THE CRUEL INTENTIONS “The bastard child of Guns N Roses and Hanoi Rocks” – Firework Mag, UK.

The Cruel Intentions are dangerously skilled and always out to have a great time!  Serving you the perfect blend of melodrama and fun this Norwegian sleaze rock band are ready to bring make the best rock music, and sweetest of street styles great again.

Their year started off with a bang as their talent was spotted by the eminent director James Gunn (Sucide Squad, Guardians of the Galaxy) who chose to place no less than three of the band´s songs in his major hit series PEACEMAKER.  And it was only the beginning.

June 3rd the band finally released their long awaited second album Venomous Anonymous!

Fueled by drive, love and passion, the album was a versatile and diverse summer present to all rock’n’lovers and The Cruel Intentions are receiving rave reviews both on the record and on their live performances

Album Reviews:

“The Cruel Intentions have put out one of the best albums in a year stacked with great ones, this is easily the best album Lizzy has ever done, everything works here and the artistic evolution is leaps and bounds above their first album. The song writing is airtight and there isn’t a single dull moment on the album,”  – The Rock Pit

“It blows my mind that fans of this music continue to spend mortgage payments to see Mötley Crüe and Guns N’ Roses from a mile away in a corporate named mega-stadium, while bands like The Cruel Intentions are keeping the fire burning brighter than any band from glam metal’s glory days ever currently could… get these guys to America NOW! Only then will Gene Simmons stop claiming “rock is dead” 9/10”   -Defenders of the Faith Metal

“So while their hearts are leopard skin coloured and you probably would be best to keep them away from your wife/girlfriend/sister just in case, there’s something just a little nasty to the glam of The Cruel Intentions. That is to say, if “Venomous Anonymous” is more than the bubblegum sound it appears. No, this might be sweet on the outside, but strip away the layers and there’s something pleasingly unpleasant underneath.  Like, they might want action, but they’ll settle for a fight in the alley just as easily. It all lets off steam, after all.” – Maximum Volume

10/10 – The Rock Pit

9/10 – Long Live Rock’n’roll (IT)

7/10 – Classic Rock (GER)

6/6 – Scream Magazine (NO)

9/10 – Sweden Rock Magazine (SWE)

4/5 – Rock Nytt (SWE)

9/10 – Hellfire Magazine (GER)

Live reviews:

“The Cruel Intentions have truly sharpened their musical technique and their stage performance. It is simply damn good!”   Rock Nytt (SWE)

“This is the band with sleazerock in their blood! It is raw, messy and brutal. But it is also extremely tight and well-played. Top it all off with songs that are impossible to get out of your head, and the simple fact that they own stage saw to such an extent that you just have bow in the dust for The Cruel Intentions and a terrific concert experience” Kulturblekka (NO)

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