Monte Pittman joins LA KISS Football house band


Award-winning, chart-topping guitarist, Monte Pittman, has announced several performances from now through July 2016 as part of the LA KISS Football house band, which also boasts Patrick Stone (Budderside) and Matt Starr (Mr. Big, Ace Frehley)! Fans that attend the LA KISS home games will be witness to multiple sets from the band before, during, and after the game at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. See below for all dates:

Upcoming LA KISS Football home games


May 2nd
May 28th
June 5th
June 26th
July 11th
July 16th

To purchase tickets, and to learn more information about LA KISS Football, please visit:

In addition to being a renowned solo artist, Monte Pittman is also known for his guitar-work in Prong, for appearing on all of Madonna’s live tours and albums (beginning with the 2001 “Drowned World Tour”), along with many other collaborations. Most recently, Monte Pittman released The Power of Three (2014) via Metal Blade Records – an album which was heralded as “the holy grail of riffage…” (Rock Revolt Magazine). To preview and purchase The Power of Three, please visit:

Monte Pittman online:

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DSN… Media Empire Rises in the Desert!


MALIBU, CA — With the monopoly that multinational corporations have on
mainstream and digital media, we are also seeing a surge in new media
entities offering alternative content sources of entertainment. One outlet
in particular is DSN, an Arizona based multimedia firm, specializing in
traditional broadcasting, streaming, and digital music platforms. DSN is
an acronym for the Digital Syndicate Network, which was founded in 2001 by
Chicago bred Guy Giuliano, better known as “The G-Man” or “G-Ster” by his
old radio handle.



Starting in his late teens, Giuliano broke into the Chicago radio scene,
as a controversial figure spawned from the old Steve Dahl show, and later
hard rock radio showman. Joining forces with the late veteran radio
personality Wild Bill Scott, with in your face radio formats such as
Z-Rock and G-Force.



Later, Giuliano would move on with several successful radio endeavors out
west in markets such as Phoenix, and Las Vegas. In the mid 1990’s he
launched a internet radio service, just as online radio was in its
infancy. He created several popular formats such as BombRadio, and the
popular Alternative/Metal network LoudRadio, which featured former
Z-Rocker and longtime friend Madd Maxx Hammer.



His company was purchased by a dot com consortium who morphed into the
eMusic Corporation, one of the first digital download music services in
the world. Giuliano joined the management team for several years, until
the firm was gobbled up by the Universal Music Group, in which he cashed
out, and headed to the red rocks of Arizona to form DSN.



Witnessing first hand the digital music revolution, and the fall of years
of corporate record label supremacy, Giuliano was ready to launch his own
music service, specializing in emerging artists. DSN Music was launched as
one of the first ever digital music labels, opening the doors to a
multitude of starving artists looking for a new platform to promote their



Returning to his roots in radio broadcasting, Giuliano launched another
spinoff with DSN Radio, a hybrid of traditional AM/FM radio stations, and
digital online streaming formats.



After the economic collapse in 2008, which saw the death and mergers of
hundreds of music industry outlets, DSN survived and actually grew due to
established artists looking for new outlets.

Sitting on the patio of his beach house in Malibu California, Giuliano
still projects his down to earth Chicago side, while pointing out his take
on the label’s success, “DSN has become the Ellis Island of
disenfranchised musicians, and that is very flattering and humbling at the
same time.”



DSN Music overall looks mainstream with artists ranging from Heavy Metal
icons such as Omen, Urban acts such as Thomas Troutman (of Zapp), and even
comedy projects, however the digital label is purely a niche play



At press time, DSN just acquired independent label 13 Music, and yet
another radio station to it’s stable, as the empire continues to rise, and
Chicago gives props to it’s homegrown son.

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Al Jourgensen’s Guide To Drugs





The Ministry man’s stared death in the face, not to mention financial and family ruin. Now free from his heroin addiction, he shares the highs and extreme lows of an 18-year trip.

Al Jourgensen isn’t just known for taking things to the extreme musically, but physically too. Of his 57 years on this planet, he spent 18 of those as a junkie while smoking, drinking, snorting and injecting almost every other substance known to man as he travelled around the world with his industrial wrecking machine, Ministry. Now, he’s coming up on 13 years clean after following the advice of late bandmate Mike Scaccia: “Dude, just do shit until it makes you sick.” Al eventually kicked his heroin addiction because he lost everything. “I was penniless, broke, done. Everyone disowned me. I think Paul [Barker, Ministry bassist from 1986 to 2003] was auditioning singers. They pretty much knew I was gonna die; everyone distanced themselves from me. I got a divorce, I was estranged from my kid… I pawned off everything I owned and that was it. I’ve never looked back.” Having seen life from both sides of the needle, then, and back making music with the intriguingly named Surgical Meth Machine, we asked Al about his experiences with drugs. Hold on tight…



“I had my first cigarette at 10 years old and was smoking a pack a day by the time I was 15. It’s the worst drug in the world – and it is a drug, in the most insidious way. It’s like coke as far as I’m concerned. Nicotine addiction isn’t like an opiate addiction where you really feel it when you don’t have it; nicotine you keep doing because it’s there. When I finally go and the doctors poke around my body wearing hazmat suits, they’re gonna find the worst thing of all was the cigarettes. It’s even easier with e-cigs. If I smoke over a pack, I have my e-cigarette, so I’m actually getting more nicotine than I was before!”



“During my 18 years as a junkie, alcohol was not really part of the picture. I’d drink some Bushmills whisky, but I’d drop a hit of acid in it and make it a party in a bottle. Then my liver went and I got these ulcers where I started bleeding; I was throwing up blood every day and it was from the alcohol. Then the ulcers exploded and I died again – for the third time I was clinically dead and I had to be resurrected [Al’s first brush with the Reaper was a drug overdose on New Year’s Eve 1992]. I’m fucking Lazarus on steroids now. I still drink, but I haven’t had hard liquor in years. I got in a fight with a biker gang at a bar because they bought me shots and I wouldn’t drink ’em. Not drinking was not beneficial to my health that night!”



“This is one thing that old Uncle Al’s never been into. You have to remember, having a junkie’s mentality, you want instant gratification, so I used the needle for 18 years. The whole pillpopping shit is the stupidest fucking thing in the world. If you have to wait an hour, an hour and a half to figure out if you’re gonna enjoy yourself that night… what a dumb drug, man!”

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Cheap Trick ‘brought down the house’ at Rock Hall show




NEW YORK — Cheap Trick brought the Barclays Center crowd to its feet and the induction ceremony to a close as the Rockford foursome made an energetic entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


The newly minted Hall of Famers performed “I Want You to Want Me,” “Surrender,” and “Dream Police” before jamming with Chicago and other musicians Friday in front of a sold-out crowd of about 18,000. It was the band’s jamming to “Ain’t That a Shame” with Sheryl Crow, Stevie Van Zandt (E Street Band) and Deep Purple that electrified the crowd.


The “show was awesome and everyone sounded great but Cheap Trick clearly brought down the house and had the loudest ovations of the evening,” said Patrick Isoz, 22, of Madison, Wisconsin, who attended the ceremony with his dad, Brian Isoz, of Loves Park.


Bun E. Carlos, the band’s original drummer who stopped touring in 2010, was in top form as he reunited with Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander and Tom Petersson. When Nielsen was asked in the press room what it was like playing with his “old drummer,” the lead guitarist said “I’m older than him.”


Carlos name-dropped his forthcoming solo album “Greetings From Bunezuela!” as he took the stage. Zander said on stage: who would have thought “I Want You to Want Me” would become such a “defining” phrase.


Nielsen was the last to speak on stage before the band started its set and called out, “let’s go play.”


Deep Purple, Chicago, Steve Miller and rap group N.W.A. also were honored at the ceremony, though N.W.A. did not perform. The show was only for the eyes of those inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn — until it’s aired by HBO on April 30.


Brian Isoz, 64, is a retired financial planner. He went to high school with Zander and has seen the band perform about 75 times.


“I’m really happy for them,” Brian Isoz said of the band being inducted. He said when he was in Edinburgh, Scotland, a band was playing at Whistle Binkies — a famous bar — and he gave the band $100 to play “Surrender,” one of Cheap Trick’s biggest hits. Isoz taped the performance and sent it to Zander. “He got a big laugh out of it.”


Kid Rock introduced Cheap Trick saying the band was relentless and precise. He said the Rockford foursome had “punk soul” and called them “The Heart of the Midwest.”


Steve Miller told press members that his appearance as an inductee was close to not happening. He said the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame told him he’d get two tickets. “‘You want another one? It’s $10,000.’ I said, What about the band?'”


That’s when a Rock Hall representative told him to wrap it up. Miller said, “I’ll wrap you up,” and he asked her to move to the side of the stage. He left the press room shortly afterward.


Nielsen gave Miller a guitar on stage with the “Miller” name on it. “I have a big guitar collection, and I don’t like to give anything away, but Steve Miller, I love you, man,” Nielsen said.


When Cheap Trick was done performing and as the band readied to host a jam session, Nielsen asked the crowd, “Are we ready to have some fun?”

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EXXXOTICA Launches Official Websites For Chicago, New Jersey and First-Ever Columbus, Ohio Show


(April 8, 2016 – PHILADELPHIA, PA) With dates for EXXXOTICA Dallas still awaiting confirmation in a lengthy legal process, the sexual revolution marches on. The nation’s largest events dedicated to love and sex have launched the websites for the confirmed 2016 expos in Chicago and New Jersey, and the debut of EXXXOTICA in Columbus, Ohio.

Advance ticket sales are now open on the location-specific websites where both fans and exhibitors can get all the information they need for all things EXXXOTICA. Presented by, and with a new media campaign starring the biggest names in adult including Asa Akira, Anikka Albrite, Nina Hartley, Skin Diamond, Mick Blue, Kendra Sunderland, Stoya, Allie Haze, Jillian Janson, Misty Stone and others, who carry the important free-speech message that “Sex Isn’t A Four-Letter Word,” the EXXXOTICA websites are revamped and optimized to give attendees and prospective exhibitors the latest news and tools to make their experience the best to date.

Confirmed on the calendar is EXXXOTICA’s sixth show in the Chicagoland area on July 8-10 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. EXXXOTICA Chicago ( has gained a reputation as one of the biggest events in the storied history of the expo, and anticipation of this year’s edition promises to keep the tradition alive.

EXXXOTICA New Jersey (, returns to the NJ Convention and Expo Center in Edison for the ninth straight year, November 4-6, and looks to surpass last year’s record-breaking numbers. Historically the largest of EXXXOTICA’s events in its decade-long history, 2016’s Garden State expo will continue to pack in fans and sell out the exhibition floor.

This year also marks the debut of EXXXOTICA Columbus ( at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in the state’s capitol. Marking the seventh host city for the show, EXXXOTICA will undoubtedly put the “OH!” in Ohio.

“The Dallas battle has really underscored the importance of defending the First Amendment and we’re really looking forward to winning that fight,” said J. Handy, Director of EXXXOTICA. “We’re also looking forward to continuing to produce events in cities who have always supported us, and expanding into new untapped markets.”

Inquiries from exhibitors and interest from fans are flooding in on the heels of EXXXOTICA’s pending lawsuit against the city of Dallas, which has made headlines around the country. Tickets are on sale now at EXXXOTICA’s website,, as thousands of fans are ready to meet over 150 of the biggest names in adult entertainment, buy the most unique and exclusive products from a show floor packed with over 100 exhibitors, mingle with the sexy EXXXOTICA Hotties, enjoy the non-stop action on the massive EXXXOTICA Entertainment Stage and immerse themselves in the show’s sizzling seminar series. VIP ticket holders can also get admission to the hottest after-parties, receive lots of free items and get amazing discounts on products, and lots more. Also returning is EXXXOTICA’s infamous “Ladies Free Friday” promotion, where women get free general admission to the show.

To secure booth space and sponsorships for the EXXXOTICA Expo, please request a 2016 sales kit here: EXXXOTICA Chicago, EXXXOTICA Columbus or EXXXOTICA New Jersey.

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Listen to ‘I Don’t Wanna’ Here:


Al Jourgensen is 57 years old, but the Ministry founder jokes that it’s “not your normal 57 … 57 going on about 89.” Indeed, the industrial-rock pioneer has just about seen and felt it all.


When Jourgensen was just a toddler, his family fled their native Cuba after Fidel Castro’s regime tried to seize his grandfather’s home as well as the patriarch’s patents for the artificial insemination of cattle. Jourgensen’s big break in the music business, in the early 1980s, was marred by record-company interference and litigation. He’s also had his share of drug and health problems. At one point, he suffered from heavy blood loss due to 13 ulcers in his esophagus and stomach, one of which burst.

Jourgensen also has a fiendish work ethic and is known for his many side projects and bands beyond Ministry, which released its last album months after Jourgensen’s best friend and guitarist Mike Scaccia died in December 2012. “I get these ideas built up in me, and I need to have an outlet for them,” he says. “If I don’t get them out, then I’m constipated.”

Jourgensen’s latest effort, Surgical Meth Machine, will release its debut album April 15. Today, Speakeasy premieres “I Don’t Wanna,” a track off the self-titled record. The song features vocals from Jello Biafra, the political activist and former Dead Kennedys front man who has been friends with Jourgensen for more than three decades. They previously worked together him in the bands Lard and Revolting Cocks.

The lyrics for “I Don’t Wanna” reflect Biafra’s bitterly humorous take on the music industry. “I don’t wanna be a rock star, I just wanna get paid!” he belts out as the song begins.

“He had a point to make, so we let him do it,” Jourgensen says.

Jourgensen himself has made it a habit to continually comment on culture, politics and current events, often with vulgar, vicious humor. The 1990 Ministry song “N.W.O.” samples President George H.W. Bush talking about “good and evil, right and wrong” and “a new world order,” while tracks from the 2000s took shots at President George W. Bush. Jourgensen doesn’t have much positive to say about candidates from either party in this year’s presidential campaign, either.

“You know how we have this Netflix series called ‘House of Cards’?” he says. “To me, the current political process is more like ‘House of Kardashians.’ It’s completely a reality show, which is frightening.”
With Surgical Meth Machine, which Jourgensen recorded in his Burbank, Calif., home with longtime engineer Sam D’Ambruoso, the artist again takes aim at culture and society, particularly social media. “It’s become a society of catchphrases,” says Jourgensen.

From an aesthetic point of view, Surgical Meth Machine’s debut album presents a drastic contrast of musical styles. The first half of the album is full of hard and heavy industrial tracks that would feel at home on a Ministry album, while the latter half features songs with a more electronic sound. Usually, Jourgensen says, the two distinct sounds would lead to two different albums and maybe a new band.

“This time, I decided, you know what, I’m getting old,” he says. “I don’t have time for all these damn bands with half-finished albums on the shelf.”

Jourgensen, who shuts himself in the studio with no distractions for about three or four months each year, says “there’s no telling” just how much music he has waiting to be sorted into different projects. This bodes well for fans who are eager for new material.

“There may be a plethora of albums coming out under different monikers over the next few years, if I ever actually finish them as full albums,” he says. “And if not, everyone has to wait until I die in some fiery plane crash and things wind up getting released anyway.”

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