Check Out Electro-Pop Artist EVA X’s New Video, “Machine”

Electro-pop artist EVA X has just unveiled the new video for her single, “Machine.”  The video was directed, shot and edited by Erik Gustafson (GRENDEL / ADORATION DESTROYED)

About the song: “Machine” is the first look at EVA X‘s upcoming album, I Dream Of A RealityEVA X has the following to say about the song and its story:

“I have a complicated relationship with my body. I do love it, but sometimes I wish it was different. I wrote “Machine” in a vulnerable spot, when I’d have given anything to feel beautiful like other women on social media. Chasing that aesthetic with injections and makeup was powerful, but also scary- I could create the face and body I wanted, but what would happen when it wore off?

I took all of these tangled feelings and poured them into “Machine”. When I brought the demo to my co-producers, Shane and Adam immediately jumped on it, bringing it to life with a frenetic energy that captured perfectly how alluring and isolating that illusion can be.

In the music video, I wanted to explore what being beautiful in the alternative community looks and feels like, and how far we go for aesthetics. I taught myself choreography to capture the movement I wanted. Erik and I designed a video that captured both the sexiness I wanted and the reality of cutting and injecting ourselves for it.”

“It was great working on this project with EVA X. I had heard this song from demo and instantly knew it was a special track, so doing the video became a really cool collaboration.

With the cyberpunk vibes combined with the themes of unattainable perfection and trans-human feels, it was something that I was excited to push my skills as a cinematographer and video editor, and also try something really stylized.

Color correction/color grading also played a huge role, with the mix of that kind of action movie palette, and getting it to make visual sense with the red/club theme.” 
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About EVA X

EVA X is a robot girl singing about human things, or a one-woman gothic pop powerhouse. Her unique combination of nostalgic synths, soaring vocals, and pop sensibilities make her a new act to watch for. She released her debut EP, Electrowoman, in Oct 2019 and almost immediately found a following among synthpop and futurepop fans.

2020 was supposed to see her hitting stages all over Canada and the US, but that didn’t go so well for obvious reasons. She pivoted to streaming, appearing on streams hosted by scene mainstays such as Mechanismus and STIMULATE!, and building her own following with the singles “A Softer World” and “Black Blood”. She also opened for Shiv-R and iVardensphere, which might be the highlight of her career so far aside from the time Clint Carney said nice things about her set.

EVA X has spent 2021 delivering remixes for fellow industrial ladies Lorelei Dreaming and SapphiraVee, as well as branching into soundtrack pieces for her fellow Canadian creatives. She’s also finishing up her debut full-length album, which Synthpop Fanatic has already declared one of their most anticipated of 2021.

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