HAPPY HALLOWEEN, kids! Have we got some treats in store for you! First up, the new single from goth metal icon Jyrki 69 best known as the baritone crooner for Helsinki metal superheroes The 69 Eyes featuring fellow Nordic rocker Tim Skold on the title track from Jyrki’s forthcoming solo album American Vampire! Jyrki really sinks his teeth into this one, patiently waiting as the keyboard intro sets the dark mood before Skold’s guitar kicks in with a massive metal riff and all of a sudden Jyrki pounces with his opening lyric, just one word “BLOOD!” It’s a haunting, spine-tingling track with cinematic ambitions, so naturally, the song is being accompanied by a gorgeously shot full-scale concept video filmed by director Vicente Cordero. And be sure to check out Jyrki’s full album coming December 17 featuring more guest appearances by Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens, indie experimentalists Xiu Xiu, pop music queen Tiffany and many more!

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