New LOCKJAW video is up. First video in 10 years.

From the Lockjaw album Reverent on Dark Drug Records. Filmed and produced by Miguel Santiago/Mystery Music. Music and lyrics by Medavon DeRaj’e All Rights Reserved.

(c) 2021 MurderLoveGodMusic Reverent is exclusively available at Bandcamp.…

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Darkwave cult act Lycia release all new mini-album ‘Casa Luna’


After the recent re-release of “Ionia” on Vinyl, which became Audioglobe exports’ bestselling vinyl in 2021 so far, the darkwave cult act Lycia returns with a follow-up to 2018’s “In Flickers” in 4 versions. “Casa Luna” will be released as a black, purple with black and as a galaxy pink with purple 10” (all in very limited quantities). The 4th version is a limited print of 500 digipak CD copies.

Casa Luna features re-recordings of a couple of John Fair and Mike VanPortfleet-written early synth-based songs (“Except” and “Galatea”) from 1989, previously only heard in rough demo form. The EP also revisits an interest in Spanish/Flamenco styles previously explored by Mike VanPortfleet and John Fair in 1983. The release comes via Avantgarde Music who also brought the 1991 debut full-length “Ionia” to a vinyl edition for the first time in early 2021.

The release was not planned at first so Mike VanPortfleet explains: “In Flickers and Casa Luna are Lycia’s purest releases. Originally planned as a split 7” with the song “A quiet Way to go”, as more songs were written they evolved to an EP.”

Formed in Tempe, Arizona (USA), in 1988 by Mike VanPortfleet, Lycia were pioneer in the darkwave genre. Lycia’s current lineup consists of John Fair, David Galas, Tara Vanflower and Mike VanPortfleet, who has been the only constant member since the band’s formation.

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MORTIIS Reveals Transmissions From The Western Walls Of Time

Dungeon synth pioneer, MORTIIS has announced the release of  Transmissions From The Western Walls Of Time – a live recording from 1997.

Very few audio documents exist of the handful of shows MORTIIS did in the    90s, and this is one of the few we were able to dig up. This recording was captured by an unknown person, bringing a video camera or cassette recorder to the show. The show was at the Transmission Theatre, now defunct, in San Francisco, November 12, 1997.

Transmissions From The Western Walls Of Time was released on limited edition classic black vinyl, and a strictly limited edition silver vinyl, which is now sold out. Both vinyl versions include an A2 sized poster. It is also available on Digipack CD.

The silver vinyl, was offered to members of the Fan Club/Patreon group Cult Of Thee Black Wizards which is a subscription based Fan Club style group. Membership includes free download of around 40 releases, studio updates, priority ordering of limited edition releases, exclusive merchandise, a monthly/bi-monthly video chat for members only (via a private members only Facebook Group).

Artwork was made by David Thierree.

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Electronic Act UNKNOWNDIVIDE Bends Aural Landscapes With ‘Existence’

Electronic Artist UNKNOWNDIVIDE has released their new full-length album, Existence.

Existence is the second release from UNKNOWNDIVIDE, continuing the sonic journey of genre-bending ranging from ambient, IDM, and techno. Now, with compelling rhythms and organic voicings, UNKNOWNDIVIDE further defines the aural landscape. A driving beat is not unknown in DRIFTING IN SILENCE.  But in contrast, it’s a hallmark of the atmosphere.

UNKNOWNDIVIDE‘s premier offering, Instinct, brings organic sounds and voicings into the electronic realm, creating an innovative landscape of sounds. The contrapuntal harmonies in Existence are evident from the beginning, perfectly placed so that each new listen reassembles the dynamic balance.

UNKNOWNDIVIDE is a side project from Derrick Stembridge known for his longstanding DRIFTING IN SILENCE body of work. Firmly rooted in the ambient music movement, DRIFTING IN SILENCE spans a broad range of territory from atmospheric music.

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CRACK THE SKY Set To Release Compilation Of Deep Cuts, Between The Cracks, July 2

Left to right: Dave DeMarco (bass), Rick Witkowski (guitar), John Palumbo (guitar/vocals), Bobby Hird (guitar), Joey D’Amico (drums), Glenn Workman (keyboards) photo credit: Rei Perri

May 10, 2021 — Every band has a cache of favorite songs in their catalog they wish had gotten more attention and/or more airplay, and CRACK THE SKY is no exception. The 12 deep cuts culled for BETWEEN THE CRACKS, due out on all digital platforms on July 2 via Carry On Music, were personally selected by all current band members as their top choices for the ones that got away from the albums they released between 1983-2015. Fans can listen and purchase here, and an audio visualizer for “The Box” can be seen on the label’s official YouTube page.

CRACK THE SKY will be celebrating the release of the new album at a very special acoustic concert in Baltimore, MD at the Baltimore Soundstage on Saturday, August 21 at 7pm ET. Tickets are now available via Ticketmaster here.

Whether it’s the funky come-on of 1984’s “Monkey Time,” the ethereal dreaminess of 2001’s “Zoom,” the still poignant commentary of 2007’s “Immigration,” the stark viewpoint of oblivion permeating 2010’s “We’re All Dead,” or the angular societal detachment that is 2012’s “The Box,” BETWEEN THE CRACKS fills in the blanks with prime CRACK THE SKY songs worth a second look, and listen.

“We hope this collection will turn people onto some of the older stuff of ours they maybe haven’t heard before,” singer John Palumbo explains. “And then, once they get into all of these songs, they can switch over to listening to our new stuff, and pick up with what’s going on with us now.”

Earlier this year, critically acclaimed progressive-rock pioneers CRACK THE SKY–John Palumbo (Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keys), Rick Witkowski (Guitars & Vocals), Joey D’Amico (Drums & Vocals), Bobby Hird (Guitars & Vocals), Glenn Workman (Keyboards & Vocals) and Dave DeMarco (Bass & Vocals)–released their highly anticipated 18th studio album, TRIBES, on January 15 via Carry On Music. Fans can listen and purchase here, and videos for the first two singles (the title track and “Another Civil War”) can be seen on the label’s official YouTube page.

CRACK THE SKY bandleader/chief songwriter John Palumbo (the man who approved the digital transfers and/or remasters of every one of these reclaimed tracks) and guitarist Rick Witkowski (the man who initially transferred and/or remastered each track digitally for inclusion in the band’s 15-album digital reissue series in 2020) complied the songs for BETWEEN THE CRACKS. Along with guitarist Bobby Hird, they talked about a few of the newly unearthed songs to “resident Crackologist” Mike Mettler:

“The Box” — from Ostrich (2012) Palumbo: There’s a lot of electronics on that one — a lot of electronics. That was a fun one to do. And there’s a lot of noise on it too. Witkowski: “The Box” is one of my personal faves. There’s kind of an “electronic playground” that’s happening there in the beginning. It’s almost like a carousel because all this stuff is flying around, and then it centers up to him being in the box. And I love Dave [DeMarco’s] bass part on there, because it really drives the song.

Hird: It was a blast playing on that one.

“All Fly Away” — from World in Motion (1983) John Palumbo: You know I hate talking about lyrics, but I will say that, as a songwriter, I like to take a general look at what’s going on in the world. That’s easy to write about. It just hits you in the face. Things don’t really change that much, so I can’t take too much credit for being all that psychic with this song. 

Rick Witkowski: It’s a great song that I didn’t play on originally, but we have done it live a couple of times. I really love playing this one. Once again, JP was on point lyrically with what was going on at the time.

Bobby Hird: Could this song have been written last week? I agree completely with that. This was one of my personal favorites off that album. It was a great time recording it, and the few times we’ve played it live, people just seemed to love it right away, even if they hadn’t heard it before. I think it’s a good time to bring it back out.

“Monkey Time” — from The End (1984) Witkowski: I had nothing to do with the original recording of this one either, so I basically heard it for the first time when I was asked to do the digital transfers. And during that first time I heard it, I went, “Wow!” It just hit me really strong. I immediately called JP and said, “We gotta bust this song out the next time we play a gig with the [Crack Pack] Horns!”

“Coconuts” — from Ghost (2001) Hird: I love that one JP line here: “It takes a village, they say.” It’s so perfect.

Palumbo: Thanks, Bobby. And then it’s, “You blow the village up / You burn the village down.

Hird: It kind of goes back to when I was a kid, and everybody’s parents were involved in all of our friends’ lives — it really was a village. My parents did the same thing for other friends of mine. Everybody on our block knew everybody else.

Palumbo: And now, we don’t really even know our neighbors anymore. It’s a new concept.

Witkowski: It’s isolation — which is kinda like what we’re dealing with here right now. We’re talking over our computers, instead of face to face.

Website | Facebook | YouTube

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Darkwave newcomers Witch Of The Vale re-release debut on CD and vinyl + new video


The debut album by Scotland’s Witch Of The Vale, is now coming to a turntable and CD player near you. The band’s debut full-length album “Commemorate” was released last year to digital platforms but is now also seeing a CD and vinyl pressing. Note that 7 tracks will appear only on CD as the band selected 19 tracks for the CD version.

In further news the band will see their material featured in two upcoming feature films still to be released this year, the thriller “Scavenger” and the occult horror movie “Baphomet”, which stars Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth.

Here’s the band’s new video for the album’s title track.

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