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Texas calf born looking like KISS rocker Gene Simmons


SOURCE: The Associated Press


KERRVILLE, Texas — KISS frontman Gene Simmons is udderly thrilled by a newborn calf born with strikingly similar black-and-white markings to the face paint he wears on stage.


Simmons tweeted his admiration for the calf on Sunday, saying, “This is real, folks!!!”


Heather Taccetta, who lives at the ranch with her family, said Tuesday that the calf belongs to her grandmother.


It is named Genie, in honor of Simmons.


Taccetta says the calf and its mother are doing fine and that Genie is a family favorite and won’t be sold for slaughter.

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Coming almost four years after his album Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) earned the best reviews of his career and his highest chart-placing in 20 years, the iconic and highly influential Gary Numan will release his 22nd album Savage (Songs From A Broken World) on September 15. The announcement comes shortly after the British electro pioneer was awarded the Inspiration Award for songwriting and composition at the Ivor Novellos.


Savage (Songs From A Broken World) is an album with a narrative that’s set in an apocalyptic, post-global warming Earth in the not-too-distant future. There is no technology left and most of the planet has turned to a desolate desert wasteland. Food is scarce, water even more so and human kindness and decency are just a dim and distant memory. Western and Eastern cultures have merged, more because of the need to simply survive than any feelings of greater tolerance or understanding. It’s a harsh, savage environment, as are the survivors who still roam across it.


While Numan was writing the record, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. It made sense to make him and his climate decisions the catalyst for the apocalypse theme of the album.


“The songs are about the things that people do in such a harsh and terrifying environment,” explains Numan. “It’s about a desperate need to survive and they do awful things in order to do so, and some are haunted by what they’ve done. That desire to be forgiven, along with some discovered remnants of an old religious book, ultimately encourages religion to resurface, and it really goes downhill from there.”

The album was produced by long-term collaborator Ade Fenton, with recording sessions split between Numan’s own studio in LA, and in the UK. Numan and Fenton’s creative connection goes back to 2006’s Jagged. “Ade is not only extremely creative but ridiculously hard working, even in difficult circumstances,” says Numan. “It’s easy to discuss alternative ideas with him, he’s not precious about things and is always looking to make the music better, even if that means, on very rare occasions, undoing his own work and starting again.”
As the project took shape, Numan also set up a Pledge Music campaign to create an experience for fans that would let them see how an album was put together, from the first note to the finished shrink wrapped package. It was a strategy that brought Numan closer to his fans, and allowed him to communicate the blood, sweat and tears that goes into making a record. The campaign grew so successful that Numan consequently secured a record deal with BMG.

The album has today been previewed with its first single “My Name Is Ruin.” It’s a menacing industrial march in which the unrelenting mechanized intensity is countered by the humanity of its sweet, swirling backing vocals which exude a palpable Egyptian influence. It’s immediately captivating but brutally uncompromising: the sound of an artist eager to continue to push both himself and his audience almost four decades after presenting his initial sonic prototype.

The accompanying video for the track was directed by visual artist and musician Chris Corner of IAMX. Filmed in the desolate deserts of southern California, it features a special guest in the shape of Numan’s 11-year-old daughter Persia who also contributes vocals to the track. With the foreboding setting and temperatures reaching 48ºC during the shoot, the stunning location was the perfect backdrop for an album that examines a world struggling for survival after the devastation of global warming.


Savage (Songs From A Broken World) will be released on CD, deluxe CD, double vinyl, cassette, digital and MFiT formats. “My Name Is Ruin” is available as an instant download for fans who pre-order the album.

Savage (Songs From A Broken World) Standard CD Edition – Official Tracklisting


01. Ghost Nation
02. Bed Of Thorns
03. My Name Is Ruin*
04. The End Of Things
05. And It All Began With You
06. When The World Comes Apart
07. Mercy
08. What God Intended
09. Pray For The Pain You Serve
10. Broken


*Available Now!



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Holly Randall Comes Out with Hot New Podcast: Holly Randall Unfiltered


Suze and Holly Randall

World renowned erotic photographer Holly Randall is now the host of a weekly podcast, Holly Randall Unfiltered that features real talk with legends of the adult industry.

With an honest and humorous outlook on life, Holly Randall Unfiltered strips down the public’s misconceptions about the porn business, and reveals to her audience the real people behind the fantasy.

“My first episode— which is honestly my favorite— is with my parents, and it’s so good because they have an incredible story,” says Holly. “They lived the ‘golden age’ of porn in the 70s, the real ‘Boogie Nights’ era. My mother Suze Randall was the first female staff photographer at Playboy, and my parents were also working for Hustler when Larry Flynt was shot and paralyzed. From orgies, to cocaine binges, to partying with celebrities— they’ve seen it all! My second podcast guest is Lisa Ann, who is easily one of the most famous pornstars in the world, and who’s views on Pornhub (the number one porn site in the world), has recently reached over a billion. It’s an incredibly frank discussion about our lives in the industry, and it will give people a different perspective on the women who work in the porn business.”

New episodes of Holly Randall Unfiltered come out every Wednesday, and it’s available on Itunes, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, and Stitcher. Fans may listen to the podcast here on iTunes: and here on Google Play:


Holly Randall has one of the biggest social media followings for a producer, she can be found on Twitter at, on Facebook at, on Instagram at and on her website


About Holly Randall:

With an expansive portfolio, numerous media appearances, and a slew of different projects under her belt, Holly Randall is already the best known of the new generation of glamour nude photographers.

The daughter of legendary erotic photographer Suze Randall, Holly started out assisting her mother straight out of a year and a half stint at Brooks Institute of Photography, and has never looked back.

Holly has shot the cover of almost every major men’s magazine including Czech Maxim, Bizarre, Penthouse, Hustler and Club. She is the top producer and casting agent for Playboy Plus, but her client list also includes Penthouse, Adam & Eve, Digital Playground, Brazzers, Twistys, Adult DVD Empire, and many others. Her website won the 2014 Xbiz “Best Photo Site” award, and the 2014 Rise Awards for “Site of the Year”.

Holly was the host of Playboy TV’s “Adult Film School” series, a kind of sex fantasy camp where she helps real life couples make their sex tape fantasies come true. The show was immensely popular and ran for three seasons. She was also featured in the Netflix documentary series “Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On” where her episode “Women on Top”, was the only one to be shown at the Sundance film festival. In a recent New York Times article, the director and producer Rashida Jones named Holly one of her favorite female porn directors.

Always expanding her brand and reach, Holly now runs a workshop offering classes in nude glamour photography in the Los Angeles area. Every event has sold out in record time.



A World Literature graduate from UCLA, she has written columns for, Xbiz, and contributed to a collection of short stories called “Naked Ambition”. Holly has also published four photo books: Erotic Dream Girls, Kinky Lingerie Girls, Kinky Nylons and her latest book Kinky Super Beauties, through international publisher Goliath books that can be ordered through Amazon or found in various adult bookstores.

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The Truth About Popular Culture

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Interview by by Alex Zander and Newbomb Turk
photos by Newbomb Turk

Doused in the (street) waters of Los Angeles, California, Budderside are fronted by Patrick Stone, who was with the likes of Quiet Riot, Velvet Revolver and Adler’s Appetite before realizing the ultimate dream of his own band and singing his own songs to the world. Enter Michael The Stoneman Stone on bass, Rich Sacco on drums and Johnny Santoro, (Still Standing, Rock Sugar) on guitar to form a rock-solid band of brothers with instantly unbreakable bonds.


Budderside manager, Todd Singerman of Singerman Entertainment (Motörhead), ensured the band went into Rosewood Strat Studio with producer Paul Inder Kilmister. And the result is a searing-hot, self-titled debut album BUDDERSIDE, which is due for release this summer and will be officially launched with the video for their first single Pain.


Stone’s drive and verve come from a need to make sense of all life’s challenges –politics, sex, philosophy, rage, love, light, sound, senses- and express them all with one unifying current racing through it all – electricity, and Stone is far from encumbered by any perceived limitations of a rock band more than he is empowered by the freedom to explore.


That seeker-spirit sees Budderside go from the thick, thumping, leather-clad rock riffery of The Envelope to the ska-tinted mobility of Ska-Bra which also features Motörhead’s Phil Campbell on guitar. There’s the bendy, grungy intoxication of X-Girlfriend, the big-stage orchestral grandiosity of Can’t Wrap My Head Around You and the thicker, space-fuzzy buzz-riff of Open Relationship… which all serve to say that whatever sonic broadsword Budderside want to swing, they swing with freedom and verve.


Infectious, gritty, contagious and altogether dangerous, Budderside demand your fullest focus and most engaged attention.


Considering my well documented distaste for Joliet, and having to travel to the burbs again from my home in Chicago on a school night, we were pleasantly surprised at how well the management and staff at The Forge, a new venue for live music, accommodated us. They really went out of their way for us from the moment we walked in the doors to prepare for our interview with BUDDERSIDE vocalist Patrick Stone. (Big thanks to FM ENTERTAINMENT owner Frank Mastalerz and Brandon who was heading up security for the evening’s event) While on the topic of accommodating, the singer sent me a text to alert me they were stuck in traffic. Still the interview was on time and Patrick was happy, energetic and very gracious to us from the moment we shook hands and even after when he checked with me to make sure our place on the guest list was taken care of. – AZ



This interview was done in the loft of THE FORGE Concert Venue in Joliet Illinois as LA Guns was starting to sound check for the nights’ performance. The instruments kept getting louder and louder so as we sought out a quieter, more private area of the venue and in true rock and roll fashion, we found that the nearest washroom would have to do……. -Newbomb Turk


Alex Zander – I used to work for Turk at HBO, we became friends because of Motorhead, I got hired and he asked me if I liked Motorhead, so I invited him to a show I was working two weeks after that.


Patrick Stone – Oh sweet


AZ – Its been almost twenty years


PS – When I first got sober I was doing a show on HBO called ‘Deadwood’


AZ – I love that show


PS – I brought it up for Lemmy to be like a guest star and he was a ‘Pinkerton on the finale


AZ – HAHA that’s great there is supposed to be a movie coming out…what did you do on Deadwood?


PS – Well its funny, you start in the background and I had just gotten completely sober from Heroin and speed and everything I was doing for years and all types of cool stuff started to happen right? But it turns out that the writer of that show, David Melch was a recovering addict too and I didn’t know right from wrong about sets and all the things that go into the production of a tv show and all the rules you are supposed to abide by so I was just kind of rubbing elbows with everybody and before I know it, David Melch and I….I didn’t even know it was the creator of the show until later but we started talking about addiction and three or four days later he was inviting me to the raffles they were having and then he throws me in a scene and he was giving me lines for the show and boom,boom,boom and they had all types of people on the show Alice in chains was on, the guys from Anthrax, and that’s how I met Scott Ian and I for the first time and we became friends and we would sit around the Promenade they called it there and everybody would sit between scenes and they would play music together, rock stars all over the place


It was right about here that it was getting uncomfortably loud for what we were attempting to accomplish, the Drums were loud and proud!


PS – One day they said we’d love to have Lemmy on and I said, Hey, I used to roadie for Lemmy and they were like “BRING HIM OUT”!! So I called him right from the set and he said, I would love to do the show, so we went out there and we were there all day


AZ – So you mention addiction, and those stories are true were dealing?


PS – Oh God yeah…it was bad HAHAHAHA


AZ – Its nice that you can talk about that it good to see…we saw you a couple of weeks ago in St Charles at the Arcada and my friend was shooting you; Eden..


PS- Oh yes, she was in the depths of the darkness with us.


AZ – We decided that we really wanted to talk with you, and I know your publicist, Maria (Ferrero
at Adrenaline PR) and Danielle Cerratoso  hooked  us up.


PS – Oh yes, she is really starting to help us out a lot


AZ So it’s true, that’s first how you met Motorhead, you went on a deal?


PS – Yeah the first time I remember seeing them and I’m not going to mention any names but I was kind of tagging along cause I was addicted and crazy and loved to hang out with whoever had the most ‘Stuff’ and we would frequently go by and see the guys from Motorhead, they were rehearsing at a place, kind of like a storage place over there on Santa Monica and Highland, it was like a starter/ musicians and stuff and you would walk in and there they were rehearsing and I would be like Oh Wow that’s Motorhead, you was so loud and I’d be really quiet and didn’t want to ruffle any feathers but later on I ended up dating somebody that was really close to them and they would frequently come by our house and we became really close friends and then Phil was on the phone one day, hung up and said Oh No, my roadie just backed out, I don’t have a roadie for the upcoming Everything Louder than Everything Else tour and I was like…Ya you do! I’m right here so he took me along with him


Newbomb Turk – What year was that?


PS – I’m not even sure…


AZ – He (NT) has the signature guitar that Phil plays


PS- Which one?


NT – The LAG, signature model


PS – You have THAT guitar???!!!


NT – Not the one Phil plays, its part of the artist series


AZ – He wants to get it signed by Phil Campbell


PS – Oh I was going to say, I used to tune the hell out of that thing everynight!


NT – I hope he is coming to the US soon, all of the dates with his ‘Bastard Sons’ have been in Europe so far


PS – He’s doing really well with his kids, he too is on our record label and Phil plays on our record


AZ – Lemmy’s son produced your album right?


PS – Yes he did


By now it was too overpowering LOUD, Traci Guns was warming up and playing ‘Cant Explain’ by the WHO on his guitar and our search for a quieter spot was underway we ended up in El Bano!


NT – (Inside the bathroom) This is MUCH better for sound


AZ – Hey, LA WOMEN was recorded in a bathroom!…Jim Morrison’s tracks were…




AZ – Your story is interesting and we knew you’d be fun to talk to but the Motorhead thing is what really got us, were really big fans and I read some of the things written on Metal Sludge like 10 questions and things which is fun you know?


PS – Oh yeah he is always busting my balls.


AZ – I haven’t read anything about Motorhead stories, what’s a good Motorhead tale from the road?


PS – Oh God…


AZ- …One that really stands out..


PS – What aside from girls getting whipped with underwears full of shit or cheeseballs flying of women’s genitalia? Honestly the coolest thing was how awesome and loving Lemmy really was and how he let me, you know I was really new to the team but he knew I wanted to be a song writer, he knew I was a song writer, he listen to my music and he always encouraged me, but he would often take me to the back of the bus and he would share his lyrics with me and he would let me make little changes or I would elaborate on what I thought he was trying to say and he would add that to the song you know.. and somebody that ‘Iconic’ letting you sit down and share ideas like that was really something


NT – Do you feel those experiences has contributed to your writing?


PS – Oh completely, yeah. He told me all the time you don’t belong behind the stage, you belong in front of it; he always told me that too. Todd Sugerman, their manager came by the house one time and said MAN, when you are ready to do this, fucking let me know, these are hit songs and was like, I know they are, I know they are but something never quite clicked and I think it was finally getting sober and having the focus I needed and going out with Steven Adler and bands like that and them taking a hard right turn and you getting left behind the whole thing made me finally say I’m ready to do my own thing..Oh Wait…somebody told me when I’m ready to do my own thing they’d get behind me. So I was ready to do my own thing and Lemmy and Todd supported it and then the hugest wave came in and I’ve been riding the wave ever since with the air underneath my wings.


NT – There is kind of a ‘Buzz’ about your band, I see a lot of respect coming from other musicians in the industry and there is a lot of talk about you, people that have interviewed you, the album has been out for about a year now


PS – Yes, coming up on a year..


NT – You have over 46,000 hits on your ‘Pain’ video as of this morning


PS – One by one every day


NT – Where was the ‘Pain’ video filmed?


PS – Stoneman our bass player had a friend and Rich our drummer had a boxing ring and it feels like….I mean people are saying great things and it’s a real struggle where you feel like things are about to happen and its about my whole life I’ve felt that this is something I need to do or I’m not going to be Patrick Stone , I’m not going to be this person I was born to be so its like all of the encouragement and all that’s happened is really pushing us forward and really making us believe in ourselves even more but certain things just kind of fall into place and every time we get together to do things people come out to help, whether it was the boxing ring and he let us come in and clear out what we needed to clear out and there was a machine that was blowing feathers all over the place and they are the hardest thing to clean up and all of these people that were there were like, no its cool, we got this, we’ll take care of everything. The owners of the club had guys cleaning it up and people not on our payroll just wanting to help. When you have eleven naked girls all around in grease most guys would be like…go ahead and punch me in the face again, just le me stay!


NT – So the ending scene with you and the girls in the bed; how many takes was that, did you want to keep shooting until you got it right?


PS – Oh yes, I kept yelling…Do it again, Do it again until we got it right!!


NT – So what’s next? Do you have another record on its way?


PS –Yeah, we’ve been writing like crazy, we’ve got some stuff that’s stronger, heavier and faster and I’ve never tried tuning down to D before, I’ve always felt its cheating or something but I accidently tried it one night and all of a sudden I realized, this is pretty cool and the energy that gives you kind of opens up a whole new door to your songwriting. Stuff starts getting a little plain and you keep writing the same chords over and over again and you change the tuning a little bit and this whole new area opens and there is a whole new vocal range to explore with different notes and things to play / ideas to play with. We’ve got a few songs that are tuned like that and we recording another song with Phil Campbell we’re still using a lot of synth tracks and that big wall of sound


NT – It kind of gives it a futuristic sound doesn’t it? A more ‘Digital Age’ type of Metal?


PS – I LOVE being influenced by anything, I mean I still love John Denver but I love that Korn record when it came out with Scrylics and I was like WHOA and the guys from Muse are super powerful and how can you not use that? We’re a rock band and you start playing with these toys and we’re not a rock band anymore, this is something new, this is something different but we still have these deep roots placed..


NT – as long as you keep the rhythm right?


AZ- Are you still on the same bus as LA GUNS?


PS – No, we have our own. Originally we were going to go out together, but we wanted to do a few other shows on their off nights, we wanted to stay busy so having our own bus allows us to do our own thing. We got it wrapped and a strip club back home and Sams Hofbrau sponsored us wrapped the bus.



AZ – Sweet it really catches your eye, did you do the Whiskey show Friday with them?


PS – No the show was booked before the tour


AZ – How the Fuck did they get all the way here from LA in just a couple of days?!!!


NT – With a show in Denver in between!


PS – Yeah it was like a 20 hour ride


AZ – I was wondering how it was going to work with all of you on the same bus?


PS – It would have been cool to be on with them, to ride with them and all but we wanted our own space that way you can invite in who you want and


NT – A little privacy! They are putting on a pretty good show, does their playing bring your level of playing up?


PS – Oh Yes! Since we’ve left LA …since January we got rid of the old guitar player I think we were really focused on image and when he left (Thankfully!!) and I told myself..we need ‘THE GUY”, a guitr God another guitar player that you could look at and respect and we didn’t stop looking until we found this guy, so that alone having him come into the group. So we have a record full of solos and stuff that were formed by Phil Campbell and Lemmy’s son Paul, They are off the charts, I mean those guys can get up with Steve Vai and Zac Wylde and play like on Lemmys birthday party they can hold their own so we needed a guitar player that can do that and this guy does that and even plays on top of the notes


NT – You really seem to enjoy playing with him too.


PS – Oh yeah, he’s so great! We ALL enjoy being together, playing together and THAT since we left on this tour, has fed the energy of this tour, every show and fed the caliber of musicianship that we’re dealing with now and being alongside someone that is that talented really allows me to push myself and hit every note, strongr faster, everything. You have to surround yourself with people that are better than you, because that is how you get better, you know? I mean I was half the singer I ever was when I joined Steven Adlers’ band I was like, OH I’ve got the job and now I’ve got to sing 14 Guns and Roses songs every night? OH SHIT!!


NT – How is Steven doing?


PS – He’s doing great! They’re some talk of us doing some shows in South America and stuff


NT – You guys played the Wacken festival last year in front of 80,000 people, what was that like?


PS – It was MIND BLOWING and that was the first show after going over to Europe.


They’re was a LOT of concentrating going on when the lights came on, but was soo cool. We just saw some of the posts going up that it is happening again this year but they don’t allow you to come back two years in a row so we are really looking forward to going back next year


NT – So you did the video for the song ‘Genocide’ right after that? From what I understand the area you used as the set was already there?


PS – Oh yes it is one of my favorite stories because the song Genocide sprang from being in a hated relationship with a chick and when that whole idea came down to why are people treating each other like this?…and where is that leaving us? And that whole scope of Oh my God this is the beginning of Genocide. Everybody needs to treat each other better so its not just about the relationship with the girl, its about everything and when that song being completed it was….what type of video could you possibly shoot, it would take millions of dollars to do that and to have the record label who also owns the festival saying Hey, we’ve got a great idea of what to do for this video and then throw you in that cage and then a month later your like What? And how much work that would be to put all those outfits together and ws just another think like the wind under our wings….and every fan every night that likes us and wants to talk to us and it’s the same thing its this wave that we pray keeps growing and I am so grateful to be in this bathroom with you guys and talking about our music


NT – We should have at least gone in the girls bathroom don’t you think? HAHA


AZ – HAHA, you know that’s a great segway what is the difference between your female in Europe and over here in America? And I’m talking about the women that throw themselves at your band…


PS – HAHA…Uhm….a lot of Mother Daughter combinations on this tour !


AZ – In America or in Europe?


PS – Actually I already said that in that other video, you know there a lot of old school rock and rollers that are coming to the shows but I haven’t seen any shortage or lack of generations at all. The Wacken festival has all generations a lot of younger people so its everything you could ever want at one show, but the tour that took us out through Europe was with a band called Warner Drive and the sows were for the most part ‘Lower Key’ but we did the Malmo Festival in Sweden and Malmo is full of every girl you see on the street you think is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen and you have to shake your head and go, wait, no wait that’s her, no wait that one is, wait that one is but it seems that beautiful people are everywhere you know


AZ – Its nice that you say that and you don’t want to hurt anybodys feelings


PS – When you are in another country you notice this stuff and you want to blame it on that you are somewhere else and its that great but if you open your eyes in America and LA is full of SO many beautiful people.


AZ – See that’s the one thing about Lemmy and Motorhead it seemed like that whole thing went away for while that whole rock and roll scene and the dynamic between the women, the strippers the groupies and the band Motorhead always had that, it was like that biker mentality and you are kind of bringing that back at least for a younger audience which I think is incredible because it got lost for a while and that was the fun part of it


PS – Well Lemmy was the real deal and that is super attractive to people that are in that everyday, they want a piece of that, I’m eleven years sober, I’m the captain of the ship and I’m holding it together but let me tell you, there is some LOOSE STUFF going on in the back of that bus out there, these guys are nuts.


AZ – You say that Chip (Z’nuff) smokes everybody out?


PS – Oh God! On that tour with him and Steven I had to wear a gas mask in my bunk


AZ – Did you see John Monaco’s thing on line?


PS – What that ‘Trump’ thing? I saw the post but haven’t seen it


NT – I went to high school with Johnny, I’ve known him a long time…


PS – Yeah Johnny is good people!


AZ- I didn’t even recognize him at your last show


PS – Either did I, I was doing a post in front of the Arcada and I was like who the hell is that hippie?


AZ – I was like who is that hipster? And Newbomb said that’s Johnny Monaco


PS – He came up to me at the merch booth after the show and we go way back, I mean, I go to everyone of Chip’s shows that I can and I love Johnny and I love what he did together with Chip but I was shocked when I saw him and before I put two and two together he had said to me, hey you gotta let me do your hair! I thought what are you going to do give see some rogaine so I can grow a beard like that? Am I going to get that mountain man look going on and I was like, oh wait its Johnny


AZ – Is that big in LA, the beard thing? Its big here and people my age are doing it and I’m like Come On …! You’re not a twenty year old hipster and they’re all doing it its like a Chicago thing


PS – I saw a girl post something today she says “Just because you’ve got a big beard doesn’t mean you are a man, my pussy grows more hair than your face does”!!


AZ – I always wondered about that, eating food is bad enough with a beard like that, imagine eating pussy with one of those?


PS – Flavor saver!! HAHA


AZ – That sounds like something Lemmy would say


PS – Lemmy was the real deal man that’s why all of those strippers wanted to be around him because he was so much fun. And they felt comfortable around him because he was not out to fuck them over, he wanted to know them as people


AZ – I always ran into him at the porn conventions and he was always dressed like ‘Lemmy’


PS – I thought I was doing a video interview so I was getting all fixed up and everything


AZ – How much longer is this tour going?


PS – We have 11 or 12 more shows and then we’ll be done with this and we hope to get back to LA and Todd and our manager have been talking about finding us a producer for the next record and we’re excited to figure out who that is going to be. We’d like to jump on another tour as soon as we can because we still have a lot of push with this record. I think there are a couple more songs that deserve videos and a single push and in September I have a genius of a director that did the pain and relationship video, he’s in Japan right now and he is coming to LA and we are going to do two back to back videos and those will Segway us into the next record


AZ – When do you hope to have the next record out?


PS – I figure it will take a month or two just to record the thing so we’ll start that in November


AZ – That’s fast, it used to be band would take two or three years between records


PS – Look at our label, Motorhead would come out with a new record almost every year or two years at the most. This label is like that, it’s a machine, You really have to be the real deal and keep up with this pace or you’re going to lose your place in line


NT – They kind of ‘Get it’


PS – Oh yeah its like a family , its like a dream come true to be around everyone of those people, its soo special.



Open Relationship
Ska Bra
Let This One Breathe
(Wide Awake?)
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)
The Envelope
Clear Blue Sky


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