Gothic Singer ELLE NOIR Reveals Her New Video,”The Day I Died” / New EP, Like A Black Doll due later this year

Gothic soprano singer ELLE NOIR has revealed her new video for the song, “The Day I Died.”

“The Day I Died” is the metaphor of emotional death. It tells of a world where nothing has value anymore, which is also an inner world given by mental states like depression.

Lyrics & Music: Elle Noir
A DTM Music Production
Mixed and Mastered by Sebastiano Della Bianchina
Video Directors: Michele Cataneo, Anita Seferi

“My inner worlds are always autobiographical, my songs are always lived in the first person. Death, mental illness and emotional states of discomfort are central themes in my writing. When I write a lyric I always have an image in mind and try to describe it. My lyrics are little narrated and very visual.”
– Elle Noir
Buy/Stream “The Day I Died” Via Bandcamp


My mantra is “Take the risk and go into the wild” and I’m sure in my previous life I was a wolf. My passion for the dark world was born when I first saw the Smashing Pumpinks’ “Ava Adore” video on MfTV. I was a little girl. My father had just died and I needed a world to leave me in. As a teenager, Marilyn Manson’s “The Dope Show” bewitched me but it was with Nightwish that I realized that music was my way.

To me singing was screaming and my Opera voice was the salvation. I graduated in Opera singing , in Musicology and in Music Composition, but after Conservatory’s classes I ran off to the rehearsal room with my symphonic metal band. I’m an eclectic singer and performer with a passion for the world of vintage and cabaret that brought me to perform on important London stages with my cabaret shows and in  contemporary and experimental music theatre.

Elle Noir is my truth. It is the union of all my worlds. My songs are my essence.

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Electronic/Alternative Artist CARVR Unleashes Debut Single & Visualizer, “Erase Me”

Cristian Carver (BELLA MORTEPANIC LIFT,MAN1K1N) officially unleashes his debut single and accompanying visualizer for the song, “Erase Me.”  The single and visualizer premiered on ReGen Magazine.

“Erase Me”  features the ethereal and jolting vocals of Goo Munday from Sydney, Australia (Negative Gain Productions.) and was released on all streaming platforms independently on October 10th, 2020.

“The song was inspired by the act of how partners come to terms with the end of relationships, acting like they’re counterpart was never even there to begin with and masking their grief with happiness publicly.” – Cristian Carver

CARVR is the dark synth-pop solo project of Cristian Carver. He is mostly known as the live drummer for Metropolis record artists Bella Morte, Panic Lift and Boston based electronic alternative band MAN1K1N.
CARV.R blends melancholy but energetic synthesizers with a shade of industrial hard hitting drums, always aiming to bridge the opposing elements of brightly colored keyboards and heavy dance invoking bass lines.

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Black Needle Noise “What a Wonderful World” Cleopatra Records 9 October 2020

John Fryer photos by Martha Schuster

Legendary producer John Fryer has unveiled the latest offering from his Black Needle Noiseproject – ‘What a Wonderful World’ featuring Tom Berger on vocals. This is the second offering from BNN’s covers-based album ‘These Mortal Covers’, to be released in late autumn via Cleopatra Records. This beautiful and dramatically dark redux takes us far from the original recorded by Louis Armstrong, animated in a stunning video, directed by Christoph Vitt and Alex Makarov and starring model Dori Darkmoon with Tom Berger.

As one of the most innovative sonic architects in our age, “John Fryer has practically soundtracked your entire life” (Impose Magazine). His musical imprint is massive, having shaped the sound of bands from Nine Inch Nails and Cocteau Twins to HIM and Depeche Mode. He is also one of just two masterminds behind This Mortal Coil (along with Ivo Watts-Russell – not only producing, but also keyboards, strings and synthesizer sequencing).

“I have always loved the Louis Armstrong version of ‘Wonderful World’ from when I heard it as a child and it has stayed with me ever since. So I wanted to make a very different cinematic version, a very depressingly apocalyptic version with an uplifting feel. I thought of Tom Berger my friend for many a year to sing it and I think he has done an amazing job to convey those haunting sentiments,” says John Fryer.

Tom Berger and John Fryer have collaborated and been good friends for many years, beginning their long-term friendship in the 90s when Fryer signed Berger’s band Sundealers to his Something To Listen To label. Berger also contributed guitar on recordings and live performances for Fryer’s project DarkDriveClinic. Most recently, Fryer executive produced, mixed and co-0wrote tracks for the new album from his band Jonny Tupolev.

About this new rendition of the classic, Tom Berger notes, “For me it was a real challenge to sing the vocals of a classical piece of music. After John sent me the instrumental version, I thought it’s not possible – How can I transform such a fragile and innocent melody into such a massive wall of sound? And that was the thing:  I sang it like I‘d never heard the 1967 original. The result is not just a cover – it’s something new – and I’m very proud of the final result”.

The album’s first single ‘She Talks To Angels’ features vocalist Anjela Piccard, whose powerful rendition of this Black Crowes track brings their own unique twist and stylistic trademark. Earlier, Black Needle Noise released Seed of Evil’with PIG, an unholy collaboration between Fryer and industrial music legend Raymond Watts (KMFDM).

John Fryer started his career in 1979 at London’s Blackwing Studios (London) and soon began working with seminal bands on the 4AD, Mute, Rough Trade and Beggars Banquet record labels, including Depeche Mode, The Wolfgang Press and Cocteau Twins. His achievement in helping develop the latter’s pioneering ethereal and ambient sound ultimately led Watts-Russell to recruit Fryer as his partner for This Mortal Coil.

A sense of expectation about his music has never left him – expectations he often exceeds from release to release, having produced many iconic artists, including Love and Rockets, Swans, HIM, Cradle of Filth, Clan of Xymox, Nitzer Ebb, Dead Can Dance, Yaz (Yazoo), Xmal Deutschland, Fields of the Nephilim, De/Vision, Stabbing Westward and many others. Fryer has also produced many film soundtracks, such as Seven, Clerks, Johnny Mnemonic, Mortal Kombat, Faust and Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

The ‘Before The Tears Came’ LP can be pre-ordered on CD. This was the first album from Black Needle Noise, previously issued only digitally and on vinyl.

‘What a Wonderful World’ is out now, available digitally across online stores, such as Apple Music, and streaming platforms such as Spotify. It is also available directly from Black Needle Noise via Bandcamp, along with their debut album ‘Before‘Before The Tears Came’(CD, vinyl, digital) and following ‘Lost‘Lost In Reflections’ LP (vinyl, digital).

Vocals by Tom Berger
All other noises by John Fryer
Video produced by and Makarov Media
Directed by Christoph Vitt & Alex Makarov
Director of Photography: Christoph Vitt
Model: Dori Darkmoon
SFX Makeup: Ericka Vitt
Car: 1970 Plymouth ´Cuda 440, Owner: Marc Lipken
Cover photos by Martha Schuster with super modeElle

Keep up with Black Needle Noise
Website | Bandcamp | Facebook BNN | Facebook John | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify 

Keep up with Tom Berger
Website | Facebook | Instagram |

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Beauty in Chaos ‘A Kind Cruelty (The Sinistrality Mix)’ by Tim Palmer w/ Curse Mackey 33.3 Music Collective 31 October 2020

“Stunning musical and, in particular, six-string intricacy that mixes Ciravolo’s love of rock, pop, post-punk, goth, new wave and other styles and wraps it all in layers of lush, ringing, occasionally grimy and often heavily effected guitars” – Guitar World

“Guitarist Michael Ciravolo assembled an all-star cast for his moody hard-hitting album… Intense” – Rolling Stone 

“Both records offer a rich sonic palette of unabashed gothic rock and post-punk romanticism, that reverberates through the varied inputs of a melange of musicians who are masters of their craft” –

“True evolution – just hits you like a sucker punch…. mesmerized and captivated” – Jammerzine

“A new gothic rock project… hauntingly heavy and beautiful” – LA Weekly

Groundbreaking alternative rock collective Beauty in Chaos has announced that their new album‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’will be released on Halloween weekend via Los Angeles’ label 33.3 Music Collective.

Just as ‘Beauty Re-Envisioned’ (2019)was the counterpart to Beauty In Chaos’ debut album ‘Finding Beauty in Chaos’(2018), ‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’ is the counterpart to the super-group’s latest long-play ‘The Storm Before The Calm’ (2020).  This new offering features 26 diverse remixes and reinterpretations by an equally diverse and talented mix of producers, artists and deejays.  

The debut single for this album is Tim Palmer‘s offering ‘A Kind Cruelty’ (The Sinistrality Mix)’, featuring Curse Mackey (Pigface, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Evil Mothers) on vocals and an appearance by guitarist Simon Hinkler (The Mission). Producer/mixer Tim Palmer is “one of alternative rock’s unsung heroes” (AllMusic), whose legacy include countless works with such renowned artists as The Mission, U2, David Bowie, Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, Psychedelic Furs, The Cure, Pearl Jam and The House of Love.

“I had worked with Beauty in Chaos on their last remix album, so I jumped at the opportunity of working on another song this time with Austin resident Curse Mackey. The track hints at an electro punk feel, so my intention was to highlight that, but I also felt that with some surgery it could be a strong single,” says Tim Palmer.

“Early on, my mate Simon Hinkler from The Mission submitted a really cool new guitar solo for the song so I was already off to a good start. As always, Beauty in Chaos gave me complete freedom to experiment with the song and arrangement, so I really enjoyed contributing to the music and adding a sort of cinematic goth quality to the song”.

In addition to Tim Palmer, the ‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’ LP also involves contribitions by The Cure’s Roger O’Donnell, Marilyn Manson’s Paul Wiley, film composer Tyler Bates and legendary producer John Fryer of 4AD fame, among others.

“I really enjoy the process of handing over the keys and seeing where others take songs that I am so close to. Tim is one of my all-time favorite producers and he really makes his mark on this record.  I love how he made the arrangement more concise and gave it an electro-cinematic feel.  It was an honor to have a guitar solo by The Mission’s Simon Hinkler, as I’ve always loved his playing and he delivered a fantastic “Deliverance” style solo (pun intended!).  It works so well in this version and goes on the list of another one of those ‘surreal BIC moments,” says BIC curator Michael Ciravolo.

“In this time of Covid, even doing a video is challenging. Not to mention many of the artists on the last record live out of the state or even the country.  Vicente Cordero (Industrialism Films) felt we could pull off a cool and different video from the original video we had done together.  Luckily, Curse had some great footage performing the song from his recent web concert, so we started with building on that, with Tish and I filming some new elements and having some fun with Vicente’s new camera lenses!”  

The original version of  ‘A Kind Cruelty’featured on ‘The Storm Before The Calm’ LP, which, apart from Curse Mackey, also involves The Mission‘s Wayne HusseyAshton Nyte (The Awakening), Rafe Pearlman, Kat Leon (Holy Wars)Steven Seibold (Hate Dept., Pigface) and mezzo-soprano Adrienne LaVey.

‘Out Of Chaos Comes…” will be released on October 31, just in time for Halloween 2020. The album can be ordered directly from the band at

‘The Sinistrality Mix’ created by legendary producer Tim Palmer
Curse Mackey – vocals
Michael Ciravolo – guitars and textures
Michael Rozon – bass, piano
Dirk Doucette – live drums
Tim Palmer – additional synths, textures, guitars and co-production
Simon Hinkler – guitar solo
Cover artwork by Cinthya Hussey

Video directed and edited by Vicente Cordero / Industrialism Films
Curse Mackey – vocals
Michael Ciravolo – guitar/percussion
Tish Ciravolo – bass
Simon Hinkler – guitar solo
Tim Palmer – Piano ‘thing’ hand
Fire Girls: Lilian SIn and Sinder
Horsehead guy: ?

Keep up with Beauty in Chaos
Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Blog | Soundcloud | iTunes | Spotify | Press contact

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RENARD featuring Marian Gold of ALPHAVILLE

Markus Reinhardt, the founder of WOLFSHEIM presents his most personal, authentic work to date entitled “WAKING UP IN A DIFFERENT WORLD” from his new project RENARD. The album was released today by Metropolis Records on all formats including CD, vinyl and through all digital and streaming platforms. The second video from Renard’s new album is for the song “Hotel,” featuring Marian Gold of the band ALPHAVILLE.

“The end of Wolfsheim motivated me to reinvent myself. A process that was urgently needed. With Renard, I’m more with myself. ” Reinhardt says of RENARD, “My album combines the sound & mood of the 80s with the stylistic devices of today.”

RENARD showcases Reinhardt’s signature intimate songwriting in symbiosis with renowned producers Oliver Blair (Ladytron, Client, Soho-dolls, Kelli Ali / Sneaker Pimps) & the Hamburg Chaos Compressor Club (Neon black, Moddi, Marv, Steakknife, Love A, illegal colors).

Vocal duties on the album are shared by a selection of well-known talented musicians.

Pascal Finkenauer (JAW), who is also featured on “Junkyards,” lends his special timbre to the lead single “Travel In Time”, a perfect modern synthpop dance track. On “The Meissen Figurine,” urban-folk singer Joseh brings a sense of uplifting spirituality to the song. On “Heresy,” the vocals are stunningly curated by British vocalist Sarah Blackwood (Client, Dubstar). Greek multiple award-winning vocalist/composer Marietta Fafouti lends her beautiful voice to “Restless,” & Eliza Hiscox (royalchord) – from Berlin, by way of Australia, is enchanting on “My Heart’s Still Shaking”.

 “Hotel” & “Damn Happy” sees RENARD collaborate with legendary ALPAHVILLE vocalist Marian Gold. Reinhardt & Gold share a mutual admiration of each other’s work, & for Gold, singing for any act other than an ALPHAVILLE is an extraordinary occasion.

WAKING UP IN A DIFFERENT WORLD is an apt title for RENARD’s splendid debut album. The project is an ambitious musical rebirth of Reinhardt post-WOLFSHEIM. While RENARD is deeply rooted in the independent music scene of the 80’s, WAKING UP IN A DIFFERENT WORLD is a contemporary, modern take on synthpop. A multifaceted & emotionally dense work of art.

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Industrial/Metal Band SCREAM AT THE SKY Addresses Drug Addiction With New Video, “Save Yourself”

Houston-based industrial/metal act SCREAM AT THE SKY has unleashed their new video for the song, “Save Yourself.”  The video made its exclusive premiere on Metal Devastation Radio HERE:


Video Direction: Erik Gustafson (Adoration Destroyed/Grendel/Erik Gustafson Photography) & Brian Carter     

“The video is about addictions and breaking the common plague that infects millions of people every day. I wrote the song about a real life experience that I encountered when one of my closest friends called me and said they have a problem and didn’t know how to save themselves.

The video basically symbolizes a dialog between your drug addiction and your soul.  It’s your drug addiction saying “you’ll never be saved.” Then your soul is fighting back, saying “You can change this and you are worth saving.”

I actually wasn’t even going to record this song on our first EP.  I wrote the song and finished it in the studio when I asked my producer James Gelber (HEMLOCK) at the last minute if we could add this song. Being the bad ass that he is, he helped me bring this song to life making it one of my favorite songs to play live.”

– Brian Carter (SCREAM AT THE SKY)


Established in 2018, Houston-based hard rock act SCREAM AT THE SKY blends elements of hard rock, heavy metal and industrial to create a hook-laden behemoth and one of Houston’s most exciting grass roots bands. 

SCREAM AT THE SKY is the brainchild of DEAD HORSE TRAUMA bassist Brian Carter, known for his relentless touring and indie sensibilities. SCREAM AT THE SKY presents deeply personal lyrics and a positive message wrapped neatly with high energy music and a live performance to match.  


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