ROB HALFORD: Will There Be Another Great, Big Rock-Star Giant Like OZZY OSBOURNE And AXL ROSE?

Rob Halford believes that the rock scene is “thriving” but admits that the changes in the music industry have made it difficult for new artists to launch their careers.

Asked if he thinks any of the newer hard rock artists have a shot at becoming arena-sized acts once the current crop of dinosaur bands are no longer around, Halford told 1290 KOIL: “Well, there’s incredible talent out there right now, with AVENGED SEVENFOLD, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, IN THIS MOMENT, ROYAL BLOOD… There’s a ton of bands… RIVAL SONS… I can keep going and going.”

He continued: “I’ll tell you what’s changed, and you’re probably aware of this as well, guys. Since the invention of this thing called the Internet, everything has shifted… The way we absorb music now, the way we go to shows and everything, the way we connect… I just actually started Instagram for the first time, because I’ve been told that it’s a really important social tool, @robhalfordlegacy. You can see what I get up to on the road, taking pictures of my friends and so on and so forth. So it’s a different world.

“We were pondering about this the other day in the van driving back from a gig [during our South American tour]. You know, will there be another great, big rock-star giant like Ozzy Osbourne? Will there be another great, big rock-star giant like Axl Rose, for example. Does that really matter? I don’t know. But it’s shifted, it’s changed. The good news is there’s an extraordinary display of talent coming from all different quarters in all different genres of rock and roll. So the future looks bright.”

Halford added: “My mate Gene Simmons said ‘rock and roll is dead’ [a few months] ago, which caused a bit of a ruckus. I don’t believe it’s dead. I think it’s thriving, I think it’s great, and I think the future’s bright. Not only the bands that are coming up now, but the bands that are starting where we started forty years ago, making noise in the garage or whatever. It’s great.”

Halford also spoke about how the changes in technology, particularly as it relates to streaming music services like Spotify, have affected the way artists earn money from their compositions, performances, sound recordings or brand.

“Well, I could talk to you guys for hours on this subject, but, briefly, we’re all in this turmoil right now, with the way that the big boys, like Spotify, for example, are streaming music,” he said. “And when you cut down the revenue, the actual amount of revenue that goes to the artist is absolutely ridiculous. It’s nowhere near what a record royalty is from a label like we have, for example. We’ve been with our beautiful Sony family forever. We get what we feel is a fair rate for our music that we make. Where I kind of wonder is how the new bands get started, because, yeah, I mean, we’ve got a back catalog. We’ve done, like, forty or fifty million records. Those were the days when people went to the record stores — to Tower Records or wherever. You hung out, you bought the vinyl. It was a whole different thing. Now it’s all on your phone; it’s all on your smartphone.”

He continued: “Hey, we’ve all gotta step forward, we’ve gotta live and adapt and make sure that we stay connected. So the business has changed dramatically since the invention of the Internet. Fortunately, the music is strong throughout the whole business of rock and roll. And we just have to, kind of, smooth out the bumps here just to make sure that everybody’s fairly compensated, I believe.”

While acknowledging that music has simply lost its economic value and is suffering from a loss of public respect, Halford believes that the advent of social media has brought people’s personal and business closer together.

“I will say one thing… I’ve been around the world [so] many times I’ve lost count. What you find is humanity is exactly the same, it doesn’t matter where you go on this planet,” he said.

“In my experience in rock and roll and heavy metal, there are metalheads all over the world, but it goes deeper than that now, because of the way that we are all so connected.

“I’ve just been watching this horrible thing going on in Nepal. It’s been really, really [moving], really [emotionally] powerful to see the world come together to try and help these poor people who are struggling with that earthquake. And then you’ve got the troubles back in the U.S., with Ferguson and so forth. Everybody’s more involved now, and I think that’s really important.

“I think that everybody has an opportunity now to make their feelings heard, and to, kind of, come together in a much faster and stronger way. I think we can get things done now just at a different speed. Sometimes it’s a clutter, but I think that the heart of it is this human consciousness.”

Halford continued: “I’ve always felt that everybody has the capacity to be a good person. We’re all born good people. It’s how we change and develop, the choices that we make [that determine] how we turn out.

“So, what I’m trying to say is, with the advent of the Internet, with the advent of social media, the way that we’re all instantly connected 24 hours a day, that’s gotta be good for the soul and it’s gotta be good for the human race.”

JUDAS PRIEST’s latest album, “Redeemer Of Souls”, was released in July 2014. The follow-up to 2008′s double-disc concept album “Nostradamus” was billed as a return to JUDAS PRIEST’s heavy-metal roots.

“Redeemer Of Souls” sold around 32,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 6 on The Billboard 200 chart.

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Pete Berwick Summer 2015 Tour (Partial)

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ROB ZOMBIE Auctioning Off More Items To Complete ’31′ Movie

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Rob Zombie is auctioning off more items from his previous films in order to complete his new one. Zombie is accepting bids on a number of props from films like “The Lords Of Salem”, “Halloween” and “Halloween 2″ to offset the costs of his latest directorial effort, “31″. Although the film has already been mostly financed through crowdfunding, Zombie apparently needs a little more money to get the picture finished.

Although Zombie does plan out his films in advance, he told The Pulse Of Radio that you can only map out a movie so much before you start shooting. “The hardest thing is, until the moment you’re gonna shoot, that’ll be the first time you’ve ever been on set, that set, with your actors in wardrobe, with a camera, you know,” he said. “So sometimes things just look different. You know, you can visualize in your head, like, ‘Well, this, that and the other thing,’ but you get in there and you’re like, ‘Wow, now that we’re all here and I see you in that wardrobe against that backdrop, it’s very different.’”
A number of other items are also available for contributors, including posters, crew hats and other merch from “31″, lifetime passes to Rob Zombie shows, signed Zombie posters and a “thank you” mention in the film’s end credits.

Once production is completed on “31″, Zombie will switch back to music mode and hit the road for a tour beginning on June 2 in New Orleans. A new studio album has already been completed and is expected out soon as well.

“31″ follows five carnival workers who are kidnapped the night before Halloween and held hostage in a large secret compound known as Murder World.

Once there, they have 12 hours to survive a terrifying game called “31″, in which murderous maniacs dressed as clowns and called “The Heads” hunt them down and kill them.

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Couple Faces 15 Years In Prison For Sex On Florida Beach


Jose Caballero, 40, and Elissa Alvarez, 20, were arrested on July 20, 2014, for having sex on Bradenton Beach, a Gulf of Mexico beach about 45 minutes south of Tampa, in front of other beachgoers, including children.

The pair denied they had been having intercourse, arguing instead that Alvarez had been “dancing” on top of Cabellero to wake him up, Assistant State Attorney Anthony Dafonseca told BuzzFeed News.

The court was shown cell phone footage of Alvarez gyrating on top of Caballero. In the end, it took the jury just 15 minutes to convict the pair of second-degree felony charges of “lewd and lascivious exhibition” in front of a minor.

“I don’t think the jury had any doubt that was sexual intercourse,” Dafonseca told reporters outside the courtroom.

“We’re dealing with basically tourists,” Dafonseca said. “They’re here on the beaches of Manatee County, our public beaches. So you want to make sure that this isn’t something that just goes by the wayside. And that it is well known to the community what will be tolerated and what won’t be.”

According to court records, a sentencing hearing has yet to be set, but the charges carry a maximum 15 years in prison.

Dafonseca said his office is considering asking the court to impose the full sentence on Caballero, who had previously served jail time for trafficking cocaine, according to public records.

“Ms. Alvarez, she has no criminal history, so we’ll be seeking a reasonable sentence in accordance with that,” Dafonseca said. “But Mr. Caballero, he went to prison, he had a prior criminal history, he was out within a couple of years, three years, committed another offense.”

“We’ll probably be seeking some incarceration, but in terms of how long… 15 years, we’re still debating that,” he said.

Caballero’s defense attorney Ronald Kurpiers told the Bradenton Herald that the judge will have no discretion in sentencing and is likely to impose the full 15-year sentence because of his status as a re-offender.

However, Dafonseca told BuzzFeed News on Tuesday evening that his office is considering asking for a lesser sentence of three years for Caballero and “nothing longer than 60 days” for Alvarez, followed by a term of probation.

Such a sentence for Caballero would still be notably more severe than the maximum two-year prison sentence for a similar offense in the United Arab Emirates, where a British couple were sentenced to three months in prison for indecent behavior on a beach in 2008. The pair were deported before serving any jail time.

Caballero’s mother, who declined to be named, told reporters outside the court her son was a good man.

“There are other things out there we need to worry about, and they’re still loose, people who have done worse stuff,” she said.

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AC/DC Kicks Off ‘Rock Or Bust’ World Tour In Arnhem, Set List

Legendary hard rockers AC/DC kicked off their “Rock Or Bust” word tour last night (Tuesday, May 5) at Gelredome in Arnhem, The Netherlands .

The band’s setlist was as follows:

01. Rock Or Bust
02. Shoot To Thrill
03. Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be
04. Back In Black
05. Play Ball
06. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
07. Thunderstruck
08. High Voltage
09. Rock ‘N’ Roll Train
10. Hells Bells
11. Baptism By Fire
12. You Shook Me All Night Long
13. Sin City
14. Shot Down In Flames
15. Have A Drink On Me
16. T.N.T.
17. Whole Lotta Rosie
18. Let There Be Rock


19. Highway To Hell
20. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

AC/DC’s sixteenth studio album, “Rock Or Bust”, has sold around 524,000 copies since debuting at No. 3 on the Billboard album chart back in December.

It’s the band’s first album without founding guitarist Malcolm Young, who is suffering from dementia. He has been replaced by nephew Stevie Young.

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was arrested last November at his home in Tauranga on charges of threatening to kill and possession of methamphetamine and cannabis.

Although Rudd played on “Rock Or Bust”, he did not appear in photos or videos for the disc.

One-time AC/DC drummer Chris Slade officially joined the band’s lineup for its performance on the February 8 Grammy Awards telecast. Slade is also behind the kit for the group’s current world tour.

The band will return to North America later this summer for 13 more tour dates, starting on August 22 at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts and wrapping up on September 28 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

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ZZ Top  Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 8/27, 8 PM.

Appleseed Cast
Subterranean, 7/21, 8 PM.

Concord Music Hall, 7/16, 9 PM.

Baseball Project
SPACE, Evanston, 6/24, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 5/9, 11 AM.

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 6/26-27, 8 PM, all-ages, sold out.

Blues Traveler
House of Blues, 10/3, 9 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, 10 AM.

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox
Riviera Theatre, 11/18, 8 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, noon.

Jackson Browne
Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 9/5, 7:30 PM.

Brandi Carlile, Old Crow Medicine Show
Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 7/31, 7 PM.

Chain & the Gang
The Owl, 5/21, 10 PM, free.

Chastity Belt
Empty Bottle, 6/23, 9 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, 10 AM.

Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 8/22-23, 7:30 PM.

Harry Connick Jr.

Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 8/7, 8 PM.

Marshall Crenshaw
SPACE, Evanston, 8/1, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 5/9, 11 AM.

Destruction Unit
Empty Bottle, 6/16, 9 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, 10 AM.

Schubas, 8/3, 8 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, noon.

Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters
SPACE, Evanston, 8/8, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 5/9, 11 AM.

Epik High
House of Blues, 6/4, 7 PM, all-ages.

The Faint, Lasers and Fast and Shit
Bottom Lounge, 6/30, 8 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, noon.

FitzGerald’s American Music Festival with Dale Watson, Joe Ely Band, Paul Thorn, and more
FitzGerald’s, Berwyn, 7/1-4.
From Autumn to Ashes, Hawthorne Heights
Bottom Lounge, 6/26, 6:30 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, 10 AM.

Grateful Dead

Soldier Field, 7/3-5, 7 PM, sold out.

Concord Music Hall, 7/17, 7 PM, all-ages.

Alan Jackson
Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 8/31, 7 PM.

Toby Keith
First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre, Tinley Park, 9/4, 7 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, 10 AM.

KEN Mode, Fight Amp
Burlington, 6/21, 9 PM.

Gladys Knight, O’Jays
Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 9/11, 7:30 PM.

Diana Krall
Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 8/9, 7 PM.

The Life and Times
Hideout, 6/26, 10 PM.

Lissie, Tyler Lyle
Lincoln Hall, 7/27, 8 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, noon.

Little Hurricane
City Winery, 6/20, 10:30 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 5/7, noon.

Los Lobos
SPACE, Evanston, 8/13, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 5/9, 11 AM.

Thalia Hall, 6/19, 7 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, 10 AM.

Seth MacFarlane
Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 8/21, 8 PM.

Mac McCaughan
Schubas, 7/23, 9 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, noon.

Hideout, 7/11, 9 PM.

Dan Navarro
SPACE, Evanston, 8/30, 7 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 5/9, 11 AM.

Aaron Neville
City Winery, 10/12-13, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 5/7, noon.

Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 9/6, 6:30 PM.
Fizz Bar & Grill, 6/30, 6 PM, all-ages.

Penguin Prison

Lincoln Hall, 7/13, 8 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, noon.

Planes Mistaken for Stars
Fizz Bar & Grill, 7/31, 8 PM.

Riviera Theatre, 9/25, 8 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, 10 AM.

Kermit Ruffins & the Barbecue Swingers
SPACE, Evanston, 7/10, 7 and 10 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 5/9, 11 AM.

Walter Salas-Humara
FitzGerald’s, Berwyn, 6/4, 8 PM, on sale Fri 5/4, 11 AM.

Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 8/29-30, 7:30 PM.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Subterranean, 6/27, 9 PM, on sale Fri 5/8, 10 AM.

Sudden Suspension
Beat Kitchen, 7/17, 6 PM, all-ages.

Sugar Ray, Better Than Ezra, Uncle Kracker
Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 8/18, 6:30 PM.

Emi Sunshine
SPACE, Evanston, 8/14, 7 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 5/9, 11 AM.

Bryan Sutton Band
City Winery, 8/12, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 5/7, noon.

Matthew Sweet
SPACE, Evanston, 7/14, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 5/9, 11 AM.

3 Doors Down, Collective Soul
Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 8/17, 7 PM.

Thalia Hall, 5/23, 8 PM.

Tokio Hotel
House of Blues, 8/5, 7 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 5/8, 10 AM.

Tropical Trash
Empty Bottle, 6/20, 6 PM.

Umphrey’s McGee
Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 8/14, 7 PM.

Jimmie Vaughan & the Tilt-a-Whirl Band
SPACE, Evanston, 8/20, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Sat 5/9, 11 AM.

Jimmie Vaughan & the Tilt-a-Whirl Band
City Winery, 8/19, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 5/7, noon.

ZZ Top
Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, 8/27, 8 PM.

Bad Manners, Crombies
The Abbey, 5/17, 7:30 PM, canceled.

Poi Dog Pondering
the Vic, 10/16-18, 9 PM, 10/16 and 10/17 are sold out, 10/18 on sale Fri 5/8, 10 AM.

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