The Doors’ Self-Made ‘Feast of Friends’ Doc to Finally Come Out This Fall

Self-produced film from 1968 summer tour gets proper release 46 years later

SOURCE: RollingStone


Feast of Friends, a Doors documentary that the band members produced themselves on their 1968 summer tour, is finally getting a proper release. The feature, which was never completed, was screened to generally negative reviews at film festivals during frontman Jim Morrison’s lifetime, but the reason it has taken nearly half a century to come out on home video is because of the singer’s legal issues at the time. The new release, due out November 11th, will feature remastered audio and video.

“It’s a fictional documentary,” Jim Morrison says in the film’s trailer. “I can’t say too much about it, because we’re not really making it. It’s just kind of making itself.”

Director Paul Ferrara, who also made the 1969 Morrison showcase HWY: An American Pastoral, began work on Feast of Friends in April of 1968. The film includes off-stage commentary and concert performances. The band members funded the project themselves, but stopped the revenue stream after Morrison was arrested in Miami for allegedly exposing himself to an audience.

In addition to the main film, the DVD and Blu-ray will include bonus features. The newly made Feast of Friends: Encore uses additional footage shot for the original film, including shots of them playing poker and Morrison talking with the main feature’s “Minister at Large” character, as well as footage of the group recording “Wild Child” in the studio. It also highlights a solo Robby Krieger performance, a Morrison poem and an altercation with photographer Richard Avedon.

The release will also include The Doors Are Open, a 1968 British documentary about the group centered on the band’s final performance at London’s Roundhouse. This feature has also been remastered and restored.

Finally, it will include The End, which captures the group performing their epic song in Toronto at an August 1967 concert alongside interviews with Krieger, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, drummer John Densemore and Doors manager Danny Sugarman.

The legacy of Feast of Friends stems from a grainy copy of the film that has been circulating on the bootleg market for decades. The print purportedly belonged to Morrison and was something that he had taken with him when he moved to Paris in 1971. According to legend, the singer left the film in a paper bag at a friend’s house, days before his death.

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Billy Bob Thornton Talks New Boxmasters Album, Signs Nashville Label Deal

SOURCE: Rolling Stone

The Boxmasters, the country-rock group led by singer-actor Billy Bob Thornton, have signed a new Nashville record deal and are readying a double album to be released next year on 101 Ranch Records. Titled Somewhere Down the Road, the dual LP consists of one disc of British Invasion-influenced jangle pop, and a second disc of moody Americana.
“Double albums weren’t a rarity when I was growing up. It was just something that people did,” Thornton tells Rolling Stone Country. “We have so much music, we’ve recorded 200 to 300 songs over the past couple years. When you have a momentum going, you don’t want them to just sit there forever and turn them out years later. You want to get them out there while there’s something crackling about them.”

Thornton played the album in its entirety for a small group of media and music-business insiders in Nashville this past weekend. True to his description, the first side leaned heavily on a vintage British sound.

“It’s influenced by our love of the British Invasion and late Sixties L.A. rock & roll, like the Byrds and the Burrito Brothers. As well as our great love of the music of Memphis: the Box Tops, the Gentrys, and out of Chicago, the Buckinghams,” Thornton says. “And especially Big Star, which obviously Alex Chilton started after the Box Tops.”

The companion disc is decidedly Americana, full of ballads and story songs. “It’s definitely what some people might refer to as ‘Southern gothic.’ The only British influence on that side of the record would be Pink Floyd. It’s kind of like if J.J. Cale or Kristofferson had Pink Floyd playing the music. It’s very spooky,” says Thornton.

The Boxmasters, which in addition to Thornton includes J.D. Andrew, Brad Davis and Teddy Andreadis (who toured with Guns n’ Roses on the Use Your Illusion Tour), are the latest act to sign to new Nashville label 101 Ranch Records. The band joins gruff-voiced Nineties star Mark Collie on the roster.

“Collie and I go way back with each other,” says Thornton, citing the title track to his 2001 solo album Private Radio that he and Collie wrote. “It’s great to be associated with him on the same label. I’m actually writing songs with him for his album.”

Thornton, who was recently nominated for an Emmy for his role in the FX miniseries Fargo, acknowledges that while he is the face of the group, it’s not, as he said during the listening session last week, “Me and the Academy Awards.” “I’d call myself Bozo the Clown if I could,” he said then.

Instead, he goes by his nickname Bud in the group. “It’s not like people aren’t going to know, but it’s my way of saying, ‘Just look at me as a member of this band.’ That’s really all I am,” says Thornton, who once worked as a roadie for country singer Johnny Paycheck.

“I was playing in bands since the time I was a kid. If somehow, in 1981, when I started as an actor in L.A., if I had fallen on my ass doing that, and then somehow got a record deal, I’d be putting up with the same thing in the opposite direction,” he says, letting go a self-aware laugh. “If you want to talk about paying my dues, it’s all I ever did. I wasn’t in theater. I was only in music.”

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ACE FREHLEY On His Touring Plans: ‘It All Depends On What The Promoters Are Willing To Pay’


art by Chicago’s own Mitch O’Connell 

Ace Frehley is still unsure if he will embark on a major tour in support of his recently released solo album, “Space Invader”, saying that his schedule will be dictated by simple economics.

During an interview for VH1 Classic “That Metal Show” co-host Eddie Trunk’s podcast, “Eddie Trunk Podcast”, Ace was asked how hard he plans to hit the road to promote his new CD, which sold around 19,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 9 on The Billboard 200 chart.

“It all depends on what the promoters are willing to pay,” Ace said. “I like to pay my people well. If I can’t get enough money on the road to pay everybody and turn a nice profit, I’m not gonna do a major tour, I’ll do selected shows. It all depends. And if the album takes off the way I hope it will, it’ll probably be different.”

Frehley’s previous album, “Anomaly”, opened with around 17,000 units back in September 2009 to debut at No. 27.

According to, drummer Scot Coogan will return to Frehley’s band this fall, along with THE CULT’s Chris Wyse, to tour in support of “Space Invader”.

“I consider Ace a friend, and I will always be his drummer,” Scot said. “When he called me about doing shows, I was honored. We are both excited to have the chance to play together once again.”

Coogan played with Frehley for five years until 2012 when he left Ace’s band to focus on other projects. He has since toured and recorded with LYNCH MOB and sat behind the kit for Lita Ford on the 2012 “Rock Of Ages” tour with DEF LEPPARD and POISON.

Matt Starr, the featured drummer on “Space Invader”, will spend the next few months touring with MR. BIG as the replacement for Pat Torpey, who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

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In January the Satanic Temple announced plans to erect a monument glorifying the Dark Lord on the front lawn of the Oklahoma Statehouse. An Indiegogo campaign was launched with what seemed like a somewhat lofty goal of $20,000, but by the time donations ended almost $30,000 had been raised. Now an artist trained in classical sculpture is toiling away in New York, crafting a Baphomet figure sitting beneath an inverted pentagram and flanked by two children gazing upward in loyalty. When it is finished, it will be cast in bronze and, the Satanists hope, eventually displayed in Oklahoma.

The statue is a direct response to the state’s installation of a Ten Commandments monument outside the Capitol in 2012. State Representative Mike Ritze paid for the controversial statue with his own money, and therefore it was considered a donation and OK to place on government property. Following that line of reasoning, the Satanic Temple submitted a formal application for their monument.

As Trait Thompson of the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission told CNN last December, “Individuals and groups are free to apply to place a monument or statue or artwork.” The applications are then approved or rejected by the Commission. Unfortunately, the state has placed a halt on issuing permits for any other monuments until a lawsuit filed by the ACLU against Ritze’s Commandments monument is settled.

Nonetheless, the Satanists are building this thing, and I was offered an early peek at the work in progress by Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves. Greaves told me he has received numerous threats from people who want to attack the sculpture, but that he “wouldn’t expect these outraged and nearly insensible reactionaries to actually know how to assault a bronze monument without severely hurting themselves in the process.” Still, he’s not taking any chances. The Temple is building a mold of the sculpture so they can pop these things out like evil, terribly expensive action figures whenever they need a new one.

“Depending on our insurance policy,” Greaves said, “we may be able to cast two from the destruction of one, expediting our arrival to the next battleground.”

The Temple estimates that the monument will be finished in a few months. Once it’s done, they plan to put it in front of the Oklahoma Statehouse regardless of the the Capitol Preservation Commission’s ongoing battle against the ACLU. They feel this should be allowed because their application was submitted before all the hullabaloo over Ritze’s monument.

“After all,” Greaves told me, “the Ten Commandments still stand at the State Capitol. We are fully willing to place our monument at the Capitol, even while the ACLU suit is fought, with the understanding that a judgment against the Ten Commandments will have ramifications for our monument as well, likely resulting in the removal of both.”

The Baphomet, which will stand seven feet tall and be a testament to the glory of the Angel of the Bottomless Pit, would be placed directly beside the sculpture glorifying the laws given to Moses by the Christian God. The idea of a Satanic monument sitting on government property in Oklahoma—which is like the Bible Belt’s Bible Belt—seems a bit far-fetched, but Greaves says that “there has been quite a bit of discussion among legal scholars who recognize how difficult it would actually be for Oklahoma to turn us down… Constitutional law is quite clear on this issue: The state can’t discriminate against viewpoints. If they’ve opened the door for one, they’ve opened it for all.”

Ryan Kiesel from the Oklahoma ACLU seems to agree. He told the Libertarian Republic, “If, at the end of the day, the Ten Commandments monument is allowed to remain on the Capitol grounds with its overtly Christian message, then the Satanic Temple’s proposal can’t be rejected because it is of a different religious viewpoint.”

One popular argument being used against the Temple’s monument is that it doesn’t have “any historical significance for the State of Oklahoma,” as State Representative Paul Wesselhoft told a local news station in January. “The only reason why the Ten Commandments qualified,” he continued, “is because at the Capitol, what we do is we make laws. We are lawmakers. Well, one of the earliest laws we have are the Ten Commandments.” This, it is important to remember, was said by a current democratically elected member of the legislature.

Greaves told me that “the idea that the Ten Commandments are foundational to US or Oklahoman law is absurd and obscene… I would argue that the message behind our monument speaks more directly to the formation of US Constitutional values than the Ten Commandments possibly could. It especially does so when it stands directly beside the Ten Commandments, as it affirms no one religion enjoys legal preference.”

Regardless of what happens at the statehouse, the Temple is charging ahead with the monument. And if it doesn’t end up in Oklahoma City and the Ten Commandments are forced to be removed, the Satanists will try to find a home for the Baphomet in another deserving state. Texas, for instance, has had a monument of the Ten Commandments sitting on its capitol grounds for 40 years. As Greaves put it, “There are no shortage of public locations across the US where religious monuments await a contrasting voice.”

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Bryan Adams Chicago Theatre, 10/20, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 9/12, 9 AM.

Afghan Whigs, Joseph Arthur Metro, 10/10, 9 PM.

Herb Alpert & Lani Hall North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, Skokie, 10/17, 8 PM, all-ages.

Ryan Bingham City Winery, 11/14, 7:30 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 9/11, noon.

Wil Blades Trio SPACE, Evanston, 12/11, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 9/13, 11 AM.

Cabinet Subterranean, 10/12, 8:30 PM.

Cherish the Ladies Maurer Hall, Old Town School of Folk Music, 12/4, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 9/12, 8 AM.

Alex Clare Metro, 11/18, 9 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.

Dakhabrakha City Winery, 11/30, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 9/11, noon.

Dawn & Hawkes Schubas, 11/23, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, noon.

Decembersongs Studios at SPACE, Evanston, 12/6, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 9/13, 11 AM.

Deerhoof, Priests Bottom Lounge, 11/11, 9 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, noon.

Donna the Buffalo City Winery, 11/5, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 9/11, noon.

Empty Pockets SPACE, Evanston, 12/20, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 9/13, 11 AM.

Frontier Ruckus Subterranean, 11/7, 9 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, noon.

Futurebirds Subterranean, 11/8, 9 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.

Goatwhore, Wolvhammer Cobra Lounge, 10/26, 8 PM.

Gossling Schubas, 10/20, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, noon.

The Head & the Heart, Phox Aragon Ballroom, 12/13, 7:30 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.

Heartsfield SPACE, Evanston, 10/9, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 9/13, 11 AM.

Robyn Hitchcock Maurer Hall, Old Town School of Folk Music, 11/22, 7 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 9/12, 8 AM.

Eric Hutchinson, Tristan Prettyman Park West, 11/19, 7:30 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.
Chrissie Hynde Chicago Theatre, 11/12, 7:30 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.
Jamestown Revival Double Door, 11/16, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, noon.

Nick Jonas Bottom Lounge, 10/2, 7 PM.

Kin Lincoln Hall, 11/19, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, noon.

Pokey LaFarge SPACE, Evanston, 11/22, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 9/13, 11 AM.

Daniel Lanois Lincoln Hall, 11/14, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.

Las Guitarras de España City Winery, 10/28, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 9/11, noon.

Tony MacAlpine Reggie’s Music Joint, 10/10, 8 PM.

Mansions on the Moon Bottom Lounge, 11/16, 10 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, noon.

Maroon 5 United Center, 3/19, 7:30 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.

Johnny Marr the Vic, 11/25, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.

Jon McLaughlin SPACE, Evanston, 12/6, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 9/13, 11 AM.

Vic Mensa Metro, 11/28, 7 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 9/12, noon.

Raul Midon The Promontory, 12/3, 8 PM.

Raul Midon SPACE, Evanston, 12/4, 7:30 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 9/13, 11 AM.

Mike & the Mechanics Park West, 3/20-21, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.

Whitey Morgan & the 78′s Bottom Lounge, 12/6, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, noon.

Movement Double Door, 10/6, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, noon.

Aaron Neville the Venue at Horseshoe Casino, Hammond, 12/12, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.

Nude Beach Subterranean, 10/27, 8 PM.

Owl John Bottom Lounge, 10/15, 8 PM.

Pallbearer Subterranean, 12/18, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.

Amanda Palmer Thalia Hall, 11/15, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.

Roadkill Ghost Choir Subterranean, 10/22, 8:30 PM.

Garnet Rogers Studios at SPACE, Evanston, 11/23, 6 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 9/13, 11 AM.

Royal Southern Brotherhood SPACE, Evanston, 12/17, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 9/13, 11 AM.

Jake Shimabukuro North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, Skokie, 11/18, 7:30 PM, all-ages.

Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown FitzGerald’s, Berwyn, 10/24, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, 11 AM.

Skream The Mid, 11/28, 10 PM.

Split Single, Bailiff Lincoln Hall, 11/14, 9:30 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, noon.

Marnie Stern, Feuding Fathers Subterranean, 10/31, 9 PM.

Chadwick Stokes Schubas, 11/6, 9 PM; 11/7, 10 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, noon.

Streets of Laredo Schubas, 11/4, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, noon.

Styx the Venue at Horseshoe Casino, Hammond, 12/5, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.

Taj Mahal Maurer Hall, Old Town School of Folk Music, 11/6, 7 and 10 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 9/12, 8 AM.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Allstate Arena, Rosemont, 12/27, 3:30 and 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.

TTNG Subterranean, 11/12, 8 PM, on sale Fri 9/12, 10 AM.

2Cellos Chicago Theatre, 2/21, 7:30 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 9/13, 10 AM.

White Buffalo Lincoln Hall, 10/22, 8 PM.

Wild Party Subterranean, 10/1, 8:30 PM.

Belphegor, Rotting Christ Reggie’s Rock Club, 9/29, 6 PM, canceled.

Justin Townes Earle Park West, 9/23, 8 PM, moved from the Vic.

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MK ULTRA presents the PRUDE “Dark Age of Consent” CD Release Party


The debut CD from PRUDE features new material from Chemlab of Jared Louche and more

Doors 8PM

$6 Cover

21 & Over

Special Guest DJ from New Orleans DJ LostTwistedSoul

Live music by W.O.R.M. and from Nashville The Grayces

Door Prizes and Drink Specials

See review of CD here:

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