Atlantic Curve, the London-based label that is part of the Schubert Music Europe group, has announced the signing of Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell, best known for their work as part of the legendary band Dead Can Dance. They will be releasing the ‘Burn’ album on May 7, 2021, produced by James Chapman of MAPS.

Gerrard and Maxwell began working on the album in Australia in 2015 while writing songs for ‘The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices (Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares)’. They were later introduced to Chapman and asked him to produce the album.

Lisa Gerrard: “It is with great pleasure that I share this collaboration with Jules Maxwell. Jules and I began our creative journey with Dead Can Dance. We realised that we could connect through improvisation and that musical exploration continues to evolve with this present work.”

Jules Maxwell: “I can’t believe it’s nearly six years since Lisa and I began work on this album at her studio in Australia. It’s been an inspirational journey for me. Without Daryl Bamonte’s encouragement and creative drive this record would never have developed in the way it has and I’m thrilled that it is finally being released on Atlantic Curve.”

Daryl Bamonte (Atlantic Curve, Label-head / Schubert Music Publishing UK, Managing Director): “To be able to sign Lisa and Jules to Atlantic Curve is like a dream for me, and it’s also very satisfying that they chose to work with James as producer. The combination of their unique talents has created a truly outstanding record.”

Thomas Thyssen (Schubert Music Europe, Managing Director / Head of Recorded Music): “It is an absolute honour and privilege to be working with Lisa and Jules on their upcoming album, and we are more than proud to be welcoming them, both to Atlantic Curve as well as a part of the Schubert Music Europe family.”

Atlantic Curve was formed as part of a new international structure featuring ten record labels established by Schubert Music Europe GmbH in 2020, which are internationally distributed by The Orchard, the world’s largest independent distributor. In an impressive start, the label has already released the Top 40 UK Alternative Charts ‘KOMPROMAT’ album byI LIKE TRAINS, as well as the critically acclaimed‘Live at Rockpalast’album by German underground darling Laura Carbone.

Schubert Music Europe GmbH is a music publisher, record company, license hub and holding company for all Schubert Music Companies and labels, in particular all Schubert Music Publishing branches in Europe and the USA, as well Celsius Management, Hardbeat Promotion and Schubert Music Live (SML).

* Photo of Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell by Robbie Perry
* Signing photo credit © Schubert Music
(left to right): Daryl Bamonte (Atlantic Curve, Label-head / Schubert Music Publishing UK, Managing Director), Thomas Thyssen (Schubert Music, Managing Director / Head of Recorded Music), Lisa Gerrard, Jules Maxwell, Ina Schulz (Schubert Music, Head of International Product Management), Maggie Rodford (Air-Edel, Management Lisa Gerrard)

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ALL NEW MKULTRASOUND Live from the Looney Bin the Nick Huffman Book Launch PodCast 1-9-2021

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Watch AC/DC’s Music Video For ‘Realize’

The official music video for AC/DC‘s song “Realize” can be seen below. The track is taken from the legendary rockers’ long-awaited comeback album, “Power Up”, which came out in November. The follow-up to 2014’s “Rock Or Bust” features AC/DC‘s 2020 lineup of Brian Johnson (vocals), Phil Rudd (drums), Cliff Williams (bass), Angus Young (guitar) and Stevie Young (guitar).

Co-directed by Clemens Habicht (TAME IMPALALIARS) and Josh Cheuse (AC/DC‘s creative director), the black and white-hued “Realize” video showcases AngusBrianCliffPhil and Stevie doing what they do best: rocking out “together.” Confronted with the challenge of having the band in five different locations, the co-directors approached the video as a puzzle, calling on Habicht‘s expertise, and pieced each individual performance together to create a cohesive visual that shows AC/DC like never before.

In a recent interview with France’s Heavy1 TVAngus spoke about “Realize”, which is the opening song on “Power Up”. He said: “‘Realize’, I remember working with Mal [late AC/DC rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young], and we worked on that track. We spent a fair bit of time on it. It was another strong idea that he had. For me, I knew how much he really liked it. I remember when we originally were writing it, the effort that he put in and how he built it up. The thing is, I remember we had the music side of it together, how we wanted to do it. And he gave me his hook idea, the chorus, When the gave me the verse idea, of how he wanted the lyric, he sang it to me roughly. And I heard it, and it stuck in my head all day. And I just kind of thought, how clever is he? He just comes up with something. It was one of those things where I kept repeating it and repeating it in my head.”

He continued: “Sometimes I used to think, ‘I don’t know where he pulls these ideas from.’ His great gift was… For him, a song wasn’t a combination of riffs and hooks and that. For him, he just had a kind of natural gift… Whenever he created a song, the parts would all come together — lyrics, music, and even kind of the dynamic of it… So it was a never a case with the two of us [where we] just settled for the chords you first hit or something; you went through all the different angles with him. And even with a song, a song with us never really… Say you were doing it at that tempo or a different way, sometimes we may even go back to another route and go, ‘Okay, try it from another perspective.’

“With this one, though, he had it just so clear, and it stuck with me,” Angus added. “He was gonna get a mic and just put his rough voice, ’cause you can do that some time. And I said, ‘Mal, if it’s for me, you don’t need to. I’ve got it here [points to his head]. [Laughs]”

“Power Up” is a tribute to Malcolm, who died in 2017 from effects of dementia at age 64. Malcolm is credited as a writer on all 12 tracks on “Power Up”, along with Angus.

In December 2014, Malcolm revealed he had dementia which forced him to retire from AC/DC. His nephew Stevie Young stepped into Malcolm‘s position.

Angus later said that he realized during the recording of the band’s 2008 album “Black Ice” that his brother’s faculties were impaired.

Malcolm died in November 2017 after failing health for several years.

Hundreds of mourners gathered for his funeral in Sydney, Australia, including Angus and other members of the Young family, along with JohnsonAC/DC drummer Phil Rudd and bassist Cliff Williams.

Malcolm was remembered as a “humble man” and “musical mastermind,” with friend David Albert saying in his eulogy that Malcolm‘s impact on the music industry was nothing short of momentous. Young’s beloved Gretsch guitar, “The Beast,” rested on his coffin during the service.

“Power Up” was recorded over a six-week period in August and September 2018 at Warehouse Studios in Vancouver with producer Brendan O’Brien, who also worked 2008’s “Black Ice” and 2014’s “Rock Or Bust”.

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Marsha Zazula, who co-founded Megaforce Records in 1983 with her husband Jon (a.k.a. Jonny Z), died earlier today (January 10) at the age of 68.

Marsha and Jonny‘s daughter Rikki Zazula confirmed her mother’s passing, writing in a Facebook post: “RIP Mom April 21, 1952 -January 10, 2021 Your love, Your strength, Your memory and Your music has changed lives and will continue to FOREVER.”

Megaforce is widely credited for launching the career of METALLICA by releasing the band’s first two albums, 1983’s “Kill ‘Em All” and 1984’s “Ride The Lightning”, before METALLICA landed a major label deal with ElektraMegaforce‘s roster has also included such artists as ANTHRAXTESTAMENTOVERKILLAce FrehleyMINISTRYKING’S XSTORMTROOPERS OF DEATH and RAVEN.

METALLICA paid tribute to Marsha in an Instagram post, writing: “Rest In Peace, Marsha. Thank you for everything. Much love to @thejonzazula & the Zazula family.”

ANTHRAX said: “It’s with much sadness that we hear of the passing of Marsha Zazula. A true pioneer along with Jonny Z. Those two were responsible for changing all our lives. Hard to put into words what a world this might be without their belief and dedication to metal and all of us. Our love to her family.”

Born in 1952, Jonny began his extraordinary journey as a renegade youth who went from living on the streets of the Bronx in New York City, to later working on Wall Street, and eventually (and unexpectedly) transitioning into the music business and discovering METALLICAANTHRAX and others.

After Wall Street, Jonny Z began selling records at a flea market store in 1981 to put food on the table for his family. Dubbed Rock N’ Roll Heaven, the store eventually blossomed into a major record store that influenced the heavy metal movement as we know it today. In the winter of 1982, Jonny Z received an unexpected demo tape from unsigned underground band called METALLICA. Eager and determined to have the music heard by the entire world, Jonny and Marsha founded Megaforce the following year and released “Kill ‘Em All”. Through this release, Megaforce cemented its position as the de-facto music label in America for heavy metal.

Jon‘s acclaimed autobiography, “Heavy Tales: The Metal. The Music. The Madness. As Lived By Jon Zazula”, was released in October 2019. The book tells the story of how the Zazulas ended up signing a band that shaped the sound of heavy metal for decades to come.

“It’s all a blessing when you work hard and you stay smart and you go into the game and then eventually something comes your way and you’re ready for it. And you’re able to jump upon it and ride it,” Jonny told Variety. “We were very fortunate, Marsha and I, that we have them to choose as a band that became the biggest band in the world. Not to mention a bunch of other great bands that made history.”

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Concert Venues, Theaters Could Reopen By Fall 2021, Says DR. ANTHONY FAUCI

Dr. Anthony Fauci says that theaters and other live entertainment venues could reopen “some time in the fall of 2021.”

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases gave an update on when he thinks the performing arts will be able to reopen during a virtual conference held by the Association of Performing Arts Professionals.

According to The New York TimesFauci said that the country will have to reach an effective level of herd immunity, which requires vaccinating from 70 percent to 85 percent of the population, before theaters and other venues will be able to reopen.

“If everything goes right, this is will occur some time in the fall of 2021,” Fauci said, “so that by the time we get to the early to mid-fall, you can have people feeling safe performing onstage as well as people in the audience.”

Fauci went on to say that if vaccine distribution succeeded, theaters with good ventilation and proper air filters might not need to place many restrictions for performances by the fall — except asking their audience members to wear masks, which he suggested could continue to be a norm for the foreseeable future.

Small live music and entertainment venues have been hard-hit during the coronavirus pandemic, with 90 percent of venue owners, promoters, and bookers previously reporting they were at risk of closing without additional financial assistance and an estimated $9 billion in losses.

Last month, congessional leaders announced a new COVID-19 relief bill that will include funding for independent music venues that have been closed throughout the pandemic.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer issued a statement saying the long-overdue $900 billion stimulus deal bill includes “$15 billion in dedicated funding for live venues, independent movie theaters, and cultural institutions.”

Also in December, concert trade publication Pollstar released its year-end report in which it said that the total lost revenue for the live events industry in 2020 was more than $30 billion. This figure includes “unreported events, ancillary revenues, including sponsorships, ticketing, concessions, merch, transportation, restaurants, hotels, and other economic activity tied to the live events.”

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Outlaw Industrial Rock Outfit CHMCL STR8JCKT Releases “Texas,” the First Single from Upcoming Cleopatra Album

New Jersey-based CHMCL STR8JCKT is paying homage to the Lone Star State with “Texas,” the first single from the “outlaw industrial rock” act’s upcoming Cleopatra Records release, DRK PRGRSSN.

Fusing old school metal guitars with classic Wax Trax! era industrial music, CHMCL STR8JCKT brings vintage flavor to their sinister sound. “‘DRK PRGRSSN’ defines outlaw industrial music,” says vocalist Kevin Snell. “It’s a true fusion of metal, punk and hard rock within an industrial framework and horror-tinged ethos. ‘DRK PRGRSSN’ throws down the gauntlet and rejects genres. The first single, ‘Texas,’ is the anthem to kick off the apocalyptic party.”

DRK PRGRSSN, a 14-track opus produced by John Bechdel (MinistryFear FactoryKilling Joke) , is scheduled for release this spring.

After releasing their self-titled debut in 2017, CHMCL STR8JCKT quickly garnered excellent reviews and airplay on countless radio stations and internet platforms. While writing new material, CHMCL STR8JCKT offered up their debut tracks for remix to other international industrial artists. The resulting release, 2018’s 18-track RMX, featured artists like Leaetherstrip and Adoration Destroyed, and likewise received raves review and airplay.

In 2019, teamed up with producer Bechdel to refine their signature sound. Early demos sparked the interest from the legendary Cleopatra Records, which signed CHMCL STR8JCKT for the release of released their sophomore studio release, WRTCHD THNGS. The following year, WRTCHD RMX was unveiled, helping the band further secure a strong following on Spotify.

CHMCL STR8JCKT has become known for a powerful, engaging live show with dark imagery and select theatrics to enhance the disturbing themes of their songs. They have been direct support for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and have opened for acts such as OrgySkoldCurse Mackey and Christian Death.

Check out CHMCL STR8JCKT‘s previous singles and videos “Bomb Cyclone,” “Black Vulture,” “The Only Thing That’s Real” and “Dressed To Kill.”


Kevin Snell – Programming, Keyboards, Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals

Mike Cairoli – Guitars

Ian Omega – Percussion, Backing Vocals, Arrangements

Scott Luckman – Keyboards, Backing Vocals


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