Cleopatra Records


“The Devil You Know”

a curse

Curse Mackey
“Instant Exorcism”
Negative Gain


a Sine
Rougheart Music

a electric

“Burn It Down”

CD BABYa joy

The Joy Thieves
“This Will Kill That”


with Special Guest Starz and Electric Revolution
Reggies Rock Club Chicago
FRI May 10, 2019


On the Rocks


Can You Feel It

Wild and Hot

Bad Time

Cast the First Stone

The Fortune

Broken Dreams

Don’t Leave Me Lonely

I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore

All the Young Dudes

Got Love If You Want It

White Lightning

Anyway You Want It

Feelin’ Right

Rock & Rollers



with The Darbies, Teeze, Dang Blasted Crank
RocHaus West Dundee, IL
Thurs April 4, 2019


No Mercy


Sex Action

Over the Edge

Electric Gypsy

The Devil You Know

Kiss My Love Goodbye

The Flood’s the Fault of the Rain

I Wanna Be Your Man

Never Enough



Crystal Eyes

The Ballad of Jayne

Rip and Tear

Cheap Trick
Riverside Casino & Golf Resort Riverside Iowa
Saturday, June 15, 2019


Hello There

Just Got Back

You Got It Going On

Big Eyes

California Man

Elo Kiddies

She’s Tight

Ain’t That a Shame

Need Your Love

The House Is Rockin’ (With Domestic Problems)

I Know What I Want

I’m Waiting for the Man

Heaven Tonight

I Want You to Want Me

Dream Police


Auf Wiedersehen

Goodnight Now

Cinderella’s Tom Keifer / L.A. GUNS
Arcada Theater St Charles, IL
Saturday November 2, 2019


Over the Edge

No Mercy

Sex Action

Electric Gypsy

The Devil You Know

Kiss My Love Goodbye

I Wanna Be Your Man

Never Enough

The Ballad of Jayne


Rip and Tear


Touching the Divine

Night Songs

Coming Home

It’s Not Enough

Somebody Save Me


Nobody’s Fool

Solid Ground

Fallin’ Apart at the Seams

The Last Mile

Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)

Shake Me

Shelter Me


Long Cold Winter

The Death of Me

Gypsy Road

Electric Revolution
Friday March 20, 2019
The Looney Bin Bradley IL

Prelude Rise of the Revolution part one “I Got the Fire” (Montrose Cover)
Killing Me
God And The Devil
No Time for Love
Cookie Jar
Runnin Away
Burn it Down


a once



a dedwood


a dirt

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Sunday January 5th 2020 The First MKULTRASOUND Podcast of the New Year ARI LEHMAN


Ari Lehman performing artist, composer, and actor, known for having played the first Jason Voorhees as a child in the Paramount horror film Friday the 13th. Lehman currently performs in a punk rock/heavy metal band, First Jason




ARI LEHMAN has appeared in E!, Entertainment Weekly, Blender Magazine, Chicago Reader, The Chicago-Sun Times, Illinois Entertainer, Dark City Magazine, Gore Noir Magazine, Denver CBS4-TV News, and Fangoria Radio. He has also appeared at events in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, and the UK. A seasoned, professional musician and vocalist, LEHMAN studied at New York University and the Center for Media Arts (NY).


j7FIRSTJASON the punk-metal project fronted by ARI LEHMAN. the singer/actor who has the unique honor of having played the role of the First Jason Voorhees in the Paramount Classic Horror Film “Friday the 13th” (1980). A native New Yorker, seasoned artist and professional musician, Lehman rips through the tight melodies and vicious hooks with his arsenal, a shredding Keytar and powerful voice. FIRSTJASON performs in punk/metal clubs, metal fests, film festivals, and horror conventions throughout Europe and the US, including THE VIPER ROOM, THE WHISKY A GO-GO, LUCKY 13, THE HARD ROCK CAFE, LEBOWSKI FEST, DAYS OF THE DEAD HORROR CON, HORRORHOUND WEEKEND, FANGORIA WEEKEND OF HORRORS, ROCK AND SHOCK, MOTOR CITY NIGHTMARES, FESTIVAL DE CINE DE TERROR in SPAIN, FANTASY HORROR AWARDS CEREMONY in ITALY, BLOODY WEEK-END in FRANCE, SAVAGEFEST, THE MILWAUKEE METAL MASSACRE, METAL MERGENCE, THE COBRA LOUNGE, HEARTBREAKERS, THE DUCK INN, NATHAN P. MURPHY’S, THE I-ROCK, THE EARL etc


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BLUE ÖYSTER CULT’s BUCK DHARMA Addresses GHOST Comparisons: ‘I Guess You Could See Some Similarities’


BLUE ÖYSTER CULT guitarist Buck Dharma says that he is aware that many rock fans have compared GHOST’s music to that of his own band. “I’ve also read interviews with the leader of that band where he says he’s not really trying to sound like BLUE ÖYSTER CULT,” Buck tells Ultimate Guitar in a new interview. “But I don’t think that they really do sound like BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, but I guess you could see some similarities.”


GHOST mastermind Tobias Forge addressed the BLUE ÖYSTER CULT comparisons during a recent interview with Loudwire. He said: “I love BLUE ÖYSTER CULT. They are nowhere near as much of an influence as people think they are for me. Especially not back [in GHOST’s early days]. I’d say I probably listen to them more nowadays than I did back then. But never, ever were they as much of a big influence as… I can list so many more things that would be way more obvious, where I can say, ‘That riff is from that. That riff is from that. That riff is from that. That vocal bit is from that.’ It’s just that the combination of, basically, slightly more confrontational rock and sort of AOR vocals that makes everybody think that it’s, ‘Oh, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT.’ Just because a lot of the other, sort of, ‘occult rock’ bands usually have just one singer, like all the TROUBLEs and all the SAINT VITUSes and all those — it’s just one singer, so you don’t have that sort of multi-layered vocals.”


BLUE ÖYSTER CULT is hard at work on new material for a studio album that will be released next year.


With a history spanning almost five decades, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT has sold more than 24 million records worldwide, including seven million in the United States alone. Songs like “Burnin’ For You”, “Godzilla”, “Astronomy” and “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” are true classics and staples of the classic rock genre. Often cited as a major influence by some of the biggest names in hard rock and heavy metal (including IRON MAIDEN and METALLICA), BLUE ÖYSTER CULT’s sound has evolved through the decades, touching hard rock, heavy metal, progressive, and psychedelic rock. BLUE ÖYSTER CULT is sometimes referred to as “the thinking man’s heavy metal band,” due to its often cryptic lyrics, literate songwriting, and links to famous authors.


Earlier in the month, Forge revealed to Finland’s Kaaos TV that he will record one new song in January before getting to work on GHOST’s fifth album.


Forge did not reveal where the standalone song will surface, but he added that he”ll continue writing through May, with plans to enter the studio on June 1.


The new GHOST album will be out in early 2021 and will follow up 2018’s “Prequelle”, which contained the rock radio hits “Rats” and “Dance Macabre”.

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Video Premiere: LINDEMANN’s ‘Ach So Gern

LINDEMANN, the project featuring vocalist Till Lindemann of German industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN and Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY, PAIN), has released the official music video for the song “Ach So Gern”. The track is taken from LINDEMANN’s second album, “F & M”, which arrived on November 22. The follow-up to 2015’s “Skills In Pills” was once again produced and mixed by Tägtgren.


In this renewed collaboration, the duo takes some unfamiliar and sometimes unexpected paths.


“Skills In Pills” reached gold status in Germany and was entirely in English. On this second opus, the rules have changed: German lyrics sung by Lindemann’s unmistakable voice are set in an intense and unique musical composition.


The starting point of these new LINDEMANN songs was a collaboration between Lindemann and the Hamburg Thalia Theater in the context of a modern adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Hänsel & Gretel”, which addresses topics such as fear, hope, poverty, abundance, cannibalism or death.


Five songs from this critically acclaimed play have been supplemented with six brand new masterpieces to form the impressive new studio work from LINDEMANN.


Tägtgren told Australia’s Heavy about “F & M”: “We actually started it right after the first one. We started writing this theater piece [‘Hänsel & Gretel’] that they wanted us to work on. They wanted us to do a couple of songs for this ‘Hänsel & Gretel’ thing that they were doing, but they wanted more bizarre shit. Till was already involved with it, so they asked us if we could write a couple of songs for it, so we did. We did, like, two songs, and then we just kept on writing after that. That is the second time in a row when we started out with a couple and ended up with twelve or fourteen songs… I don’t know what the hell happens.”


LINDEMANN will embark on a European tour in February.


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