REVIEW: Coil – The Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex + 2 via Musique Pour La Danse

I recently purchased The Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex + 2 by Coil.  I mentioned it to Alex Zander and he asked me to share my thoughts on it as a retrospective review. The Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex by Coil was originally written for an instructional documentary (of the same name) on VHS in 1992 for Pride Video. It was recently re-issued by Danny Hyde and licensed to Musique Pour La Danse in 2019 (France and Switzerland). The track listing is as follows:

A1. Alernative Theme From the Gay Man’s Guide To Safer Sex

A2. Exploding Frogs

A3. Nasa-Arab 2

B1. Nasa-Arab

B2. Omlagus Garfungiloops

B3. Theme From The Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex

To sum up this release, it’s a nice addition to your Coil collection or as a mellow loungey Twin Peaks-esque album for whatever activities you might encourage. It’s a soundtrack that’s as intriguing as it is relaxed. It has a style that easily alternates from ambient to loungey house. If left to the theatre of the mind, it evokes a myriad of scenarios and settings that all encourage relaxation

The Theme and Alternative Theme From The Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex are exclusive to this album. Omlagus Garfugilops and Nasa-Arab were originally on Stolen and Contaminated Songs, which was composed of outtakes and remixes of songs from their album Love’s Secret Domain.  Exploding Frogs is a remix of Omlagus Garfugilops. 

On a side note, Wax Trax records released Love’s Secret Domain in 1991 and Panic in 1994. While living in Chicago in 1998, I had the pleasure of visiting Dannie Flesher at WaxTrax headquarters. While talking with Dannie, I noticed the original cover and layout materials for Panic were fastened to a foam core board behind him. The visit in and of itself was overwhelming but to also see the cover for a single that I had listened to endlessly sitting right there left me speechless. 

  • Mark Williams Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA for MK ULTRA MAGAZINE
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