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The Joy Thieves have come a long way since their ‘This Will Kill That’ debut way back in the pre-pandemic times. But troubled times make for troubled art, and the band’s first full length offering sees them in violent, acerbic form.

Departing from their usual modus operandi of featuring a different vocalist on every track; this time around The Joy Thieves are fronted by the mercurial Chris Connelly (Ministry, RevCo, Fini Tribe, The Damage Manual) on every track. The songs are also harder, faster and angrier than ever before, with Connelly describing the album as; “… Everything I wished I could have done with Ministry… It’s like being hosed down with lava!”

The Joy Thieves have always enjoyed an ever-changing line-up, and this time around is no exception. New to the party are drummer Big Paul Ferguson (Killing Joke), guitarist Chris Haskett (The Rollins Band, Iggy Pop, David Bowie), guitarist John Haggerty (Naked Raygun, Pegboy), drummer Joe Haggerty (The Effigies, Pegboy), songwriter Scott-David Allen (The Burying Kind, A covenant of Thorns) and Grant Sutton (Monster Trux, The Party Downers, Jumpsuit)

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