Up Close And Personal With Vicki Marie Taylor

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The talented and southern beauty Vicki Marie Taylor invites us inside her world. Vicki Marie Taylor Has A Voice And Wants To Be Heard.
Before we begin, Congrats on your recent work in “Silicon Assassins”, your volunteer work for Little Rock Film Festival and your other recent projects. Tell us more about these projects and what you did to prepare for them. When did you know without any doubt that you wanted to act?

I have always loved movies and I would watch tv as a young girl and go someday I will be on one of those and I was right. I have been. I have done that a few times.

I was excited to finally donate time to the Little Rock Film Festival. I think it’s great what they are doing for those with an interest in the industry in my hometown. I’m always glad to help out with causes that are important to me. I think that it’s great a thing what they are doing for the community. The arts in general are just so incredibly important . It’s an outlet and a form of escapism and that’s part of what makes the arts so incredibly important.

On Silicon Assassins, I will say that those who feel disgruntled so to speak with the current Healthcare policies in this nation should check out Silicon Assassin epi. 5 ” Window of Opportunity” it parallels Obamacare when a character goes to the hospital for treatment and is told that his money can not help him and he’s handed a stack of papers. Money is no longer an acceptable form of currency under the dictator and he finds this out when seeking medical care . It is available on the Silicon Assassin LLC channel now for those who wish to view it and watch the parallels and the Libertarian/Conservative take on Obamacare through the Silicon Assassin project. It’s fun to be a part of a project that is also like a movement in a sense and that has a message for viewers. I am not at all saying that it was directly the Obamacare that we were speaking out against but it does have what some could say were parallels that could be drawn in some of the scenes . It was created by Mondo Cult creator Brad Linaweaver and I’m also a minor contributor to the pop culture website as well.

In college I took 12 hours of Political Science and Foreign Relations and one of my required texts was a book by Sen. Tom Daschle titled “Getting It Done” How Obama and Congress Finally Broke the Stalemate to Make Way for Health Care Reform. I guess that you could say that I was well prepared for the scenes in Window of Opportunity as Lady Twilight. Hehe. I would also like to say that what I believed was presented in the Healthcare policies and what actually rolled out were two different things. My opinion. I could be wrong.

I work with those directly affected by these Affordable Care Act healthcare policies on a daily basis in my real job. The Silicon Assassin project was actually filmed four years prior to my job that I am working now. A little Twilight Zone appeal for you. Talk about a little bit of sci-fi. Fast forward “Lady Twilight “four years and I would really be working with the healthcare polices that we kind of spoke out against in character in that project. It’s quite entertaining. Life imitating art…..Really!

What inspires you to act?

Right now I’m being inspired to sing .

When did you realize you had reached your goals as an actor?

I have more goals in mind to reach. Right now I am focused on my music project. I hope that the original artist doesn’t hate my version. We will have to see. My fingers are crossed for a positive reaction. The project is something that I have wanted to do for a while! My partner right now supports what I’m trying to do musically and thinks that it’s a fun idea for me because it is so different from everything that I have done so far. He doesn’t want me to be wronged in business and this has happened to me a lot lately. So when I venture out on ideas of my own he gets behind that. There’s less of a chance of being wronged. I can pretty much only do that to myself if I am in control of my project or what I have in mind.

What was your favorite role to date and why?

I am hoping to gain more roles so that I have more to choose from when I’m asked this question.

What do you enjoy most about your career?

I am not sure that I would call it a career . At what point is it safe to call it a career? But I love to travel and meet talented people. Even though I am a mild celeb and I say that with total humor , I certainly get awful star struck by true celebs or people that I grew up watching in films and on television. So it is always fun being able to work with seasoned actors or when I’m so new and just getting my feet wet in this side of entertainment. I have worked with horror and sci fi legends already and I’m new.


Can we expect a book from you?

You can. Soon. It will be everything that a good bio book entails. It will be both honest and juicy. I was asked if I would change names to protect certain individuals and I said absolutely not. That would ruin it. They warned me of potential lawsuits and I simply said whatever it takes. The truth should never be altered. I will take a risk because people believe what they are going to believe regardless if I were to change names around or not. That is just how it is.


What is the best way for your fans to know what you’re working on? Facebook/Twitter? Do you post for your own sites or do you have your assistants do the posts?

The best way is to continue following my Facebook page that I have set up at www.facebook.com/vickimarieunloaded or by checking out my website www.vickimarietaylor.com. My twitter is @thevickitaylor. I do not really use much of the social media platform. I understand that it is a part of this new media wave but I do not use much of it. I have an assistant/pr rep that does my website and she is @schwartzentertainmentmediagr. I told her that I wanted a cute and poignant splash page with a few photos and she did a very cute job.

Tell us something new, something bold that you’ve never told any other magazine.

I have a message. A very real message about some of the actions that have been done to me or enabled by others . There is a real war on women that allows the types of things done to me to go unnoticed. There’s been too much focus on the wrong things and not enough focus on the right things. When someone is treated like a third rate citizen because others do not have the same views or values as you do that’s a real problem that needs to be addressed. My mother worked in Private Investigations and Securities growing up. I was raised to respect law enforcement officials. I have been victim of very real assaults and they get swept under a rug. I believe it is due to the most part a stigma. People think that I deserve it because I got my start in adult magazines and that is not the case or because I am female meaning that I asked for it. I was even told by an actual detective that ” if I was hurt by a man that I went out with that it was my fault because I chose to go out with that person and that they didn’t force me” . The word “they “meaning the cop didn’t make that choice for me. Those were actual words spoken directly to me by an actual law enforcement official. That is wrong. That is so wrong. The stigma that is placed on women like myself or just women in general needs to be addressed.

I was raised Catholic. I am a very spiritual person and mystical person. I have had experiences anytime that I put my Faith into question that reminded me that God was real. I believe in God. What is morally wrong with my situation is that I am continuously being shamed or thrown under a bus not just for for my choices in life but for the fact that I am a woman , including by local law enforcement officials in my hometown. When an assault type of situation happens especially one sexual in nature, we live in a society that it so quick to place blame on the woman. Oh , it’s the woman’s fault let’s not treat this seriously and let’s sweep it under a rug. It’s the default mindset. Look at her past, look at what she does for work, look at her clothes, look at her makeup, look at that face that plain and simple she is a woman so she must have called for it. I know first hand that this happens and not just to me. Discrimination of any kind is what is immoral and should stop. I have the same constitutional rights’ that everyone else does. We need to stop drifting away from our Constitution because that is what is there to protect us as citizens. I am a beautiful woman and I’m proud to say that. I am not at all ashamed of that. Women should never be made to feel ashamed for being women and standing up for themselves and their rights’ as women.

I am a strong college educated woman. I am a mom to a beautiful little girl who has to grow up during times in which there isn’t much value based on the foundations and principles that even I was raised under . I worry greatly about her future as a woman as well.

Yes , I love movies and I love music but there’s been so many interviews repeating that over and over again. Everyone knows that about me already. But some focus on some of the real matters and real concerns should also be talked about as well. I care about the future of my daughter and I care about what is going on in the world around me. So many get so wrapped in the wrong things and people need to focus on what is going on in the world around them.

Thank you for your time and for allowing me to speak with you and share all of this today. God Bless!


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GHOST on the lookout for rock’n'roll holy sisters to serve booze on tour

Ghost are looking for fans to dress up as nuns on their upcoming tour.


The occult rockers kicked off the world tour on September 29 in Philadelphia, PA, and they hope to have a small army of nuns on hand to serve drinks.


In a Facebook post, Ghost say: “Ladies of the World. We are looking for females to serve as nuns at every gig, since we usually rely on local talent everywhere we go. So, if this is something for you, send your name, picture and dat of birth to nunsjustwannahavefun@gmail.com.”


Interested applicants have to be at least 21 years old, and should include their chosen show location in the subject field.


Ghost’s latest album Meliora was released last month.



Sep 29: Philadelphia Union Transfer, PA
Sep 20: Montreal Metropolis, QB
Oct 01: Toronto Sound Academy, ON
Oct 02: Detroit Majestic Theatre, MI
Oct 03: Chicago Riviera Theatre, MI
Oct 05: Lawrence Liberty Hall, KS
Oct 06: St Louis The Pageant, MO
Oct 08: New Orleans Civic Theatre, LA
Oct 09: Atlanta The Tabernacle, GA
Oct 10: Orlando The Beacham, FL
Oct 11: Tampa The Ritz Ybor, FL
Oct 13: Dallas House Of Blues, TX
Oct 14: San Antonio Aztec Theater, TX
Oct 16: Albuquerque Sunshine Theater, NM
Oct 17: Denver Summit Music Hall, CO
Oct 19: Boise Knitting Factory, ID
Oct 20: Seattle El Corazon, WA
Oct 21: Portland Roseland Theatre, OR
Oct 23: San Francisco The Warfield, CA
Oct 24: Santa Ana Beach Goth Festival, CA
Oct 26: Los Angeles Mayan Theater, CA
Oct 27: Reno Knitting Factory Concert House, NV
Oct 28: Salt Lake City The Depot, UT
Oct 30: San Diego North Park Theatre, CA
Oct 31: Las Vegas House Of Blues, NV
Nov 01: Phoenix Monster Mash Festival, AZ
Nov 09: Helsinki The Circus, Finland
Nov 11: Gothenburg Lisebergshallen, Sweden
Nov 12: Oslo Sentrum Scene, Norway
Nov 13: Stockholm Annex, Sweden
Nov 14: Copernhagen Amager Bio, Denmark
Nov 16: Cologne Live Music Hall, Germany
Nov 18: Luxembourg Den Atelier, Lexembourg
Nov 19: Geneva L’Usine, Switzerland
Nov 20: Vienna Arena, Austria
Nov 22: Budapest Barba, Hungary
Nov 23: Milan Live Club, Italy
Nov 24: Caluire Et cuire Le Radiant, France
Nov 25: Madrid La Riviera, Spain
Nov 27: Porto Hard Club, Portugal
Nov 28: Lisbon Paradise Garage, Portugal
Dec 01: Toulouse Le Bikini, France
Dec 02: Clermont Ferrand Cooperative de Mai, France
Dec 04: Munich Backstage, Germany
Dec 05: Utrecht Tivoli Vredenburg, Netherlands
Dec 07: Paris La Cigale, France
Dec 08: Antwerp Trix Hall, Belgium
Dec 09: Dortmund FZW, Germany
Dec 10: Hamburg Markthalle, Germany
Dec 12: Leeds Beckett University
Dec 14: Nottingham Rock City
Dec 15: Birmingham Institute
Dec 16: Newcastle Academy
Dec 18: Glasgow ABC
Dec 19: Manchester Ritz
Dec 20: Bristol Academy
Dec 21: London Koko

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Find out what happens when a band refuses to compromise and sets themselves on fire

Rammstein’s documentary ‘In Amerika’, directed by Hannes Rossacher, this film tells the improbable tale of a German-speaking industrial band trying to crack the United States. Over two hours, the story charts their ascent overseas and features archive footage as well as exclusive interviews with the band and some familiar faces.


Here’s what we discovered…



Bob Biggs of Slash Records believed in the band. Most others didn’t. Why would anyone be interested in a load of German blokes playing White Zombie riffs? The band’s now-US booking agent, Michael Arfin, wasn’t sold. While watching them for the first time in 1997, he saw keyboardist Flake Lorenz smashing a neon tube over singer Till Lindemann’s back; the tube snapped in half and impaled the band’s drummer, Christoph Schneider. Biggs was adamant about Rammstein’s appeal and badgered Arfin to see the band perform at their homeland’s Bizarre Festival. There was a lot of fire that day – and Arfin was in.



EDM legend Moby described director David Lynch and Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor as “demigods” throughout the ’90s – their influence was never-ending and their reputation untouchable. Both Lynch and Reznor were fans of the band, proceeding to include Heirate Mich and Rammstein in 1997′s cinematic masterpiece Lost Highway, thus exposing thousands of unsuspecting Americans to their unrelenting Teutonic crunch. Anthrax’s Scott Ian, who appears in the film, had never heard of the band, but now he’s a massive fan. Obviously.



Till was on fire when he first met Marilyn Manson. Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith received a lecture from Till about fire (there are three types: fire of the mind, fire of the heart and just fire). System Of A Down’s Daron Malakian played with the band and refused to move for the entire set, terrified of being turned into a well-done Armenian delicacy. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Iggy Pop, Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland and, er, Hanzel und Gretyl all offer Rammstein-related anecdotes. This band breaks down the barriers of language and genre with ease. Everyone loves Rammstein.



Supporting Kiss in São Paulo, Rammstein got a bit of a grilling. This was 1999 and people still hadn’t accepted the fact that Rammstein are, in fact, the best live act on the planet. Imagine booing them nowadays – Till would crush you like an empty beer can. Still, São Paulo’s Kiss Army wasn’t having any of it, hurling whatever they could towards the stage as the band valiantly finished their set. According to the gig’s promoter, it could have been much worse. “You should be glad they didn’t throw half a goat at you,” the band were told. They’d have probably turned it into the show’s centrepiece.



Both Tommy Thayer and Paul Stanley sing the band’s praises during the film but can’t resist pointing out that Kiss inspired the German six-piece’s stage show. Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe even details his love affair with Kiss and reveals that he had a poster as a child; so to have Stanley and Thayer strut around like peacocks is, in comparison, a tad much.



It’s a staple of the Rammstein show nowadays, but back in 1998, the lads thought it was acceptable to go onstage and simulate sodomy. America didn’t take too kindly to that sort of behaviour and the police got involved several times; *Bück *dich’s sticky climax still causes Till and Flake problems and remains on their criminal records to this day. Having grown up in East Berlin before the collapse of the wall, Rammstein yearned to spread their artistic vision and visit the Land Of The Free. When they got there, it was quite the opposite.



There’s a clip of Rammstein ripping through this Mutter classic back in 2001 and, seeing as it’s been over a decade since they last played it, we demand its reinstatement. While we’re at it, the resurrection of that entire tour would be much appreciated: Slipknot, System Of A Down and Rammstein at the same gig? Yes please.



Rammstein had a bit of a Beatles moment following the release of their second album Sehnsucht. Before a record shop signing, the building was surrounded by rabid fans – making 28 Weeks Later look like some children playing in a sandpit. Riot police were called in and the band had to take to the roof of the store, pleading with their fans to calm down. Would you be surprised if we told you the signing session was scrapped?



Sure, Till doesn’t need to take food from petrol stations anymore, nor do the band still get absolutely wankered every night, but Rammstein haven’t turned into narcissistic divas. They could have done so easily. They were the first German-speaking rock band to crack the US market, going on to achieve legendary status worldwide. But when they’re interviewed for the film, the band are relaxed, engaging and humble. They’re aware that, in a sane world, this should not have happened. 18,000 people should not be heading to Madison Square Garden in New York City to watch a middle-aged man sing about incest and shower the audience with a giant penis cannon, but that’s what Rammstein do. They’ve refused to compromise for 21 years – and it’s paid off. They starved the US of pyro-fuelled mayhem and the US waited, never doubting that Rammstein would abandon them. Tool, look up the UK on Google Maps and take note.



Not only does Rammstein In Amerika feature a two-hour documentary, it’s bolstered with the legendary Madison Square Garden set from 2010. Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith describes it as a “rock opera”, but even that doesn’t even come close. The Rammstein live experience is the light and the dark. It is love and hate. It is life and death. It is everything you want a live show to be and then some. Even from the comfort of an armchair, the hairs on your arms will stand to attention, your sphincter will tighten and you’ll feel like you can punch new craters into the moon. Rammstein are a truly unique entity on and off stage, and you owe it to yourself to watch this thrilling document of their ascendency.

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Bottom Lounge, 10/28, 6 PM, all-ages.


Eric Bellinger
Lincoln Hall, 12/6, 7:30 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 10/2, noon.


Tab Benoit
City Winery, 12/19, 7 and 10 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 10/1, noon.


Biz Markie
The Promontory, 10/31, 10 PM.


Empty Bottle, 11/10, 9 PM.


Frankie Cosmos, All Dogs
Subterranean, 11/17, 6:30 PM, all-ages.


Dance Gavin Dance
Portage Theater, 11/20, 6 PM, all-ages.


Hideout, 12/3, 9 PM.


Division Minuscula
Double Door, 10/30, 8 PM, on sale Fri 10/2, 10 AM.


Faceless, After the Burial
The Abbey, 11/27, 7 PM.


Fever the Ghost
Subterranean, 11/10, 9 PM.

The Ghost Inside, El Famous
Bottom Lounge, 11/3, 6 PM, all-ages.


Aaron Gillespie
Beat Kitchen, 12/12, 6:30 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 10/2, 10 AM.


Stu Hamm Band
Reggie’s Rock Club, 12/6, 6 PM.


Subterranean, 11/16, 9 PM, on sale Fri 10/2, 10 AM.


Infinity Girl
Subterranean, 11/16, 7 PM.


Jared & the Mill
Beat Kitchen, 12/5, 9 PM, on sale Fri 10/2, 10 AM.


Lincoln Hall, 11/11, 7:30 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 10/2, noon.


Reggie’s Rock Club, 11/1, 6 PM, all-ages.


Jack Ladder & the Dreamlanders
Schubas, 12/7, 8 PM, on sale Fri 10/2, noon.


Loose Ends
City Winery, 11/17, 7 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 10/1, noon.


Mud Morganfield
SPACE, Evanston, 12/26, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 10/2, 10 AM.

Judith Owen & Harry Shearer
SPACE, Evanston, 12/4, 7:30 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 10/2, 10 AM.


Perfect Pussy
Thalia Hall, 12/5, 7:30 PM, all-ages.


Concord Music Hall, 12/12, 8 PM.


Raulin Rodriguez
Concord Music Hall, 10/22, 8 PM.


Kris Roe
Cobra Lounge, 11/29, 7 PM.


Double Door, 11/20, 9 PM, on sale Thu 10/1, noon.


Subterranean, 12/6, 8 PM, on sale Fri 10/2, 10 AM.


J.D. Souther
City Winery, 12/7, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Thu 10/1, noon.


Vince Staples
Bottom Lounge, 12/15, 8 PM, on sale Fri 10/2, noon.


Uncle Lucius
The Abbey, 11/12, 8 PM, on sale Fri 10/2, 10 AM.


White Magic
Empty Bottle, 10/14, 9 PM.


Mike Zito & the Wheel
SPACE, Evanston, 12/9, 8 PM, all-ages, on sale Fri 10/2, 10 AM.

Riviera Theatre, 10/15, 7 PM, all-ages, moved from Aragon Ballroom.


Pete Rock
The Promontory, 10/23, 9 PM, canceled.


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Adult Legends Katie Morgan and Janine to Headline Record-Breaking EXXXOTICA NJ 2015

The Largest Event in the USA Dedicated to Love & Sex Boasts its Largest Roster of Stars in its 8-Year History this November 13-15 at the NJ Expo Center in Edison, New Jersey

(EDISON, NJ – SEPTEMBER 29, 2015) Records are made to be broken as the EXXXOTICA Expo (eXXXoticaExpo.com), presented by MyFreeCams (myfreecams.com) rolls into the New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center, November 13-15. The event is quickly amassing a list of nearly 200 adult performers planning to attend, up over 25% from previous years.


Headlining the list are adult superstars Katie Morgan, famous for her various sexy HBO specials and starring role in the Kevin Smith hit film Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and Janine Lindemulder, the tattooed former Vivid Girl, both making their first-ever EXXXOTICA appearances.


Morgan, a decorated adult film favorite, reached superstar status with her appearances on HBO’s “Real Sex – Pornucopia” series. Those specials lead to her hosting various other starring vehicles within the adult industry on the cable giant, as well as a guest turn playing herself on the network’s hit comedy, “Entourage.” Her engaging, bubbly personality and beauty, lead to director Kevin Smith casting her in a supporting lead role in his film, Zack and Miri Make a Porno alongside Seth Rogan, Elizabeth Banks, Craig Robinson, Jason Mewes and Traci Lords. She retired from adult film appearances shortly after and recently has announced her long-awaited return.


Janine, the one-time Vivid Girl, is regarded as arguably one of the most beautiful stars ever in adult film history. A combination of classic sex appeal and an alternative tattooed bad-girl persona has helped her throughout her career. Starring roles in massive adult film hits such as Pirates, and in mainstream films such as Howard Stern’s Private Parts, helped make her a household name. Add to that music video and album cover appearances for bands such as Blink 182, and a storied marriage and divorce to reality TV star and West Coast Choppers bike builder, Jesse James, Janine is an adult film legend.


Janine and Katie Morgan headline the list of nearly 200 stars expected to appear at the show, joining other top stars such as Alexis Texas, Lexi Belle, Anikka Albrite, Veronica Rodriguez, Stoya, Stormy Daniels, Evan Stone, Allie Haze, Teagan Presley, Adriana Chechik, Phoenix Marie, Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, Skin Diamond, Gianna Michaels, Mia Malkova, Jelena Jensen, Mick Blue, Gianna Michaels, Jillian Janson, “Library Girl” Kendra Sunderland, Nikita Denise, Kendra Lust, Jada Stevens, Ava Vincent, Abella Danger, Misty Stone, Joanna Angel, Sydney Leathers, Rubberdoll, Cherokee D’ass, Mr. Marcus, Flash Brown, Lola Bastinado, “Cathouse” star and owner of the Bunny Ranch, Dennis Hof, and many, many more. The ever-growing list of stars can be viewed at nj.exxxoticaexpo.com/category/stars.


In addition to the stars, there will also be over 20 hours of stage entertainment and educational seminars, a show floor packed with over 100 exhibitors and sponsors, an interactive scavenger hunt, the Stockroom Dungeon Experience, nightly after parties and much more.

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MORTIIS To Release ‘The Great Deceiver’ Album In January

MORTIIS will return with its ninth studio album, titled “The Great Deceiver”, on January 29, 2016 via Omnipresence.


“The Great Deceiver”, which has remained in a torturous state of constant evolution until just recently, led the band through the darkest of places and back. The anger, frustration and disgust that permeate the record are loud and clear.


“It’s been one hell of a steep climb to where we’re at right now,” says MORTIIS’s leader and namesake. He continues: “Knowing me, I’ll step right off of that ledge, and plunge head first into the abyss.”


MORTIIS will make a long-awaited return to the United States this October as the band joins MUSHROOMHEAD for a month-long warm up tour in preparation for the release of “The Great Deceiver”.


MORTIIS will preview material from the upcoming ninth album, as well as reaching back to favorites from the ensemble’s ever-evolving catalog of music.



Dates are as follow:
October 3, 2015 Sat. Greencastle Picnic Grounds, Greencastle, PA
October 4, 2015 Sun. Ziggy’s, Winston-Salem, NC
October 5, 2015 Mon. Ziggy’s, Wilmington, NC
October 6, 2015 Tue. Dixie Roadhouse, Cape Coral, FL
October 7, 2015 Wed. Freebird Live, Jacksonville, FL
October 9, 2015 Fri. Venue 578, Orlando, FL
October 10, 2015 Sat. The Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
October 11, 2015 Sun. Club LA, Destin, FL
October 14, 2015 Wed. The Rail Club, Ft. Worth,TX
October 15, 2015 Thu. Dirty Dog Bar, Austin, TX
October 16, 2015 Fri. Jake’s Backroom, Lubbock, TX
October 17, 2015 Sat. Venue 3405, Joplin, MO
October 19, 2015 Mon. The Granada, Lawrence, KS
October 20, 2015 Tue. POVS, Spring Lake Park, MN
October 21, 2015 Wed. Limelight, Peoria, IL
October 22, 2015 Thu. Austin’s Libertyville, IL
October 23, 2015 Fri. Headliner’s, Toledo, OH
October 24, 2015 Sat. Harpo’s Concert Theatre, Detroit, MI
October 25, 2015 Sun. Diamond Pub & Billiards, Louisville, KY
October 26, 2015 Mon. Oddbody’s Music Room, Dayton, OH
October 27, 2015 Tue. The Tree, Joliet, IL
October 29, 2015 Thu. The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI
October 30, 2015 Fri. Alrosa Villa, Columbus, OH
October 31, 2015 Sat. Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH
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