The triple LP pressed on 180-gram green and black vinyl is limited to 5,000 copies

The vinyl collectors of the world have had a lot to rejoice about this week as a list of releases has been revealed for this year’s Record Store Day Black Friday on November 23rd. And for heavy music fans, the biggest announcement just may be two releases featuring the music of Type O Negative.


The biggest of the pair is the 25th anniversary edition of the Brooklyn goth metal outfit’s third album, Bloody Kisses. Originally released in 1993, this was the last full-length to feature the original lineup of the band, as drummer Sal Abruscato quit the group later that year, and holds the distinction of being the first Roadrunner Records release to achieve gold and platinum sales.


This new edition of Bloody Kisses will arrive as a triple LP pressed on 180-gram green and black vinyl, with the original album stretched across two records joined in a deluxe gatefold package by a third disc featuring bonus material, including their cover of Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath” and Rick Rubin’s mix of their version of Seals & Crofts’ “Summer Breeze.” Co-released by Roadrunner Records and Run Out Groove Vinyl, this will be the first time all this music will have been released on wax. The deluxe reissue will be limited to 5,000 copies, and will be available at independent US and Canadian record stores.


Also being released on November 23rd is a split 7” featuring fellow Roadrunner band Trivium covering Type O’s “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” on one side, and the original version of the song on the other.


Bloody Kisses Deluxe Reissue Tracklist:


Side A
01. Machine Screw
02. Christian Woman
03. Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)


Side B
01. Fay Wray Come Out and Play
02. Kill All The White People
03. Summer Breeze
04. Set Me On Fire


Side C
01. Dark Side of the Womb
02. We Hate Everyone
03. Bloody Kisses (A Death In The Family)


Side D
01. 3.O.I.F.
02. Too Late: Frozen
03. Blood & Fire
04. Can’t Lose You


Side E
01. Suspended In Dusk
02. Black Sabbath (From The Satanic Perspective)
03. Summer Breeze (Rick Rubin Mix)


Side F
01. Christian Woman (Edit)
02. Christian Woman (Butt-Kissing Sell-Out Version)
03. Black No. 1 (Edit)
04. Blood & Fire (Out Of The Ashes Mix)

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L.A. GUN’s It’s Over Now

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Vote Daily for DEVO’s Induction Into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame




Equal parts art project, performance art, rock and roll satire, and punk band, Devo produced a sound that was fresh to the world. A wild amalgam of sharp-edged punk rock guitar angst, Kraftwerk-inspired synthesized modernity, jagged motoric rhythms, and detached spoken word vocalizations.

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MINISTRY Is Already Working On Follow-Up To ‘AmeriKKKant’, Says AL JOURGENSEN


Photo by Dale Patrick Bennett for mk ultra


Al Jourgensen has confirmed to Billboard that MINISTRY has already commenced work on the follow-up to “AmeriKKKant”, which came out in March. “I have to get as many albums as I can done while Trump is still president,” Al explained. “And then what am I going to do: write those crappy albums that I write while Democrats are president?


Speaking about the lyrical themes that fans can expect to see on MINISTRY’s next record, Jourgensen said: “The last album was not an anti-Trump album, it was like the ‘how we got here’ album. It kind of touched on what I was talking about with the [self-titled SURGICAL METH MACHINE] album, how society has changed so drastically since social media because ubiquitous. And in a ‘Black Mirror’, Charlie Brooker kind of way, examining the ramifications and permutations of what that entails. Trump is the perfect byproduct of the society we’ve created…”


He continued: “Society is really changing, but I do actually see hope, in a very cautious way, the same way I saw hope back in the late ’60s when I was first really becoming aware of politics and the way society works… I just hope we don’t make the same mistakes that turned a social movement into the latest fashion trend. If you look back on the ’60s, we made some nominal civil rights and gender rights gains, but generally what we have to show for it is LSD and bell-bottoms and Woodstock. I’m hoping we go a little bit further this time. And I do see the new album touching on topics like that.”


Asked if MINISTRY’s next album will follow in “a similar direction” to the three albums condemning the Bush administration — “Houses Of The Molé”, “Rio Grande Blood” and “The Last Sucker” — Al said: “Three albums of bashing Bush… although the last one was almost like, I felt sorry for the guy as much as I felt sorry for us for having to deal with the guy. ‘The Last Sucker’ was, like, ‘We’re all suckers in this.’ ‘AmeriKKKant’ wasn’t completely anti-Trump. It was how we got to Trump, and I think this next album is going to be much more of a positive message of ‘How do we get out of Trump and keep it that way?’ So I’m thinking about this in a structural sense. As far as musically, the stuff that I’ve been working on lately is far more PORTISHEAD than MOTÖRHEAD. [Laughs] We’re getting a lot more into electronics again and scratching, as opposed to three chords and a cloud of dust and shouting as loud as you can through blown-out speakers. That’s certainly served its purpose for me for a while, but I think we’re getting into more heady material.”

“AmeriKKKa” was produced by Jourgensen and was recorded at Caribou Studios in Burbank, California. The artwork was created by Mister Sam Shearon.

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ACE FREHLEY Splits With Solo Band, Enlists Musicians From GENE SIMMONS’s Backing Group


Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has decided to part ways with the solo band that has backed him on his most recent tours: Richie Scarlet on guitar, Chris Wyse on bass and Scot Coogan. He tells “The Cassius Morris Show” in a brand new interview “I’m changing the lineup in my band. I’m actually gonna start working with the band that backed up [KISS bassist/vocalist] Gene [Simmons on his recent solo tours]. I worked with them in Australia, and they also did eight shows with me in Japan. And I realized that… I think they were better than my current lineup, so I’ve decided to make a change. They’re younger and more hungry.”


Backing Frehley and Simmons on the Australian tour were Philip Shouse on guitar/vocals, Ryan Cook on guitar/vocals, Jeremy Asbrock on guitar/vocals, and Christopher Williams on drums. After the Aussie dates, Shouse, Cook, Asbrock and Williams accompanied Frehley on the Japan trek. Shouse switched from guitar to bass for Frehley’s show.


Recalling the tour with Frehley and Simmons, Shouse told AL.com, “We were all just having the time of our lives… I think Ace was pretty shocked after the first show that we did with no rehearsal and we pulled it off. By the third show, we’d really hit our stride and were on fire for the rest of the tour.”


Asbrock and Shouse are the founders of THEE ROCK N’ ROLL RESIDENCY, a popular Nashville tribute band that routinely hosts surprise appearances by such rocks stars as Alice Cooper, Robin Zander (CHEAP TRICK) and Roger Glover (DEEP PURPLE).

Asked by “The Cassius Morris Show” if he feels a sense of closure about his time with KISS, Ace said: “Well, I was one of the founding members of KISS and made KISS what it is today. [Current KISS guitarist] Tommy Thayer was just trying to copy everything I created — he hasn’t come up with one inch of anything original. From what I read on the Internet, I think the fans really want me back in the band. I’m doing fine without KISS, but if it was offered to me in the right way, I’d seriously consider returning for the last tour. But I haven’t been asked yet, so it’s kind of up in the air.”


Frehley — whose new solo album, “Spaceman”, will be released via eOne on October 19 — first left KISS in 1982. He rejoined in 1996 and parted ways with the band once again in 2002 after the conclusion of their first “farewell tour.”


KISS frontman Stanley recently told the “Rolling Stone Music Now” podcast that while he doesn’t rule out the possibility of guest appearances by former members during the “End Of The Road” tour, he doesn’t promise anything either. “I really can’t say,” Stanley said. “This will be a celebration of KISS and not any individual lineup or any individual members. I wouldn’t rule anything out, but it’s not the crux of what we’re doing… and I’m not being coy either. I don’t want to mislead anybody. That’s not something that’s been given a lot of thought at this point. The majority of our time has gone into what is the stage going to be, what is the show going to be, and we’re actually in the midst of toying with setlists now.”

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Lemmy, Guns N’ Roses Star Highlight All-Star KISS Tribute

The late Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister and former Guns N’ Roses star Gilby Clarke are just two of the all-star musicians on Pure Fire – The Ultimate KISS tribute which is set to hit stores on October 19th.


The set originally released under the title of Spin The Bottle back in 2004, is being reissued with new cover art and title and was produced by Paul Stanley collaborator Bob Kulick along with Bruce Bouillet and will be released on October 19th. Preorders are open here:



Some of the other stars who appear on the record include former KISS member Bruce Kulick , Tommy Shaw (Styx), Lemmy Kilmister (Mot rhead), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Steve Lukather (Toto), Chris Jericho (Fozzy), Buzz Osbourne (The Melvins), Dug Pinnick (King’s X), C.C. DeVille (Poison) and many more.


1. Detroit Rock City – Dee Snider, Doug Aldrich, Marco Mendoza, John Tempesta
2. Love Gun – Tommy Shaw, Steve Lukather, Tim Bogert, Jay Schellen
3. Cold Gin – Mark Slaughter, Ryan Roxy, Robben Ford, Phil Soussan, Steve Riley
4. King Of The Night Time World – Chris Jericho, Rich Ward, Mike Inez, Fred Coury
5. I Want You – Kip Winger, Paul Gilbert, Greg Bissonette
6. God Of Thunder – Buzz Osbourne, Bruce Kulick, Blasko, Carmine Appice
7. Calling Dr. Love – Page Hamilton, Mike Porcaro, Greg Bissonette
8. Shout It Out Loud – Lemmy Kilmister, Jennifer Batten, Bob Kulick, Samantha Maloney
9. Parasite – Dug Pinnick, Bob Kulick, John Alderete, Vinnie Colaiuta
10. Strutter – Phil Lewis, Gilby Clarke, Jeff Pilson, Bobby Rock
11. Stole Your Love – Robin McAuley, C.C. DeVille, Tony Franklin, Aynsley Dunbar



DISC 2: Bonus DVD
Interviews and stories with: Paul Gilbert, Bob Kulick, Tommy Shaw, Tony Franklin, Aynsley Dunbar, Robin McAuley, Robben Ford, Lemmy, Greg Bissonette, C.C. DeVille, Doug Aldrich, Kip Winger, Carmine Appice, Mike Porcaro, Fred Coury, Jennifer Batten, Bobby Rock, Mark Slaughter, Page Hamilton, Tim Bogert, Steve Lukather, Samantha Maloney, Chris Jericho and Bruce Kulick

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