to stay connected in these difficult times. You feel like you’ve moved on to a point at which you can start healing but now…simply cannot. It’s about heartbreak, love, pride, time, accountability, forgiveness…

STYKFAKTOR is a darkwave band from the midwest established in 2001. Featuring elements of dark electro, synthpop, and goth.

A studio project that started out of the ashes of local industrial icons VISIONS OF PASSION & TORTURE by Bassist\Keyboardist “Styk” that quickly evolved into one of St. Louis’s most sought after acts.

After several albums they found themselves opening for high profile groups such as THE HUMAN LEAGUE and TERMINAL BLISS. They were on their way up when tragedy struck in 2004 with the passing of one of the founding members, Jeff Carline. The project was shelved in 2004 with only a few shows to end the year. They wouldn’t be heard from again until 2009 with a new line up, a new album, and a few shows in early 2010.

Fast forward to 2019. Styk is at it again in the studio with a new albums under his belt such as I Feel SyntheticFifteen Winters, and Fallen. Looking to yet another new start, Styk is constantly adapting and attempting new things in the studio. The possibility of live shows is always looming. A new Band? A new Album?

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