Peter Steele on St Patrick’s Day NYC


On this day back in 1998 I was interviewing Peter Steele on the phone regarding the advance mk ultra received for the “After Dark” VHS. We were still based out of Indianapolis at the time so St Patrick’s Day celebrations were limited to pubs. Nothing like NYC and Chicago which are infamous and I asked Peter about it and he replied something like, “Man, at7 in the morning and people are in the streets drunk, pissing and puking.”
That’s what I think about on every SPD. Cool memory.

Michael Shoemaker I remember the day those reviews copies arrived in the mail. I called you immediately after I first screened mine. You had not checked your mail yet. When I told you it was probably there waiting, your response was “I’M WET!”.

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GET TICKETS: The 2017 Chicago Sexcon

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For Tix:


Sexcon 2017 5x7 BKweb

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Rammstein has long been in an über-league of its own when it comes to taking the live presentation of rock music to new heights, both in terms of conception and execution. Catching this excitement on film is an almost impossible task. All the senses are stimulated at live events in a way that can’t be replicated onscreen.


Jonas Åkerlund’s extraordinary film RAMMSTEIN: PARIS is the closest anyone has ever come to cracking this dilemma. His creative rendition of the all-new stage production the band delivered at Paris Bercy in March 2012 takes the art form to a whole new level.


This fast-paced state-of-the-art concert film is a visual feast, a celebration of Rammstein live that is both different to and in some ways better than being there – and a definite contender for the best concert film of all time.


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Misfits’ Doyle To Star In ‘Don’t Look In The Basement’ Remake


Misfits Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has been cast to star in a remake of the cult-classic film “Don’t Look In The Basement” that will be entitled “Death Ward 13.”


The film will be directed by award-winning horror filmmaker Todd Nunes (All Through The House) and is currently in pre-production. Doyle had the following to say about the project:


“I’m looking forward to starting my movie career with a starring role in “Death Ward 13″says Doyle. “It’s time to release the beast on the big screen. Let the killing begin!”


Insane Management’s Bruce Miyaki added, “With Doyle’s horror punk background, we’ve always been looking for opportunities to have him cross over into film, but nothing has sparked his interest until now. Death Ward 13 is a great breakout film for Doyle – his fans are going to love it.”

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DANZIG To Release New Album In May; 2017’s ‘Blackest Of The Black’ Festival With MINISTRY Announced


The new DANZIG album will be released in mid-May. This will be the first collection of all-new DANZIG material in seven years, following 2010’s critically acclaimed “Deth Red Sabaoth”. The title for the new disc will be announced shortly.


This June also marks the 25th anniversary of “Danzig III: How The Gods Kill”. “How The Gods Kill” was the first DANZIG album to crack Billboard’s Top 30 and the first DANZIG album produced by the band’s frontman and namesake Glenn Danzig himself. In honor of this momentous occasion, DANZIG will play a select handful of shows this summer and will perform many songs from “How The Gods Kill”.


In other news, DANZIG and MINISTRY will play at this year’s edition of the “Blackest Of The Black” festival, set to take place May 26-27 at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, California. The two-day event will feature over twenty bands and over twenty “evil attractions.” Look for the full details to be announced on March 27.


In a 2015 interview with Noisey, Glenn Danzig was asked what it is that keeps him coming back to the creative well. He responded: “It’s so many different things. There’s always stuff to write about, but I think that the whole punk thing helped a lot. If it gets boring, change it, fix it, make it exciting, make it relevant again, and that’s what I did without sacrificing the music. That’s what I try to do. I try to do stuff where first thing is I’m excited about the record, and then I hope that the people who listen to my music are gonna dig it too. That’s pretty much how I go into doing a record, and I don’t do a new record until I have stuff to write about it. I don’t force myself to do a record. Someone doesn’t come to me and say, ‘Hey, it’s been a year or two since your last record. You’ve gotta write a record and put one out in a couple of months.’ No one comes to me and says that to me.”


Asked if that attitude of not forcing the creative process is something that’s always been there for him, Danzig said: “Yeah. I mean, I used to do it on a more frequent basis. [Laughs] But I think even back in the MISFITS and SAMHAIN days, I put out a record every two years, I think. The same thing with DANZIG, too, where I put out a record every two years. Later on it became further and further apart, but that’s just the way it worked out. I think in between ‘Danzig IV’ and ‘V’ was probably a two-year period, and then between ‘V’ and ‘VI’ was probably a three-year period. It seems to be now it’s gone to four or five. I think one of the things also was for ‘Deth Red’ we toured a lot over those years. Not two or three months at a time, but we just kept getting offers to go to Europe and then back to America. The record did pretty well for me, especially the way it was received, so hopefully the next one will be the same.”


Glenn’s covers record, “Skeletons”, was released in November 2015 in North America via Nuclear Blast Entertainment/Evilive Music. A labor of love that dates back to 1979, “Skeletons” saw Danzig pulling back the curtain behind his influences with a collection of ten covers spanning artists as diverse as Elvis Presley, ZZ TOP, and AEROSMITH to BLACK SABBATH, THE TROGGS, THE EVERLY BROTHERS, and more.



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