Electronic/Alternative Band MAN1K1N Unleash Into The Wounds

Electronic/Alternative band MAN1K1N has announced the release of their new EP, Into The Wounds.  The visualizer for the track “Wounds (Big Time Kill Remix)” made its debut at ReGen Magazine

Come the end of October 2020, we bring you Into The Wounds.

“Into The Void” is the self-deprecating dance of religiously aspiring to an “ideal” you know you can’t achieve, while joylessly slaving to a trend pretending you can. It’s a tongue in cheek suicide of the self. “

“Wounds (Big Time Kill Remix)” This bonus track is brought to you by our good friends in Big Time Kill (Glitch Mode Recordings.) They reimagined one of our previous releases “Now Your Wounds Are Getting Larger,” we can say with confidence that this rendition of the track is it’s own animal and far from a standard club remix.”

MAN1K1N is an electronic alternative band hailing from Boston, MA. founded by singer Johnny Veil and drummer Cristian Carver (CARV.R, Bella Morte). Their sound is heavy in its slow intensity and visceral with a groove when it needs to be. Unapologetically confrontational is MAN1K1N’s sonic dialogue and their stage presence is no different, if not more. 




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