Zeromancer returns after 8 years with ‘Damned le Monde’ single & remixes

SOURCE: Side-Line

After an almost eight year long hiatus from releasing new music and 15 months after their previous live concert, the Norwegian industrial synth rockers in Zeromancer releases their brand new single ‘Damned le Monde’, out today on Trisol. Or, maybe not exactly brand new, but more about that later when Kim Ljung explains its origins.

The track itself sounds refreshingly new, and at the same time also comfortably like a Zeromancer classical. With a haunting bassline filled build-up the first third of the song, followed by a take-off into the kind of chorus Zeromancer famously does, filling your ears  with that uplifting feeling, making you wanting more.  Almost from the first listen ‘Damned le Monde’ also gives you that ‘first track/first single’ feeling, like ‘Clone your lover’, ‘Doctor Online’ and even ‘Sinners international’ also did. Will it be the first track on the upcoming album too?

The remixes are also good matches, making good use of the song into something new without losing touch with the original.

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