CANE HILL sign to Out Of Line! New Single “A Form Of Protest” will be out May, 19th

Furthermore, singer Elijah Witt states that “A Form Of Protest” is the first release of a new era for the band: “It marks the transition between what we’ve been to what we will become. Poised in rage & frustration caused by “the powers that be”, this song welcomes you into our relentless and uncompromising future.”

A future that starts with the band having signed with Out Of Line, as he continues: “We’re excited to be partnered with Out of Line for our future releases. After releasing music independently with great success during the pandemic, finding a team that’s as excited about Cane Hill as the band is should help open some new doors for us to release our art creatively.”

“A Form Of Protest” is another heavy-hitting track, catching up with Cane Hill’s remarkable nu-metal induced metalcore sound and blending progressive and technical elements that already have been audible on their groove-oriented single “Drag Me Down”.


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