Target removes clown masks after series of creepy clown sightings





Scary clowns have gotten a little too real for Target.
Two weeks before Halloween, the company is pulling some clown masks off its shelves and out of its online store after sightings of menacing clowns across the country.

Police in Greenville, South Carolina, were alerted this summer to clowns trying to lure children from an apartment complex into the woods. In Texas and West Virginia, people dressed as clowns were arrested this month for chasing strangers with sticks and baseball bats.


Gunmen in clown masks have reportedly robbed gas stations in Ohio and Kentucky, and robbers in clown masks reportedly hit Taco Bell and Domino’s restaurants in Phoenix. On Sunday, a man in Los Angeles County was reportedly arrested for shooting at a clown who brandished a knife.

“Given the current environment,” Target (TGT) spokesman Joshua Thomas said, “we have made the decision to remove a variety of clown masks from our assortment, both in stores and online.”
Home Depot took a similar step last month and pulled a Halloween decoration



called the Scary Peeper Creeper from its stores in Canada following complaints from shoppers.
Target declined to say which masks it pulled. Some were still available at on Monday via links to Spirit and For example, Target was selling a “horror clown mask” for $19.99 through Spirit Halloween.

Randy Christensen, president of the World Clown Association, which was founded in 1982 and has an annual convention, took no position on Target’s decision. But he drew a distinction between horror as an entertainment genre and something darker.

“We are against any usage of a clown-masked persona to terrorize the general public,” he told CNNMoney.

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My friend Rona




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Clown porn on the rise after ‘killer clown’ sightings spike sparking fears of sexual attacks


Lexi Belle the hottest girl next door

The creepy dress-up craze has scared kids and seen violent attacks, but some people are turned on by the phenomenon



The craze for dressing up as creepy clowns has brought a spike in PORN featuring people made up to look like them.


The unusual predilection has been linked with a growing number of sightings of ‘killer clowns’ spotted on streets and shared online.


Porn sites xhamster said that searches for clown porn has risen by 50%, with footage featuring men and women in fancy dress titillating audiences.


The clips can feature brutal dominatrix sessions with clowns meting out extreme punishments for sexual arousal.


But as the Daily Star reports that clown-related sex services are being requested from escort agencies, there are warnings that sexual violence could be a result of the interest.



An anonymous escort boss told the Star: “I’ve had guys asking for girls to dress as clowns and guys asking if they can be dressed as clowns during meetings.


“My answer is ‘no’ on both scores.


She adds that in her experience, this sort of service is requested by troublesome clients, who may even be dangerous.


The sexually attraction to masked entertainers commonly seen at circuses is known as “coulrophilia”.


Psychologist Dr Mark Griffiths, of Nottingham Trent University, said that the condition appears to originate from a young age and is usually a male trait.


He adds: “Arguably there appear to have been associative pairings from this young age between sexual arousal and clowns resulting in classically conditioned behavioural responses.”


He adds that Halloween offers coulrophiles a chance to indulge their interest in the open.


Meanwhile, hundreds of terrified children are flood­­ing Childline with calls about the killer clown craze.


Figures show that in just one week the charity was contacted 120 times by kids alarmed by strangers in scary clown costumes.


A quarter of calls came from under 11s and over a third from 12 to 15-year-olds.


Worst-hit are Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham.

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For Olde Times Sake! (i miss these guys)

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