Post-Punk Duo JOHNATHAN/CHRISTIAN Release New EP, Together, We’re Alone Darkness Is Always An Opportunity

Transatlantic post-punk duo JOHNATHAN/CHRISTIAN are pleased to announce the release of their newest EP, Together We’re Alone. Available on all digital platforms globally NOW!
“Unlike previous releases, the lyrics and inspirations on this one is a bit of a paradox” says singer/co-writer, Christian Granquist. “Some of our “usual” vocal topics like loneliness, isolation and of course,  death have become so much more relevant during the pandemic. And for the exact same reason they appear less relevant, as they become less metaphorical. “
Together We’re Alone features appearances by MACHINERY OF DESIRE‘s Adrian  Auchrome, Italian singer Elisa Mammoliti and  the brute force of 45 GRAVE drummer Tom Coyne (“My Dying Words.”)This new EP brings their sound full circle and closes it up with a cover of the ADAM & THE ANTS song, “Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face)”  to end on a lighter note.

“I think the energy in the opening song “My Dying Words” came from the sense I saw with people returning from the near death-experiences of COVID, and of course, my own COVID hospitalization.”
“The title track “Together, We’re Alone” is more of a classic love theme paired with the irony of how much obstacles we ourselves create to get there.” says Christian.  “Moreover, it poses the question on why the richest countries in the world have the most one-person-households. Is loneliness self-chosen by a chosen few? And possibly on top of the Maslow ladder? Or is it the other way around?”
“To me, the original song idea was to write ‘the love story that wasn’t’”, adds Johnathan. “I kept thinking of two people living incredibly sad lonely lives determined to believe the universe never wanted them to know true love, but yet they lived next door to each other all their lives unaware that they were meant to be soulmates all along, yet oblivious of each others feelings”
Buy/Stream Johnathan/Christian Now Via Bandcamp

JOHNATHAN/CHRISTIAN are Stockholm Post-Punk writer/vocalist Christian Granquist, along with New York alternative music veteran, Johnathan Mooney, currently living in Greater Los Angeles. With a songwriting approach that’s been described as a “soundtrack to a dark thriller or doomed romance”, JOHNATHAN/CHRISTIAN‘s music has been described as strongly reminiscent of  romantic death-rock, 80’s gothic and post-punk but with a modern production sheen.

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Industrial Band MALICE MACHINE Turns A Hostile World Into ‘Chemical Violence’ New album and video out NOW!

Pennsylvania-based industrial band MALICE MACHINE have just unleashed their highly-anticipated new full-length album, Chemical Violence.

The lyrics on Chemical Violence express some of the the darker sides of our nature. cold landscapes  combined with twisted and tortured concepts of what reality is or what the human experience can be for some of us. It’s not always a pleasant journey. One thing is certain. This sick machine will grind down all of us eventually.

All songs are written by Syn and Ammo and recorded and mastered by Syn at Prototype Studio.  “Restrict” and “Dead Circuit” were co-produced and mixed by John Bechdel from MINISTRY.


“Chemical Violence started as a continuation of our first album, Digital Scars, but quickly evolved into a more electronic driven, rhythmic Industrial project with guitar being a lesser element. There are several dance heavy tracks but we also return to brooding flavors to satisfy our darker nature. 

Chemical Violence covers a lot of industrial territory. We don’t want to be pigeonholed into one sub-genre so all the songs have their own flavor. Retro and post style, Electronic, driven guitar, grinding Noisecore and Aggrotech elements, Synth bass, Drum-dominant.” – Ammo (MALICE MACHINE)



Originally hailing from NYC, MALICE MACHINE is a collaboration of two dark souls, Syn and Ammo. Their sound emanates in a cybernetic assembly of Industrial synths, seething noise, methodical drums, razored guitar, and edge-riding vocals.

Utilizing their musical methods of programming with organic musicianship, MALICE MACHINE crafts their songs in a menacing mesh of analog and digital waves. 

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ALL NEW MKULTRASOUND The JOY THIEVES: Matthew Clark, Alex Zander, Emily Sifrit, Jason Kenski and the Return of Cassie

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ALL NEW: Lockjaw -Down The Hall (official video)

From the Lockjaw album “Somewhere In A Dream” on Dark Drug Records.

Filmed and produced by Miguel Santiago/Mystery Music.

Vocals recorded and song mixed by Eric LaBrosse at Cherry Pit Studios. All music and lyrics by Medavon DeRaj’e.

Exclusively available at Bandcamp.…

Lockjaw On Facebook at Lockjaw on Reverbnation


It escapes me now
Seems to leave me now
Just like it never was there
I watch it disappear
Down the hall
And now I’ll take my time
I coulda made you mine
It’s just a hardened sigh
I love to feel the sun
Do you wanna come?
Echoes down the hall
Who’s calling out my name?
I’m gone just like the wind
And now it feels like I never even…
And now I’ll take my time
I coulda made you mine
It’s just a hardened sigh
I love to feel the sun
Do you wanna come?
The sun is setting do you see the moon?
I’m wishing on a star with you
Incidental fate so true
Tangled up I see the blue
In your eyes, in your eyes
Close your eyes and let me sleep
Close your eyes and let me sleep
Close your eyes and let me sleep tonight
tonight, tonight, tonight

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Brand-new Blutengel launches today – new video ‘Darkness awaits us’ unveils NOW on Out Of Line-TV!

Blutengel and their music is an individual attitude and confession of belief – almost a religion of its very own.
Chris Pohl, singer, and mastermind of Blutengel, enthuses about the brand-new music video ‘Darkness awaits us’:

“Finally a song featuring Ulli and me! A classic Blutengel duet! We kept that one until the pretty final stage! Beautifully filmed in front of a green screen with a slight retro touch – we had a lot of fun shooting! I’m beyond excited about the response to the new album and hope that our fans come to Magdeburg on 13. August, to perform several of the songs live, including this one!”

Stream / get the brand-new album here: 

A new era is about to dawn for Blutengel with “Erlösung – The Victory of Light”. Never before did Blutengel release so many German songs on an album as this time. Allied with the artwork of Stefan Heilemann (Heilemania), Blutengel will seduce you entirely into their world. The light is followed by the darkness and the darkness by the light. An eternal cycle ignites in “Erlösung (Redemption) – The Victory of Light” and takes the listener into the realm of Blutengel.

Already in the gripping first single – sung in German and English – “The Victory of Light” the light shows us the way. Electronic sound, raw, futuristic – in combination with the irresistible appeal to dance and epic rousing choruses, the album reveals a true anthem potential. By the time we can fully enjoy the album, we are called to hit “Repeat” for the single(s), which conveys the prevailing message, especially at this time.

“We are the light! The light will win!” says Blutengel mastermind Chris Pohl. “The light can also be interpreted as redemption in the sense of death – you see the light into which you shall leave…”, taking this into account, Chris describes the collective transition into infinity herein…. Be it as it shall be: In the end, there is the LIGHT!

The brand new Blutengel album “Erlösung – The Victory Of Light” is out worldwide on July 16 via Out Of Line Music as CD and as a double CD in a digipak with eight bonus tracks. For vinyl enthusiasts, there will be a double vinyl in the colors turquoise and transparent. As a collector’s item, the double vinyl also comes as a 180g “glow in the dark” (a vinyl that illuminates in the dark) and is exclusively available in Out Of Line’s shop. All types of vinyl include a download code and are strictly limited. For the first time, a Blutengel album will also be available on a limited cassette (MC). For the authentic cassette retro feeling and to fight the tape clutter, an imprinted pencil will go with it, exclusively in the Out Of Line Shop. Though, the highlight is a limited box set. Besides the double CD in digipak the box contains the exclusive bonus CD “A World Beyond”, the photo book “Erlösung – The Complete Story” (a book with the complete lyrics & excl. pictures by Annie Bertram) in a DIN A5 format, a keychain with a LED flashlight and a very special hologram sticker with the Blutengel logo.

Blutengel Album “Erlösung – The Victory of Light” – Tracklist:

1.     Illuminate my Soul

2.     Wir sind das Licht

3.     We are not dead

4.     Seasons

5.     Wer ist dein Meister?

6.     Deine Dämonen

7.     I am the Darkness

8.     Erlöse mich

9.     Wie Sand

10.   No Religion

11.   Darkness awaits us1

2.   We fall

13.   The Victory of Light

14.   Hand in Hand

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Betty X, is an American musician, artist, activist, and writer known for her controversial stage persona and image as the lead singer of the eponymous band Betty X. Her stage name was formed from the combination of names of the 1950s’ American icons: domestic goddess Betty Crocker, pin-up model Bettie Page, and the human rights activist Malcolm X. Betty is also the founding member of Satan in High Heels and works with guest musicians to co-write songs. She was the founder and frontwoman for her previous punk cabaret band Salon Betty. She is also well known in the underground art/music scene for her guerrilla art and outrageous on-stage antics. She has recently collaborated with Al Jourgensen on Bad Side of Love and producer John Fryer, on Social Media Disease song for his new project Black Needle Noise as well as Mary’s Window.

Alex and Betty talk about Bill Cosby, Britney Spears, Al Jourgensen, Martin Atkins, John Fryer, Mike Scaccia, Social Media KISS Triva and 4 songs and more in just under 90 minutes. That’s a fucking show!!!!

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