PRONG to Release “Age of Defiance” EP November 29th via SPV/Steamhammer


Like few other contemporary metal bands, Prong are synonymous with a down-to-earth attitude, stamina and a close bond with their fans. “Since the beginning of our career, we’ve done almost everything ourselves,” guitarist, vocalist and band founder Tommy Victor looks back at the group’s intense and extremely strenuous early phase in the 1980s. “Not only did we write songs and record albums, we also managed the band, looked after the merchandise, sent demos to clubs and booked vans. Then there were a few years with record companies and agencies involved to support us. Today we’re back to the beginning, we’ve come full circle.” The latest feat proves Prong’s great commitment: A new EP, available on Digi-CD and 12” vinyl, featuring two brand-new studio recordings and three live cuts, will be out on Steamhammer/SPV from 29 November 2019. The EP’s title is Age Of Defiance. The digital single ‘End Of Sanity’ will arrive on 25 October 2019 to herald this thoroughly accomplished recording.


The new 5-track EP opens with the title song ‘Age Of Defiance’, which Victor describes as “pretty unusual for Prong”. “It’s extremely powerful, with a great groove, haunting chorus, everything’s fresh and contemporary.” According to the Prong mastermind, the second studio number ‘End Of Sanity’ is “a thrash/hardcore/crossover number in typical Prong style which I wrote especially for our American tour with Agnostic Front. If you’re into Prong, you’ll love this track.” Age Of Defiance also features three live cuts, recorded by Victor & co. during their major headlining tour at Berlin club Huxleys Neue Welt in April 2015: ‘Rude Awakening’ from the same-named 1996 opus, plus ‘Another Worldly Device’ and ‘Cut Rate’ from the 1994 major label album release Cleansing. A total of five songs which forge an arc between past, present and future.


“Age Of Defiance” will be released through SPV/Steamhammer on November 29th, 2019 as CD DigiPak, 12″ orange vinyl, download, stream and exclusive shirt bundle:


1. Age of Defiance 03.13
2. End of Sanity 03.07
3. Rude Awakening (live) 04.08
4. Another Worldly Device (live) 03.31
5. Cut Rate (live) 05.24


PRONG is continuing to tour North America with AGNOSTIC FRONT and HATEBREED:

10/10: Flagstaff, AZ – Orpheum Theater
10/11: Tucson, AZ – Nifty After Fifty by Encore Wellness


10/24: San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop
10/25: Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy Theatre
10/26: San Diego, CA – Soda Bar
10/27: Garden Grove, CA – Garden Amp


For More Info Visit:
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Cheap Trick Preview Big TV Interview

Cheap Trick reflect on how Japan gave them their first big breakthrough in a new preview clip that AXS TV has shared from this week’s episode of The Big Interview.


The episode airs this Wednesday, October 9th at 8pE/5pP and features original members Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen and Tom Petersson sitting down with host Dan Rather.


In the preview clip, Nielsen reveals, “We started getting fan mail from Japan, because of the Japanese press talking about us at a Queen show…. Normally they wouldn’t mention the opening act.”


Zander said, “In Japan, they have these comic books and they’re thick ones and Queen and KISS were always in there. And all of a sudden, we were in there as like their young brothers. So that helped promote us in Japan before ‘[Cheap Trick at] Budokan’ even came out.”


Petersson added, “They kind of like that quirky cartoon character thing going on, which Queen has, which KISS certainly has. We were like cartoon characters. None of the other audiences, our record company in the states and stuff, they thought ‘boy this is too weird.’ But the Japanese, they got a kick out of it. That’s how they learned English. They listened to records over and over and learned how to pronounce English words. It’s kind of demented nursery rhymes.”


Zander concluded, “Not everyone in rock during that time was in these comic books. It had a lot to do with the caricatures of ourselves, but the music had to be there too.”


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FOOD REVIEW: All You Can Eat Wings at the Bulldog Ale House Loyola


You know that old saying “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is”, well I am happy to say that is not the case with the Tuesday All You Can Eat Wings for $10.99 special at The Bulldog Ale house at Loyola campus.



I was pessimistic going in as I’ve read some fairly negative reviews on YELP in regards to poor service and poor food quality so I didnt have a whole lot of expectations going in. I had been there one time before for drinks and had a great experience but I didn’t have the food. It seems that Bulldogs specialty are the burgers so it further lowered my expectations and I went in with that overall feeling. When I arrived I presented our server Ryann with several pointed questions. “IS it really all you can eat wings? Yes. How does it work? We bring out 10 wings with up to 2 sauces and then follow with servings of 5 with 1 sauce. Which beers are $4 pints? BULLDOG ALE HOUSE AMBER ALE, BULLDOG ALE HOUSE HONEY WEISS, BULLDOG ALE HOUSE LAGER and BULLDOG ALE HOUSE WHITE ALE. And finally can I combine 2 $4 Jack Daniels as a double in 1 glass? Yes. With those important questions answered we were off to a good start. I had my cocktail and Max arrived and I ordered. First off it was 1/3 Caribbean Jerk and 1/2 Hot Buffalo. (The options at Loyola are HONEY BBQ, GOLDEN BBQ, SPICY HONEY BBQ, GARLIC PARM, SWEET CHILI, CARIBBEAN JERK, BOURBON, MANGO HABANERO, BUFFALO – Mild, medium, hot, wicked hot, PTERODACTYL – Teriyaki and BBQ sauce, SPICY PTERODACTYL – Teriyaki, BBQ Sauce, Cayenne and TERIYAKI – Teriyaki, honey, pineapple) They came out fast and hot and I wasted no time digging in. Ryann remained very accommodating, friendly and attentive, so so much for bad service reviews. My second and surprisingly final order was just Hot Buffalo. (normally I can eat much more) Next time I’m stepping it up a heat level. The sauce was perfect. The tenderness of the meat could not have been better and I was pretty amazed at how meaty the sections were especially for an all you can eat special. As I was dining my friend Boston Bob was at Boneheads a local wing joint in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and we traded pictures via text. So I’m obviously a bit of a wing snob and I was very happy with my experience at the Bulldog Ale House and I will be going back and taking friends on Tuesdays in the near future. 
It was a school night and i never go out on school nights but I had some much fun we sat at the bar till about 9PM. All in all the rating is a 9 out of 10 and that’s really good considering wings are not the house specialty. Hats off to the Bulldog and props to our wonderful server Ryann. 



6606 N. Sheridan
Chicago, IL 60626
P: 773-274-9331



Monday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
Tuesday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
Wednesday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
Thursday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
Friday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
Saturday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
Sunday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am


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Die Krupps return with a new album in November: ‘Vision 2020 Vision’ – order your vinyl edition already




Out on 15 November is the brand new Die Krupps album “Vision 2020 Vision”. Engler and Dörper delivered a concept album with music, artwork and lyrics inextricably linked.


There will be a CD+DVD digipak available with on the Bonus DVD the “Live@Wacken 2016” concert holding 10 tracks. A 2LP will eaqually be released (available here for ordering) containing all 13 album tracks on 4 sides.


Check out the video for “Fu*k you” above.


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IGGY POP Releases ‘Loves Missing’ Video

Iggy Pop has unveiled the video for “Loves Missing” from his new album “Free”. Directed by Simon Taylor, the clip was shot on location at Sweat Records in Miami with a special appearance by Ale Campos from Las Nubes, Miami.


Like the song itself, the “Loves Missing” video reveals another dimension of what it means to be free, putting a visual face to raw emotions laid bare via close-ups of Iggy intoning: “She’s thinking about something we all need/All need/Clock’s ticking, not giving her room to breathe/To breathe/Loves screaming/Loves missing/Loves screaming, so quietly and in pain/Loves absent, it’s failing her once again, again.”


“Free” was released on September 6 by Loma Vista Recordings. Featuring collaborators Leron Thomas (trumpet/keys/songwriting) and Noveller (guitar/vocals), the album holds a singular place in Iggy’s canon — and continues to generate appropriately unique praise: The New York Times called the title track “atmospheric and elusive” and more recently praised “Sonali” as “a rushing, fluttering, quasi-waltz that hurries toward an undisclosed destination, whimsical but driven.” Rolling Stone lauded the album’s “certain restrained swagger. The guitars simmer, never boil. The bass swells, and the keyboards shimmer behind him. And all the while, Pop flexes his baritone, expressing himself more clearly than perhaps ever before.” And the Washington Post noted “Iggy haunts these new songs like a dignified spirit — which might make ‘Free’ an exposition on death, or transcendence, or both.”


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Eric Carr’s ‘Rockology’ album to be released on limited edition vinyl


KISS fans are in for a treat as former KISS drummer Eric Carr‘s solo album Rockology, which was originally released on CD back in 1999, is going to be available on limited edition colour vinyl with the album going on sale on October 12, 2019.


The following message was posted on The Rockologists‘ Facebook page back on September 24, 2019 (with slight edits):



The Rockologists:


Eric Carr’s 1999 album Rockology to debut on Extremely Limited Color Vinyl. Resale starts October 12th at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time at (Shipping worldwide)


The Rockologists, in conjunction with The Eric Carr Family and Bruce Kulick are proud to announce that Rockology, formerly available only on CD will be available on presale Saturday October 12th in three exciting variations. There will be versions available for all levels of Eric Carr and Vinyl LP fans.


The Standard version will be pressed on Orange vinyl. In addition to all of the great demo’s from Eric Carr with assistance from Bruce Kulick, it will include a four page Booklet full of rare photos and liner notes, an exclusive hype sticker, Standard version Rockology card and an Eric Carr merchandise sheet. A bonus Rockheads collector card will be included in the shipping container. The standard version will sell for $28.99, and will be limited to only 500 copies.


While the Standard version will be an awesome addition to any Eric Carr fan’s collection, The Rockologists trademarked “RockRelix” versions are going to introduce a bonding level for fans and artists never before seen.


“RockRelix” Version One and Version Two will both be pressed on a stunning Orange, Black and Silver Starburst vinyl and will include a Custom OBI, custom hype sticker, four page Booklet full of rare photos and liner notes, a “RockRelix” version Rockology card specific to version one, a Rockheads collector card, and Eric Carr Merchandise sheet. Each of the two version will be limited to only 250 copies total.


In addition, Both “RockRelix” versions will include an extremely limited The Rockologists “RockRelix” card containing personal items owned by Eric Carr.


The Rockologists “RockRelix” Card Version I will contain an actual piece of the shirt that Eric Carr was last photographed in public wearing to the MTV Music Awards show. The fabric sample is authenticated by The Rockologists and Eric’s sister Loretta Carr. The hype sticker on Version I will specify the matching card contained inside.


The Rockologists “RockRelix” Card Version II will contain an actual slice of an Eric Carr KISS era rehearsal drumstick. The drumstick sample is authenticated by The Rockologists, Bruce Kulick and Eric’s sister Loretta Carr. The hype sticker on Version I will specify the matching card contained inside.


Randomly inserted in “RockRelix” Version One and Version Two will be three “RockRelix” Card Version III. These three chase cards will contain cut signatures of Paul Caravello. The Rockologists always provide 100% authenticated in person autographs in our releases, and these signatures authenticated by Lorretta Carr continue this tradition.


The costs for The Rockologists “RockRelix” Version One and Version Two LP’s will be $79.99 each. The Rockologists always strive to bring their customers the top value for their money.


A limited bundle will be available for the first day of sales. The bundle will include copies of The Standard version, “RockRelix” Version One, “RockRelix” Version Two, a promo 8×10 photo, and a Rockologists LP bag to hold all the items. The Bundle will be limited to 50 sets, which will only be available for the first 24 hours of the presale. Once 24 hours has elapsed any unsold bundle LP’s will be returned to inventory and will be available for individual sales. The bundles will sell for $179.99, the cost of the LP’s if purchased individually.


Exports outside of the USA will include multiple shipping choices for customers, including for the first time from The Rockologists, First class shipping. Customers choosing First Class shipping do so with the understanding they have no insurance or tracking. The Rockologists will not be responsible for uninsured or untrackable shipping choices customers make. That means a lower shipping cost for customers, but absolutely no refunds for lost or damaged shipment.


Shipping from the pressing plant is expected to occur in mid to late December. Please keep in mind that it is not likely that delivery can take place before Christmas.”

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