JOE PERRY Is ‘Really Excited’ About New HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES Album ‘Rise’

Joe Perry spoke to Coachella Valley Weekly about “Rise”, the upcoming second album from HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES, which also features shock rock icon Alice Cooper and Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp. The disc will be released June 21 via earMUSIC.


“We’re really excited about the new record, there’s no doubt,” Joe said. “After the last one, we went out and played pretty much the whole record. It was a cover-record kinda thing, but we knew that the band, when we hit the stage, we knew the band had a lot more to it than just covering some great old songs and paying homage to some of our friends that have passed away. We were really excited about finally getting in the studio and writing some new stuff and then going out and playing it live. Alice is amazing to play with. Again, everybody has had tons of time in the studio. Johnny’s been working in and out of the studio for years, everybody has. Really, it’s about getting on stage and playing live. We actually played quite a few songs from the new record on the last tour. We’ll probably play seven or eight songs off the new record for this tour.”


Perry also talked about the album’s first single, “Who’s Laughing Now”, which was released last month.


“We’re just starting to get some feedback on that,” Joe said. “That song, just thinking about those couple of riffs that came together on the record, I can’t wait to play them live. Like most of the songs that I’ve tried to write, from the start, I think about how it would be to play them live. Again, with this band and having done a couple of tours, it kind of shifted my aim a little different being with this band. It’s a little bit darker and a little bit heavier, you could say, and a lot more wide open than some of the things I’ve done with AEROSMITH.”


Unlike HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES’ 2015 debut record, “Rise”, produced by guitarist Tommy Henriksen and the rest of the band, consists mainly of original material written by the musicians. However, in the spirit of the VAMPIRES’ original mission, there are three covers of songs originally written and recorded by some fellow rockers who died far too young: an intimate and intense version of David Bowie’s “Heroes”, beautifully performed by Johnny Depp; the late JIM CARROLL BAND’s “People Who Died”; and Johnny Thunders’s “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory”, sung by Joe Perry.


HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES will embark on a short U.S. tour in early May. Completing the HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES live lineup will be rock star musician friends Glen Sobel (ALICE COOPER) on drums, Chris Wyse (THE CULT) on bass, and Buck Johnson (AEROSMITH) on keyboard and vocals.


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Iconic Frontmen Dez Fafara and Randy Blythe Officially Re-Launch SUNCULT Surf Apparel & Lifestyle Brand


The SUNCULT Family – Randy Blythe & the Fafaras (photo by Andreas Branch)

In 2014, DevilDriver and Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara peeled off his wetsuit and sat down next to his wife Anahstasia to watch the sun disappear into the Pacific. Fresh off yet another grueling tour, he had gone to the beach to wash the road off with a surf session. As the sun sank into the sea, Anahstasia remarked how much it looked like a logo. Dez turned to his wife and told her he had an idea for a new family business… thus, SUNCULT was born.

At the same time, across the country on a North Carolina sea island, Randy Blythe was on a touring break from his band, Lamb of God. A lifelong skateboarder, Blythe had just begun surfing. Within two years, he would ride waves in Asia, South America, Australia, and both coasts of the United States. Surfing had become an obsession, matched only by his passion for underground music.

Fafara and Blythe had already been friends for over a decade, putting literally thousands of miles of road beneath their boots as their bands toured the world together. Once Dez found out Randy had started surfing, it was only a matter of time before they would ride waves together – a few years later, a friendship born of music was sealed in saltwater. After several epic sessions, in 2018, the Fafaras invited Blythe to become a partner in their growing family business, and the cult expanded.
Now, the new surf apparel and lifestyle brand SUNCULT is officially relaunching as a partnership of the Fafara family and Randy Blythe, and in celebration, is offering a special discount code that will offer 10% off of your entire purchase from the site. Enter the code SunCultFam at checkout, or visit the link directly to order and the discount will automatically be added to your cart at checkout.

Dez Fafara says, “Watching the relaunching of the SUNCULT brand has been absolutely fulfilling in so many ways for myself and the Fafara family. We’ve brought in Randy, who from day one was a supporter and understood what we were trying to do with the brand, and has become family himself as he actually has a room here at the Fafara house!

We have truly upped the game with new designs as well as kept the aesthetic of the brand for the outcasts, the outsiders, and those who are on the fringes of society, much like ourselves. We are equal parts skate and surf, and are dedicated to the metal/punk rock music lifestyle we live daily – on tour, in the water surfing, or hitting the asphalt on boards!

We will be doing beach clean ups to give back to the community, as well as a few pop up shops to give buyers the chance to get in on SUNCULT. I’m very much looking forward to seeing where SUNCULT takes us in 2019 and beyond as we enter into discussions with stores and buyers that are reaching out to carry the brand! Thank you for the continued support – here’s to good times ahead!”

Randy Blythe adds, “When Dez asked me if I wanted to become a partner in his family’s brand, SUNCULT, my answer was simple: ‘I kinda thought I already was.’ SUNCULT started as a surf-centric brand, and while surfing is one of the core elements of what we do (and always will be, since we surf SUNCULT boards together all the time), we wanted to expand it to encompass different aspects of our lifestyle that other people outside of surfing identify with. That means including the darker aesthetics of the metal and punk music we listen to, the classic horror films we watch, and the urban aggression of a skateboard or bike ride through the cities we spend so much time in on tour. SUNCULT isn’t for the “beautiful people,” the Gidget-Beach-Blanket-Bingo set; it’s for the freaks, misfits, and weirdos who are already on a permanent aggro-vacation with Dracula.

Personally, in a creative capacity, it’s been gratifying for me to see a few concepts I helped sketch out turn into new designs (including one I’ve had as an idea for a tattoo for 20 years – so cool to see it on a shirt). I really enjoy bouncing ideas around with Dez and crew, then watching our artist bring them to life. I’m looking forward to doing some pop-ups, sponsoring beach cleanups, and meeting the people who ‘get’ what it is we are doing as the brand grows. We’ll know you when we see you…”


For more information on SUNCULT, visit,, and

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Bauhaus Icon David J Releases Video For Rose McGowan Collaboration

David J of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets fame has released a music video for his new single ‘The Auteur (Redux / The Starlet’s Cut)” which features guest vocals from actress Rose McGowan.


The new promo clip was created by Scott Saw of Fuze Studios and can be streamed above. The track comes from David’s forthcoming double album ‘Missive To An Angel From The Halls Of Infamy And Allure’.


The record will also feature guest spots from Paul Wallfisch (Swans), Larry Mullins AKA Toby Dammit (Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds), Sean Eden (Luna) and Emily Jane White (backing vocals).


David had this to say about the new single, “The original version of ‘The Auteur’ was released as part of an EP in 2002, an old song that tells a much older story but one which in light of the whole #metoo movement now has an addendum.


“The most vocal proponent of that righteous call for respect and culpability, Rose McGowan, makes a fitting and emotional appearance on this brand new version’s reprise.


“Rose told me that she related to the lyrics on a very personal level and, because of this, she is also considering recording her own version of the song.”

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The latest installment of the new weekly MKULTRASOUND PodCast is now live at:


This week’s guest is MINISTRY alum and Grammy nominee Ty Coon who sat in with host Alex Zander of MK ULTRA MAGAZINE for nearly 90 minutes of uncensored, unrestrained, unregulated and unapologetic talk about everything from politics, to the Freedom of Speech, Jello Biafra, Al and MINISTRY, Kim Fowley, Alexis Texas and more.


Episode 1 featured Nick Huffman owner of the Looney Bin and episode 2 was prerecorded in March with Martin Atkins (Pigface, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Killing Joke, Public Image Limited Limited)


MKULTRASOUND was created by Alex Zander (Chicago) who serves as host and producer along with Executive Producer Too Dark Mark (Baton Rouge) with Bill V serving as Engineer and Danny Lee Hill as Engineer in training. The show is recorded in Chicago at Studio D-Ablo and with production in Baton Rouge at ALAB Media.


You can also follow MKULTRASOUND on social media:









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MICHAEL MONROE To Release ‘One Man Gang’ Album In October; European Tour Announced


HANOI ROCKS singer Michael Monroe will release his new solo album, “One Man Gang”, in October. The follow-up to 2015’s “Blackout States” features guest appearances by ex-HANOI ROCKS guitarist Nasty Suicide and THE DAMNED legend Captain Sensible.


To coincide with the album’s release, Monroe will embark on a full European tour at the end of the year.


Michael says: “I am very excited to announce that me and my band will be heading out for a full European tour this winter in support of our brilliant new album, ‘One Man Gang’, which is going to be released this fall. It’s an ‘all killers, no fillers’ album and I can’t wait for you to hear it. I also can’t wait to see you down the road.”


The Monroe band’s all-star lineup features former HANOI ROCKS and NEW YORK DOLLS bass player Sami Yaffa, who has played with Michael since the ’80s. On guitar duties are Rich Jones (formerly of the Ginger Wildheart band) and Steve Conte (best known as the guitarist who filled the void left by Johnny Thunders in the NEW YORK DOLLS, as well as playing guitar with many other name acts such as Suzi Quatro, Eric Burden and many more) and drummer Karl Rockfist (who has played with notable acts such as DANZIG).


European tour dates:


Oct. 22 – Oslo, NO @ John Dee
Oct. 23 – Gothenburg, SE @ Pustervik
Oct. 24 – Stockholm, SE @ Fryhuset Klubben
Oct. 25 – Copenhagen, DK @ High Voltage
Oct. 26 – Hamburg, DE @ Headcrash
Oct. 27 – Berlin, DE @ Frannz
Oct. 29 – Paris, FR @ La Maroquinerie
Oct. 30 – London, UK @ O2 Academy Islington
Nov. 01 – Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club
Nov. 02 – Milton Keynes, UK @ Crauford Arms
Nov. 03 – Southampton, UK @ Engine Room
Nov. 04 – Birmingham, UK @ The Mill
Nov. 05 – Glasgow, UK @ Garage
Nov. 06 – Manchester UK @ Club Academy
Nov. 07 – Bristol, UK @ Fleece
Nov. 08 – Stoke, UK @ Sugarmill
Nov. 09 – Great Yarmouth, UK @ Hard Rock Hell Festival


Tickets go on sale this Friday, May 10.


Monroe told Heavy TV he named his new solo record after the album’s opening track, which includes a “killer solo” by the aforementioned Captain Sensible. “It’s one of the songs [on the LP], and we decided that since the band is called MICHAEL MONROE — the name of the band is MICHAEL MONROE; the name of a person — so ‘One Man Gang’; it’s a whole gang of me,” he said.


Monroe was also full of praise for his current solo band, saying: “If I had a choice of playing with anybody — alive or dead — in the world, I would choose these guys; that’s how important they are to me,” he said. “Everybody is allowed to write. Steve Conte [brought] exceptional, totally outstanding material. And Rich Jones now came through amazingly on this record. I swear, I had, like, five or six songs of my own, and I was, like, ‘Okay, that’s out. I’m taking Rich’s, because his are better. Forget about my songs.'”


He continued: “See, the best songs make the album; it doesn’t matter who writes. Everybody has the freedom to write, and we choose the best songs for the album; it doesn’t matter who writes them, as long as they’re the best ones. The whole album, as an entirety, has to be as strong as possible. All killers, no fillers. I never let it go out if it’s not perfectly… There can’t be one weak track on the record. I’d rather wait and have it be perfect. Actually, we recorded 18 songs, so there’s a couple of great ones that we left out too. They’ll be on the next album. They’re too good for bonus tracks; we’ll save ’em for the next album. There’s a few obvious bonus tracks — three or four, or whatever.”


In June 2017, Monroe released “The Best”, the first official collection of his (ongoing) solo musical exploits, featuring prime tracks from 1987 right up to 2017.


Monroe’s latest studio album, “Blackout States”, was released in October 2015 via Spinefarm Records.


Even though HANOI ROCKS was formed in Finland, their trashy, hedonistic, decadent hard rock/pop-metal boogie influenced many Los Angeles acts, including GUNS N’ ROSES and MÖTLEY CRÜE.

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GHOST’s TOBIAS FORGE Says ‘Prequelle’ Was ‘A Little Ballad Heavy’, Vows To Make ‘Darker, Heavier Record’ In 2020

Tobias Forge has confirmed to Revolver that he will return to the studio in January 2020 to begin work on the band’s next album.


“I want to make a different record from [2018’s] ‘Prequelle’,” he said. “I want it to feel different. If I dare to say heavier, people think that it’s going to be MERCYFUL FATE all the way… but I definitely have a darker, heavier record in mind.”


According to Forge, “Prequelle” was “a little ballad heavy” and its follow-up will lean more in the direction of 2015’s “Meliora” without repeating the same ideas.


Back in February, Forge told Billboard that he had already been working on music and lyrics for GHOST’s next album for “months.” He said: “Luckily, this time around, I feel very certain as to what I want to do. The dramaturgic nature of the records and the stories are getting more and more intertwined nowadays, which I like. It’s almost like working with a series, I guess; you have your characters and you can still fuck with them and add new things and take things away. You can do whatever you want, which is always enticing from a creative standpoint.”


Forge founded GHOST more than a decade ago and has written almost all of the group’s music, while also performing for years in costume as first Papa Emeritus and now Cardinal Copia. His real name was a mystery for much of that time and still does not appear on GHOST LPs.


“Prequelle” debuted last June at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart.


The band will embark on a North American tour this fall in support of the disc, starting on September 13 in Bakersfield, California and wrapping on October 26 in Glens Falls, New York.

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