Stabbing Westward “I Am Nothing EP” on COP International Release: 5 November 2021

STABBING WESTWARD has managed to stay relevant despite their decades-long absence – 300.000 plus monthly listeners on Spotify make that abundantly clear.
Their first single “I Am Nothing” from their forthcoming album “Chasing Ghosts” is a fresh and invigorating take on industrial rock/metal. Their incredible songwriting skills and mastery of their craft are on full display with this first offering to their hungry fans. “I am Nothing” is hard-hitting, catchy as hell, and brilliantly features that intense flair that singer Christopher Hall has elevated to an art form. These are not some tired guys trying to cash in on a glorious past. They are hungry, pissed off, and ready for a lot more. Stabbing Westward are back!

The single features the album version of “I am Nothing” and includes 2 remixes by Jim Marcus [Die Warzau] and a club mix by Christoper Hall [Stabbing Westward].

As a special bonus, the band re-recorded “Slipping Away” from their Gold Album “Wither Blister Burn & Peel” which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

Cop International’s approach for this new album was to bring the dream team back together and give the band “major” label support with indie label creativity and fandom behind them. John Fryer produced their first 2 records “Ungod” and “Wither Blister Burn & Peel” and helped to put them on the map. So he was a natural choice for the new material.[]

COP also brought back 3 times Grammy award-winning mastering genius Tom Baker who already mastered their first 3 albums. []

The artwork was created by renowned Illustrator David Seidman []

releases November 5, 2021

Performed by STABBING WESTWARD Original Version mixed and produced by John FryerMastered by Tom BakerArt by David SeidmanLabel COP International

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